Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 10, 2013

A Simple Reality

Dear Friends,

There are two kinds of People in this world:

There are those who live like flies and those who live like bees.

The ones who fashion themselves to be like the dark flies and live that way,  are attracted to shit, worms, negativity, ugliness, and death, thus contributing nothing  of benefit or value to those around them…

In contrast:

There are those people who live like the bees, and are beautiful, necessary for society,  plamt pollinators, allowing for agriculture to exist, thereby giving us nourishment, are hard working, always providing value of immense benefit to those around them, and are attracted to fragrant flowers, beauty, sweet nectar, positivity and LIFE.

You can always CHOOSE who you want to be.

I ask that you all Meditate upon this, before you engage with the World, with your work, with your mind and body, with your family and friends, and certainly before sending another message  revealing to the world, WHO you really are…

Control your THOUGHTS because they DEFINE your REALITY.

Thus spoke the BUDDHA


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