Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 17, 2013

Live the Life

Live the life

Live the Real Life because there is only one Reality.

Any distinction between natural and supernatural, sacred and profane, graceful and barbaric, is theoretical..

And truly it is a philosophical fabrication. Because Purity, Compassion and Kindness are lived. Not explored or theorized about.

Come to the aid of widows and the help of the orphans and keep free from the enticements of the system. This  is the letter of the Law… It’s found inside the Letter of James and is perhaps the most pure, primitive and straightforward letter in the New Testament before Christianity became theoretical, pedagogical, and theological.

We know well enough that whenever the human and the divine coexist at the same time in the same person — we have Grace.

I don’t know that it matters what religion you follow, or not.

I don’t care whether you are Agnostic or fashion yourself being an Atheist or an apostle.

I don’t know what Scriptures you read, which rites you practice, what ceremonies you participate into, what liturgies you attend, or what moral positions you hold about this or that.

Because at the end of the day, the question arises about the only thing that matters: Do you live trustfully inside the Big Bang created Universe feeling that all is right with it? Or do you fit happily inside of God’s one world?

If you feel good about either or even both ideas, then this is your space. A self selected space to co-create. So Go ahead be the best Co-creator there is, practicing kindness and Love. Live the Life…

Because this righteous living creates honest people, people who don’t waste time trying to prove that they’re right… And they keep clear of these other people who feel smug, superior, belonging to the chosen few, being members of the right faith, the proper tribe, the nation, or the lucky bastards of the right skin colour, and powerful passport holders.

We don’t care for these people. Because these people are fooling themselves believing that they will be somehow saved — no matter what their conduct on this earth, this very moment and what their impact and footprint really are.

I choose the righteous people – the simple folk – to walk together, because they know the score and have no time for bullshit.

They just try to live and love the daily mystery of Life.

That is Grace in my book.

And because they feel that they are in the loving presence of a higher intelligence. A greater being than just themselves. A universal entity or a Global Brain or a beautiful God…

They know that much. The vast majority of people on this Earth have felt this connection. Strange as it seems,. “God comes to you disguised as your life,” is what Buddha used to say.  Imagine that…

In today’s state of society, science and religiosity, there are basically three predominant world views:  A) Reality is just matter  B) Reality is just spirit  C) Religion and morality put matter and spirit together.  And this last one is the most common religious position amongst all faiths the world over…

Yet I believe there has to be another idea for us to live by, or just philosophize and maybe accept it as our Cannon — if found appropriate and useful.  This view is that the matter and spirit are together in the everlasting dance of Ying and Yang. In the sexual tension between the feminine and the masculine. In the eternal war of Good and Evil. In the Light and darkness foreplay… each and every day and night.

To me the material world has always been the Spiritual realm. Because in my experience — it is this earth and through this bodily matter that the Spirit is revealed.  This is the place where we all dwell. This is our hell and paradise intertwined in the eternal game of shadows…

You don’t need religion to put them together, because they already are.  One nature indivisible, is what all the Great incarnate teachers taught us: Socrates, Jesus, Buddha, your own self manifesting in those fleeting moments of Grace — to name just a few…




Only this authentic living position that I know of — deserves to be called Compassion and Kindness leading to Love.  Because it has to do with the right reality, not the right rituals.  And because it’s living – not philosophy

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