Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 9, 2013

5 little things: My Commencement Speech on Success @ Tsinghua University

Having completed another iteration of my Dynamic Innovation Entrepreneurship Master Class in Beijing, I was asked to offer the Commencement Address to the Computer Software Engineering school of Tsinghua University and that got me thinking.

I had to give this talk on how I succeeded in life, and my current goals.  It is a unique honour to be asked to do this at a Commencement ceremony in the Best Chinese school of Tsinghua University. The school of Software and Hardware Engineering. By some measure the best technical University in the world…  So I was humbled to be asked.
And I rushed to agree.

Yet when I read what was expected of me to speak about — I wondered if it was a wise undertaking…

Mainly because I don’t even know what are the metrics of Success for the young technical leaders of China’s tomorrows… I know what the society expects of them… And in this particular time You are all expected to compromise and fit in. Conformity has it’s rewards. Yet that’s not how leaders are made of. All worthy leaders defy expectations. They underpromise and overdeliver. In short they lead uncompromisingly. Just look at the great Steersman: Mao Tze Tung and how he led his people. Or look further afield, at Abraham Lincoln under whose ideals this very school was built upon, and who had borrowed and refined the Jeffersonian ideals that today epitomize what a Tsinghua man should be. A man and a woman of service to the world…

I can’t even tell You if I have succeeded myself. Who has the time to be measuring. I myself, prefer to leave that judgement to those tasked with writing my obituary…

Yet I have some simple measures to gauge the State of my Being. Am I being a better person than when I started out?

I can even take the temperature of those around me and thus feel what is what — in simple terms. Are the people around me being helped by my presence in improving their lives or not?

And for those of us practicing, studying, or even aspiring to Leadership – the ultimate question is this: Is the state of the World better now than what I found it when I came around?

No easy answers to these questions…

So in my Socratic dialogue method, I go back to the roots of Philosophy to answer highly technical and almost geeky questions, with more questions. Thus generating useful similes, metaphors and hopefully helpful advise.

I hear from the news media and especially here in China that this is the me generation. We all want to achieve material wealth, self serving tools, and an easy life filled with useful gadgets and you are willing to work hard to get all these prosperous things. Understand that you are portrayed on TV as being locked in your own selfish bubble wanting to buy the latest and greatest computer tablet and smart phone… I get it. We are all technical people here. pragmatist. Realists. Materialists even. I know…

Engineers are seldom considered spiritual.

Yet in my opinion they are the most mindful people I’ve known. Because this is a technology we all have. We have a technological power called Mindfulness. And it has an On-Off switch. A simple virtual, One and Zero alternating state. Or you can see it as a simple solid state electrical draw bridge of AC-DC current…

This switch turns on the television screen of watching yourself. Press the switch in the On position and magic happens. You can see inside of you. True. The turning ON of the switch allows you to be looking inwards. Like watching television with your eyes closed. Forget Google glass. That shit is boring. Looking inside of you with eyes closed is the kick. This stuff is really brilliant. It’s light years ahead of Augmented Reality. To be introspective is to be really really smart. And to be able to use your mind in a directed fashion… is the World’s Cup trophy.

All I ask of you today is to turn it on.

Now please don’t go look for the toggle mechanical switch around your head. Not just yet.

I see you fumbling through your hair.
Not so fast buckaroo….
You ain’t gonna find this switch on your skin.
Or even bellow the surface.
It’s not a mechanical switch.
It works much faster than that.
It’s a thought activated switch.  A mind flip. A software change. And for those of You who have read my Book: BRAIN SOFTWARE, you know what am talking about. The rest — go read the book. Brain Software and you can download it for free to read on your smart phone or listen to it with the listening App, so no trees are harmed.

All am saying is this mind switch is new software. Intuitive. It gets flipped when you close your eyes and think of it.
Like magic …
It simply works.

Follow these five simple things first:

1) Close your eyes and observe. Just witness all that’s inside you and breathe deeply your troubles away. Think of the five good qualities of a human being…

2) Remember to Respect yourself, all others, and all creatures of this Earth.

3) See all Life forms, as Soul bearing and respect your own spirit.

4) Be Mindful in an introspective way and Love the Earth and all Earth’s people

5) Always observe these five things and above all else: Do no harm.

Practice this awareness of the world surrounding you and inside of you — always — and remember this at all the times…

Start doing this now. Then go at it once a day and gradually it will develop to be a habit of being. Second nature — if you will…
All the above are requirements in order for you to achieve your ambitions and proper goals in your Lifetime… And go for achieving goals that matter, since our self selected targets are fuzzy, moving, and always changing. The loftiest your goals the better person you’ll be. Dream Big and Dream lucid to get there. And regardless of the daily mindful introspective practice you choose, the pursuit of mindful leadership will help you achieve clarity about what is important to you and a deeper understanding of the world around you – therefore your true nature and worthy pursuits will be revealed. What am saying is that being mindful, will save you from stupidity. You will not bother to go out to achieve stupid things like having a lot of luxury, or a lot of money, or a lot of sex. You don’t need a lot of anything. Leave that for the American television audience. Yet even those are starting to becoming aware because I hear Kim Kardashian’s rating are going down.

So become a witness. Observe. Be mindful. Mindfulness will help you clear away the bling, the trivial, and the sensationalist desires. It will protect you from wasting your life away. It will prevent you from living like a monkey imitating the Kardashians or what’s currently on TV.  As a matter of fact, smash your television. Don’t just shut it off. Smash it. Throw it out with the garbage. This act alone will give you an extra 13 years of Life on average over the course of a lifetime. Think what you can do with this extra decade and a third of Life. Maybe learn to play the violin like Yo-Yo Ma. So throw away your Television set and this act alone will save you from wasting your precious gift of time, in needless worries, in the pursuit of  unimportant things, and it will prevent you from heading downhill chasing like monkeys shiny little nothings.

Get the thirteen years of Life instead, and leading a Mindful life will make you a Leader.

Society at large – same like any community of beings – wants mindful Leaders to serve the people, guide the future, and solve the big problems. Thus if you choose to be a leader, being mindful and introspective will greatly enhance your powers of Leadership. Because your skills of observation, direction and innovation will become diamond sharp. And your focus will be like a laser. And it’s all mindfulness that will allow you to achieve great things with your short journey on this planet. So do this for me: Nurture your introspection. Bring it on and use your Mindfulness. You already have these skills in abundance. Just need to turn them on.

You do this and You’ll get special powers. Superman, Spiderwoman, the incredible Hulk, and the Men of Steel, are nothing compared to You when you turn on the mindfulness beam. Some amazingly things will happen. You’ll get the powers of understanding it all. What the real shit means. You will have a Mission and the Vision to get there. You’ll be powerful and passionate in your work and also be able to offer compassion for all others. Success, will ensue. And this will help you develop the true leadership ability: To be able to Empower All Others around you by setting your own Example. You will have the natural leadership skills needed to lead the people in your organization, in your community, in your society…

Ahhh and in case you forget — leadership is not about titles. It’s about doing the right things regardless of the external costs. Doing them quietly. Serve and leave. Follow your inner compass and you’ll be guided to the right places. The place and time you absolutely need to be there.

And in an era of uncertainty and doubt, you don’t expect me to talk about how to build great SaaS products. You know all that after being in this great school for so long. Am not gonna talk to you about Innovation, nor am I going to tell you how to built new great StartUps. I have a Master Class for that and you can sign up for it for next Spring and it’s the best Innovation Start up Master class the world over.  So suck it up and listen. Just remember that any product of Technology you built has to observe the three cardinal rules of Technological Success. Built it with humility, reverence and equanimity. Because if you miss any of these three, no matter how great your product sells, it will still suck in all the metrics where it matters. Worse yet — You will suck.

So heed the Mission with a Vision you come up with for yourself — and in this time of Environmental upheaval and climate change, remember that we must focus on just helping each other. Focus on what’s Good and forget the evil. Deliver daily value, because even if it’s one person that screws up our world — that number is not even considered a percentage of the population on this planet. You watch the videos of the carnage in China’s environmental catastrophes, or elsewhere and you always see that there are the helpers out there running towards the destruction to help out the people in need. learn from them and in your Life – be that. Wherever there are problems and grave danger for us to tilt to oblivion, look out for the helpers who are sure to arrive and give a hand to steer things straight again,and become one of them. Human Rights and Social Justice are Big issues here same as everywhere else in this topsy-turvy world of ours.

Never mind because this is a giant planet and we’re lucky to live on it but there are prices and penalties incurred for the daily miracle of existence. One of them is, every once in awhile, the wiring of a tiny sliver of the species gets snarled and they’re pointed towards darkness and they cause pain to all those around. You need to be there to balance things out by carrying Justice, Reconciliation, and Happiness to all those around you.

Not far from here in both space and time is the vast big glorious plaza of Tiananmen, where the vast majority stood and still stand against that darkness and, like white blood cells attacking a virus, they will dilute and weaken and eventually wash away the evil doers – and most importantly, the damage they wreak. This is beyond ideology, religion, creed or nation. This is Science. It is a Natural law. Because we are all basically Good People. Trust me on that. It cannot be proven, yet it’s an Axiom. Much like the number ONE. Or the Pythagorean Theorem. There is no proof, yet there is evidence of it. Evidential truth is all we need though. All signs point to it: You know, we would not be here if humanity were inherently evil. We’d have eaten ourselves alive long ago.Yet we all surely know that we are not cannibals…   And the tiniest of exemptions prove that basic rule.

That’s why we all observe Kindness, Human Rights and Social Justice and when you start there all other good things follow. The Environment will get fixed, the Air will get cleaned up, the water will become non-toxic, the food will become healthy again, and all that’s right with this world will come back.

So start simple: When you spot violence, inhumanity, bigotry, intolerance, injustice, hatred or ignorance — just look it in the eye and say this: The good outnumber you, and we will always win…

And you’ll see all that’s evil dissolve right in front of your very eyes. Fear Not. Never fear to stand up and stand your ground.

This is a good segway to shift gears, because so many questions course through my mind and I have no idea yet what else I am going to talk about, so I’m going to tell you a personal story, because I can’t tell if I’ve been successful yet, but I do know where I started and where I ended up.

Fashions change, yet the fundamental laws always remain the same. Laws of Physics. Like Gravity. Natural laws. It’s simply smart to observe them. You must respect the laws. The only way to be valuable in society is to serve. And how do you serve? By giving VALUE. This is a Law. A living Right law. It also happens to be the highest law of leadership. And the best law of Living Well. Yet to live consciously is a lot more than that. You have to go far beyond the masses. You have to go beyond the standards of society. Do better. Excel. Give Value. Always be valuable. And how are you becoming valuable to society and all others? You’ve got to have an aim, pursue a purpose, set a goal.

Get a Mission and pursue it with Vision, because all of life has a purpose, and we as Humans have something more: We’ve got this thing called ‘Free Will.’ And it is the ability to choose our own way, navigate our own path, shape our own life. Heady stuff…

In this way we can each be conscious co-creators, with Life, within Earth,Nature & Humanity.

Goal setting is the practical application of a spiritual ideal.

Sometimes people get lost in the labels and the laws that govern the process of creation.

And always remember to give Value. Because at the end of the day; gaining grades, making a career, building useful products, raising a family, supporting a cause, starting an enterprise, following an intuition, practicing mindful introspection not in order to attend to your enlightenment,but simply to be a better human being — are all ‘goals’ that people set.

Making decisions, holding intentions and planing actions is the way of life. Through thought, word and deed, we manifest our world. And working for the big things is always more rewarding than going after the trivial little things that are good to have but like your big screen TV, they end up consuming your life.  So me thinks, that it’s better to aspire to lead a life of service, to work for the Environment and social justice and to give value to all those around you in whatever way you can. That’s the secret to setting worthy goals — if there ever was one. Because the question is not whether to have goals — it rather is ‘what goals to have’, and how to pursue them.

Master Lao Tzu, knew the answer:

Lead with the heart, manage with the head.

In ancient wisdom this was known as  ‘the movement with repose…’

The key to success is KNOWING that from just a handful of occurrences and special choices we make we end up being who we are.

This got me thinking:
Because sometimes, I think that I ruined my life making a long series of businesses and selling them for serious Fuck You money, since I could do just about anything else I set my mind to…

Yet I recognize this path as the convoluted and twisted way that brought me here to where I am today and that without this great effort a lot of my philanthropy would never have happened. And thus my humble business beginnings and the best of my learnings are still fresh in my mind.

Back in the day and still in school, I went into the technology and wireless communications business and grew the IP through intelligent research using the University’s laboratories, engineering research and development facilities, and expert knowledge basis, and thus in due course I created great companies, intelligent patents, and consumer centric products.

And then quite fast, I built a business to sell all of these products, software and engineering advances and make partnership deals with most of the well known large firms in our space. Suddenly we went from one employee to three to twenty to fifty to a hundred, to a thousand… and more.

But when it was still a young business with just twenty seven employees, I made a choice that allowed me to remain ethical in business.

It was approaching Christmas and I was flying all over the place to make and close deals with the booming cellular industry of the day. And between all the traveling – when I got home to Seattle, I would take care of signing the checks and balancing the books. And this December – as usual – I had payroll to make for all my employees, along with Christmas bonuses and end of year performance bonuses and naturally — taxes.

And as it happens in the movies, I had all the money of the business in a Co-Op bank. That winter, our local bank, part of a larger Savings & Loan facility — failed. That was due to the general SNL banking and financial crisis in the US and our local bank went into receivership…

And when the Feds took over the Savings & Loan Co-Operative banking institution, they froze all activities, accounts, lines of credit — the works… And I was actively trying to meet the demands of the business and keep my people paid up and my family with food on the table – but I couldn’t even write checks against our current savings bank account.

As it turns out — I was also close enough to be able to sell the business to someone we had been negotiating with for over two months. And then another thing happened and another, and we were overwhelmed by the avalanche of bad news and unpaid invoices from our customers.

Lots of things happened. I kept thinking that if I could sell the business before Christmas everybody will be fine and my people will be better off with a wealthy multinational parent company to take care of them…

So I kept pushing that direction and still waiting for the Feds to unblock our accounts — once they sorted out the SNL fiasco of our deluged bank.

But right then as providence allows for the eager Corporate buyer’s representative announced to me their final offer terms. They wanted to acquire my business at a premium and pay me off handsomely well above what the business was worth – provided we closed the deal this calendar year before Christmas. For tax and accounting reasons they had to move quickly — is what they said…

I was elated.

My prayers had been answered and I would be finally off the hook and with plenty of money to boot up another Start Up I had in the back burner…

Yet nobody from the acquiring firm’s advance team, or their lawyers and execs, would answer me clearly and satisfactorily about their immediate plans for the future of our business unit. This was a consistent front — although I pestered them to negotiate a long term contract for my employees who helped me grow the business to where it was. I said that I would like to keep my people happy and secure same as if I didn’t sell the business.
They assured me of that.
And I believed them…

And then as we were signing off the draft agreement and the attorneys were hashing out the details in a long night, I caught up with one female executive from the acquiring firm and chatted her up over a few drinks… After some friendly banter and sexual tension, she spilled her beans to me literally…

She was a Human resources specialist and had come expressly to serve termination notices to all my people the very next day after I had signed off on the deal. Because the acquirer wanted to get hold of the Intellectual Property but couldn’t care less for the people and intended to fire everyone and close the office to transfer the Business assets to California HQs.

Needless to say the following morning I simply walked into the sign off meeting and killed the deal. All the while walking on air with the ultimate certainty that I was doing the right thing — throwing all that money out the window and having to face my own difficulties cheerfully.

They all accused me of being childish and unduly emotional. And why do I care for the people since they will be compensated upon termination immediately and well.

Yet I simply shrugged like a kid and said that this was not going to happen on my watch around Christmas time…

I bid them to Go Fuck Off and then to dispel any confusion and possible misunderstandings, I kissed them Goodbye with a finger birdie.

When we cleared the office from the hostile executives, and we resumed the work, I leaned in on all my friends and my personal banker, and got all the money necessary to pay up my people for their wages and their Christmas gifts…  as well as to pay up all end of year bonuses.

This meant my family had to sacrifice Christmas that year but this bonded us much more together.

And my people sensed my sacrifice and loved me for it.

And the company went on to grow to a glamorous IPO that made me a shitload of money and vested all the options of my people and made quite a few millionaires of them as well.

I seems to me the childish lesson to be learned here, is that from an extreme desire to be human, honest, and to be liked — by all of my people — all things are possible.

So Go Ahead — Be that Child in your adult life too…

Spend a little less time on Weibo or Facebook and practice some simple acts of kindness as an exercise of leadership.

A primer on giving value.




And because of that capacity to give and staying up on top of the Social Technology of wireless Mobile Communications, I was invited back in the day, to work with a nascent Mobile telecommunications company here in China. It was the beginning of mobile telephony then. And they invited me under my own instigation, to come show and tell. To come here and to share technical know how, company building ideas on the sector, and knowledge. They saw my contributions from day one, when they only had a few hundred experimental customers – all captains of Society, the Army and Business. These were the Alpha users. People with a car and a driver back then when it was difficult to have either. And they also had to have the car boot, full of gear and a big ass aerial antenna arching from bumper to bumper. That’s the day, I started helping this small closed up Mobile Telephony company to open up.  Because that’s the thing, I first said: You’ve got to open your kimono and show your stuff to the people and gain traction with money paying customers immediately. No need to prove you can do it. Just do it. That’s Proof enough. And I launched immediately into Beta and converted all the old Alpha users into paying customers along with many new users. And it was the right thing at the right time. Because the only way to validate success is to share it and share it wildly and let your customers help you to improve your service. Because you will receive feedback so you can improve your product offering immediately and always from the most vocal critics there are. Folding money paying customers will tell you what’s what each and every day. You focus on giving them value and they will give you valuable insight in return. That’s the deal on how to grow an enterprise quickly.

And that’s the way for a great Company to flourish…. Give great value each and every day. And I did this by leading through my example. I gave and then gave some more. And they lapped it up.

They enjoyed the giving fruit. Hesitantly at first – then they asked for more gifts. They asked for more and more covertly seeking the secret — as if there ever was one — yet openly they wanted to engage with me.  And it wasn’t just technology. But it was leadership. How do you built a great Company for the People? That was their number One question…

And I answered as best I could. At least I answered as if I knew the answer. Speaking from experience and saying similar things to what am saying to you today. Well… with a lot more restraint, that is. Because back then I was more civilized… Being young and timid makes you appear that way. Regardless of the raging hormones that course through your body and the conflicting thoughts that course through your head. You appear as the sea of calmness… Like you do now. BTW – Hope you stay that way for ever.

And this Mobile Company’s leaders liked what they saw — so much — they invited me in. And I was allowed to be the first outside investor. Both with sweat equity and capital equity. And we went places together in the years since… There was a bit of the Hockey stick upswing curve of growth. Well long story short, this one mobile company is now the largest Mobile Telephone Company in the world with more than seven hundred Million customers… and still has the few hundred precious customers, it started with, but with far smaller phones in their pockets, now.  And the reason this company is so big, is simply because they learned how to give value to each and every one of their customers. They still give value to each and every one of you — day in and day out. Because am certain the vast majority of you are this Mobile Telephone Company’s beloved customers.

So if you are looking for a lexicon of success in my book – here it is:

Lasting success is being always Giving. Staying true Blue, Cheerful and Grateful in the darkest of days. Stumbling from failure to failure with even more enthusiasm until success and fortune smile upon you. Stay Happy and keep going like it’s your last day on Earth and you’ve got to move mountains with a burning fire inside of you. It’s easy to be all good and great and to excel in the easy sunny days. Yet in the stormy weather is when the good captain shows his hand. Be flexible and willing to change, because this way, You can bend but never, ever break.
Do your best to stay happy.Because Happiness is the key to success. If you are truly passionate with what you are doing and are relentless in overcoming any obstacle that will come your way, you will be wildly successful while being happy at the same time. And this Happiness thing — it’s a CHOICE. So choose happiness. Because  I know for sure that the key to failure is trying to please everyone else — thus making yourself unhappy.

And true Success is really all relative. Stay humble. Don’t flatter yourself too much. Let others do the back slapping for you. Because if you brag about your success and about starting at the bottom and making it to the top, you are probably still closer to the bottom. There is no top for people really at the top. There is always more. And it involves giving back. It’s about recycling your money, your energies, and your hard earned knowledge back into society’s thresholds of need. Helping those less fortunate is the key to getting lasting favours by lady Fortune…
Keep your desire to succeed free of want and need. Never think of money as the only metric of success. Think of the Opportunity that money represents for you to be helping all others. We are talking about Big Money here. Because when you share the success, it grows. So go after the Big Issues. Do not be afraid of failure and difficulty. After all, the most significant opportunities are usually found in times of greatest difficulty. Go for Greatness. Innovate. And Innovate again. Pivot upon your innovation and then go pivot some more and all the while innovate in ways that resemble a dance. Innovate and lead with your heart. The mind will surely follow. It’s the heart that matters.

And if you want to be great, you must develop the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and triumph with humility.
Learned more than one lesson in this Business Life – so far. One of the most important ones being that no one in the entire world cares more about your own well being than you. You’ve got to look out for yourself first and built a culture of people around you that watch each others back. Not as a target for back slapping or back knifing, but as brotherly sisterly Love. That’s the way of leading with heart. You surround yourself with people and lieutenants that lead with heart as well and then watch the Game grow…

Cultivate your Principles and your Philosophy of Integrity. Built your solid core philosophy of why you are being who you are. Why you are doing what you do and why you are being given the Opportunity to do what you do. Asking those whys will really make you sharp. Yet most importantly it will give your Life enduring meaning and this is what is all about. That’s the Big Goal, the Big Secret and the Big Lesson of Life. All rolled into one. GET THE MEANING OF LIFE. And get it, this go round.

Others lessons are: Never give up, trust your instincts and always keep your integrity in check. And Innovate. No need to be an entrepreneur if you can’t innovate. Because if you want to be a wildly succesfull Entrepreneur, You must INNOVATE.

Be novel — Be different — Go for the Gusto. That’s another Panoism for you to remember when faced with difficult choices in your Life.

And Give. Give it all up. Give it all away.

I give my wealth away because it keeps me lean and hungry. I also live an interesting Life because it keeps me fresh. I practice extreme and intense acts of kindness, because it keeps me young and alert and keeps my Powers of Compassion sharp. And I hang out with the best and the humblest people the world has to offer because I constantly learn from my betters…

I practise the ancient Art of leadership as taught by the great Master Tao Tzu and others who walked this great land.
I believe that the greatest leader is the one that gets his people to do the greatest things by moving first amongst equals in the front lines always. Lead from upfront. Never stay behind… cause that’s a job for the rear guard.
Never rely on anybody else, or on the government or any other company or group of people to do the right thing for you and your people. Go out and do this yourself. Build your own self and net worth and then shape the world according to your own vision, working with the smartest people you can find who share your philosophy.
Share widely and Socialize. Be philanthropic. Give all you can. Sharing is Caring…

Give and Give some more…

Because the more you give — the more you get to give. And be cheerful about it. Always be an Optimist. Be positive and Stay positive in the face of Adversity.That’s how you succeed.

Otherwise it won’t happen…

Because look at the alternative. I’ve got a couple of questions to ask You and I want you to think about: How else will you be motivated to go out and accomplish incredible things if you are not positively Optimistic about the outcome of all the hard work required to do this?  How on Earth do you muster the internal resources, the conviction and the energy required of you to lead towards success if you are not a positive optimist?

And as for leadership decision making? Do it organically. Never wait for all the meteorological data to come in. Look at the sky, look inside you, make your judgement about success of the enterprise and go ahead. Make your move when your gut tells you to cross the river… and swim across. But remember go with the flow of Life and it will get you there with minimal effort. That’s why you follow the natural laws and the principles of sharing… so the flow invites you in. And as am sure you already know, when in the flow – shit happens rather quickly. The Good Stuff.

Lastly comes the usual De Profundis statement or otherwise known as a Panoism:

This one is from the Roman philosopher Boethius who was determined to look at Life on the bright side.

Imprisoned in about the year 523, apparently in solitary confinement, and scheduled to be put to death — the philosopher sought solace in observing what’s inside and writing. He imagined himself in a prolonged debate with the concept of philosophy, embodied in female form.

And he spoke about Fortune in this simple way, because Fortune has always been capricious… Yet Philosophy in our words, Mindful observance and introspection had informed him otherwise: “What! Art thou verily striving to stay the swing of the revolving wheel? Oh stupidest of mortals, if it takes to standing still it ceases to be the wheel of fortune.”

So in simple terms, what he said is this. You can’t stop the wheel of Fortune from rolling. Good times will be followed by bad times and then all over again. Nothing stays the same, everything changes… And this is from a man that faces imminent death by execution. Imagine that and do Remember that your Good Fortune always alternates with Bad Fortune and vice versa. So don’t get too comfortable either way. And above all else — please — do not strive to hold on to the wheel of fortune, lest it crashes you underneath it all; in it’s eternal rolling away.

So Be mindful and do you bit to improve the Fortunes of every one else and then your Fortune will improve. Sort of like playing roulette. You must spread your bets around and don’t plant your whole lot in one number. Namely yourself. Spread the bets by spotting those around You. Chances for success are far better that way.  You know, that you can immeasurably increase the odds of winning by placing many small bets all around you. You can use those smart phones and pocket calculators to check this out. I’ll give you an equation for this or you can use the famous roulette algorithm. Go ahead and practice this.
So my advise to you is this simple: Practice Charity from the little bits you have. Always do this and it will come back to you many fold and in a very big way. Give freely of all you’ve got. Keep on giving when the days are sweet & mercifully short. Give when your days are warm, full of sweet fragrance and filled with light. And keep on giving even when the days are long, dark, tiresome and trying. Give — all the same.

Give and Give some more…

And this is living righteously. Giving is Living. It extends your own life in so many ways. And it bends the world to your designs. Your voice can now be heard. You are offering real value. You learn how to give and that is the building block of a Just future.

And do not worry about how others see you. Do not bother with Social acceptance, so much. Because it doesn’t matter. And those who really matter, they don’t judge. They are smarter than that. You do the right thing as you know it in your gut and let justice find you. Because as Martin Luther King once said: “the Arc of the Moral Universe is long — but it bends towards Justice.”  He was not the first to speak of the arc of the moral universe bending towards justice. I think it was Albert Einstein, a geek, a mathematician and a  Physicist, who didn’t know how to swim, and yet loved to sail alone, way out at sea in a little sail dinghy in stormy inclement weather…

No Fear.

That’s where he got some of his best ideas from. At the intersection of Life and more… And then he shared with the world. No patents. No holding back to make money. Just give it all up. Open Source and create some more… Give Freely is what he believed in. Because the more you give — the more you get to give. And that other little thing is the Universe has an interest in you now. It truly wants to keep you around to keep on giving value. Remember “the Arc of the Moral Universe is Long — but eventually, it bends towards Justice.” And am not talking about Noah’s Ark here, but this Justice Arc you’ll be included into some day. Don’t fret…. if you are just, you’ll get your way — that’s for certain.

Be Brave for you are made of the stars. Be humble for you are made of this Earth… At the end of the day, You are an astronaut. Because anyway you look at it — this Earth is your space traveling ship and you are on it. Like it or not we need Leaders at the Controls. Captains and Engineers tomanage things and lead us to proper orbits and safe Universes…

Can you drive this? Does any of you know how to pilot a space ship?

Better learn how to rather quickly… Be Gentle — No crashing allowed.

So keep Giving and Living fearlessly. And the secret is that the more you give the more you got to give. And in turn … the more you give — the happier you become…

It always works this way.

A virtuous circle.

This is my experience…


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