Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 30, 2013


We live in the age of being ‘busy’.  And of course, we know that if you want something done — best give it to a busy person…

Because busy people not only do a lot, they think a lot. And they find solutions, they execute, they have impact, and iterate.

But thinking too much is not necessarily productive. And being lost in thought, is not only distracting, but also tiring, because it is a massive way of wasting your energy and losing your drive and purpose.

So you need to refocus, by thinking a little and acting a lot. Acting forward yet not in haste, because the brilliantly busy productive people, forget the very essence and the core competence of our being. To be still is the only way to find or reclaim your focus. Your inner focus in turn is the one thing that allows you to radiate outwards as a leader. And all that through the simple effort at just being for a few mindful moments. Just being in silence and meditation. So you got to try it, because to be silent and centred is cultivating the core ground of our being — which itself is still and silent.

Therefore my advise to You is to learn to meditate and turn the eye of your attention and awareness within. Just let your mind be quiet and allow your being to be still.

And because we all face the swells and tides of existence, and even go through tremendously deep Crises in our lives, and face plenty of Adversity daily, this is what I find that helps:

Simple silent prayer in the form of Meditation. Simple Meditation by any other name is what’s what.

Prayer is what the older people call it. Fashions change but prayerful meditation persists by any other name…

And here are a couple of pragmatic approaches to Meditative prayer and mindfulness by some Great Thinkers and pure humans acting in service as ethical practitioners:

”As my prayers became more attentive and inward I had less and less to say. I finally became completely silent. I started to listen-which is even further removed from speaking. I first thought that prayer entailed speaking. I then learnt that prayer is hearing, not merely being silent. That is how it is. To pray does not mean to listen to oneself speaking. Prayer involves becoming silent, and being silent, and waiting until God is heard.”
— Soren Kierkegaard
“Everyone talks, but only a few have something to say. Discernment distinguishes the difference between chit-chat and meaningful truth. Understand that difference to know when to listen. Understand that difference to know what to say.”

‘He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know.’

–Lao Tzu




Find your way to thoughtful prayer and you’ll be answered…

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