Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 10, 2013

A leader is a dealer in hope…

“A leader is a dealer in hope.” —Napoleon Bonaparte

In his wonderful book, Speaking into the Air: A History of the Idea of Communication, John Durham Peters writes:

“’Communication’ is a registry of modern longings.” Central to modern longings as I understand them is the longing for wonder—that is, for astonishment at an existence that we are privileged not only to witness but to inhabit; and not only to inhabit, but to explore; and by exploring, to enlarge.

Simply to be, and to be aware that I am, is about as wonderful as I can bear. All the more beautifully, you are also.

I suspect that I am real, therefore I am real enough to suspect. The suspicion is itself an astonishment. To feel reality billowing up is all the reality I need. But sharing reality—well, this is a kind of wonder that cannot be surpassed.

Somehow—I am not sure this makes sense—there are times when I feel that I have an easier time knowing that you, whoever you are, exist, than that I do.

I imagine that if I can achieve wonder, then I will exist. My consciousness will carry me across a chasm to a world that will be pleased to have me.

That world is real by being astonishing. Among its astonishments are that you and I, together, exist in this world that we did not make but are involved in remaking; remaking it and being remade by it.

By Communicating that is.

Sometimes I feel that we only matter when we wonder, but this is mistaken. When we don’t wonder, we labor. Labor is striving. Wonder is being. Labor lives in absence—in the recognition of what is not yet, what needs to be. Wonder lives in presence—in the recognition of what is right here.

Wonder is the experience that the world exists; and is mysterious; and exists by virtue of being mysterious.

And then comes the NSA and spoils all that…

Gone is the wonderment.

We have been left broken hearted.

We are disillusioned.

We are being let down by the ones we believed in.

And by a President who lets all of us down by supporting this shite…

All of us who believed in him and his promise of Integrity.

Change we can believe in — He said…


A Giant guacamole type of shit coming from the man we believed in and who now has been defenestrated by  his own actions…




Where is the hope in that?

Are you dealing in crapp?

Live by that Mr President…

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