Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 3, 2013

Shanghai Torpor – Beijing Coma

Jet lag can’t begin to describe the feeling I’ve got after my customary 16 hour flight… due East — to the ancient Middle Kingdom.

Usually I prefer to fly always towards the setting sun…

Going West is easier on my bio rhythms and teaching, organizing or doing business  in stopovers along the way — helps immensely. A cascading journey is the most efficient means of travel. Even thought the travails along the way demand vast amounts of energy and mental clarity, the westward direction keeps you very clear. Advise to constant travelers and Globe trotters: Go West young man. Always West. Wading across the pond from London to Washington, and then New York and then across the vast American landscape to San Fran or Seattle, and then over the Pacific to Tokyo and beyond to China’s mainland… has always been my prefered itinerary.

Finally over to my temperate monsoon loving river city, which is my regular home away from home, and office base in Shanghai’s French Bund district. It’s here at the working waterfront that I find respite and many times long for this day arriving again at the ‘Quai de France’ in tropical China.

Change is writ large in Shanghai, yet where my home is, most of the charm remains, along with the healthy dose of European influence. 上海法租界 is currently undergoing massive changes with gentrification and is evolving towards a new standard of being, although still quiet and introverted with the French planes trees blooming everywhere.  It used to be so lovingly quiet here, yet it now accepts the tourists as a part of the day to day living. My prayers to St Ignatius at Sunday’s high mass, to rid my jet lag, are slowly being answered.

It’s always beautiful here this time of the year, and my special friend always waiting with Opera music and a hot cup of tea… putting me in a state of a low heaven on earth. Yet this time it’s different. Had to come in a hurry… and traveled East. And now the lesson of traveling with the movement of the Earth multiplying the effects of Jet lag or better said — Air Travel over many time zones resulting in hang over and disorientation — is catching up with me third day in a row.

My regular deep tissue massage by the benign torturer Mr Wang – my neighbor –  doesn’t seem to help. Nor the snake juice he proffered as a quick remedy. Drank it anyway hoping for relief but the sought after clarity of mind hasn’t appeared yet. Think of starting with the Bloody Marys… fairly certain it will result in another serious affliction to boot.

Damn if you do and damn if you don’t…

I’ll stick to the Virgins…

The Marys that is.




Am not disturbed by the hazy cloudy atmosphere in my head, nor about the amount of sleep I need, but that I have to deliver two Commencement speeches this week, at the University of Shanghai and at the Tsinghua engineering school and want to be fairly lucid — if at all possible.

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