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Invitation to Water as a Human Right Resource Investors — First we take Berlin…

Leaving the East and heading to the  defacto capital of continental Europe, Berlin for talks on the future of the city and the future of Europe, feels positively strange… Coming from a Communist country that has embraced a Market Economy with central direction and traversing the old Soviet airspace to Moscow and then the West, is still a valid lesson is Political Economy and the vast world where Democracy hasn’t yet gained a foothold. Still remember a few years back visiting the DDR part of Berlin and East Germany and the Soviet block’s strongest and darkest outpost. Checkpoint Charlie back then wasn’t a tourist attraction but a veritable Life to Death crossing.

Yet these days Berlin is soft and pliable like a German woman spread out on the grass expectant of spring… A fecund city full of inspiration and awesome lazy sexiness. I shall be speaking at the Berlin Park Project for the new Airport parks made out of the old Templehof and Tiegel. At the city Building department and at the Berlin Startup MeetUp where they focus on jump starting the Innovation and Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship engine of Europe. SstartUp Berlin does this simply by being in Berlin and doing little else.. but coallescing the values around them. They help startups by providing a bridge between international founders and local infrastructure, helping them tap hidden resources, connecting them with essential services and fast-tracking them into the global Business network.

Berlin is a miracle growth city now. With two new giant City parks reviving the fortunes of the citizens because they decided to convert the old airports Tiegel and Templehof to forested parks full of allotments and edible fruit trees — all for the people of the city to share. Simply Genius… and am rather happy to be contributing and rather initiating this plan.

And they ave taken a factory type approach to starting and growing companies.

WITH THE ART SCENE FLOURISHING AND THE CULTURE FLYING HIGH, the Investment scene is also very vibrant. This is justly the centre of Europe today. Therefore I will also be speaking at the Environmental Parliament building on the 12th and on the 13th I will be speaking and sharing the bounty of Smart Investment @ the World resources Conference

This is what a smart friend and notable Investor Ulf  has created to address the Resource Constrained World we course through with special emphasis on WATER.

Ulf Leonhard created and launched WorldResourceVentures as Europe’s first investor-entrepreneur matchmaking forum having recognized the potential and unmet market need for targeted funding facilitation in the resource management sector.

Am quite interested on how we use Biotech and New Tech both as a serial entrepreneur and  major Investor in CleanTech to address the constraints to progress and development posed by diminishing resources.

This is my biggest Pythagorean lever: Motivating and Directed large scale Investment to the right places in order to solve Big intractable problems for humanity. And for me WATER SCARCITY, POLLUTION and TOXICITY are the number one problem on the list of those issues the world will wake up to this century. In China where I now am — the issues of water scarcity, toxicity and pollution are already so severe that are presenting a Chinese Wall to the country’s ambitions. The water as a compromised resource is seriously limiting growth and human economic ambitions, same as it presents a giant health hazard for the citizens of this hard working nation. We’ll see this in the rest of the world soon enough — because China is the proverbial “canary” down in the mines…

I work hard on this issue of water accessibility using both my For Profit and Not For Profit levers. Ever since we managed to get Water to become a global HUMAN RIGHT through the Environmental Parliament and the United Nations a couple of years back, water as a Human Right application to the world’s governing bodies has been on top of my Agenda.  And I use my Pythagorean levers to do just this. The profit motive through Targeted investments in Biotech, Clean Tech and Eco Tech and the non profit NGOs that run with equitable water access as their main Agenda. There is one of these created by me and the EP, now in almost all the countries of Europe, the UK, the US, China, and we’ll spread beyond the tier one nations soon enough. That’s how you do it if you want to have global impact and Leadership…

We are a thirsty lot and with Ten Billion of us by  mid-century, competing for the limited amounts of fresh water in circulation and having to outbid industrial users — this won’t be easy. Now my aim is to have some solutions for  all of us… in order to share equitably the existing fresh-water, clean up the polluted rivers, streams and lakes, and generally augment the Life Giving Resource.

Am happy to invite all the Investor friends from the City and Wall Street as well as from Frankfurt and Berlin, to this World Resources Event, because the work Leonhard does is with the heart and passion of an activist but done through the proper business lenses of a savvy investor. And more investors means there are better chances of profiting handsomely by creating the necessary critical mass and building the family Keiretsu  in order to address this major Problem of Water Scarcity as an Investors’ Syndicate, a Concerned group of citizens of this blue planet, and as a Cooperative Network. So come on over…

And on the Non Profit world, we do this also through our Blue River Initiative of EP for the management and distribution of water, with technology, equanimity and humility to allow for all of us humans, plants, and species to have enough. And am happy to be in Berlin to do the same… and you are invited for that as well.

Lofty Goals… but there you have it.

Come help, lift and share…




To get an idea of the World Resources Event taking place at the Berlin Zoo:

June 12th & 13th, 2013  — Chateau of Berlin-Friedrichsfelde, Berlin Zoo

Business im Tierpark - Berlin

And in order to just get an idea for the comprehensive Startups ecosystem of Berlin –

here is a list of the cool StartUp companies we look at for investment and the new tech

StartUp map of the city:

BerlinStartupmap - Every startup mapped



The Billion Dreams






SEO Agentur 8erlin







Urban Sports Club



figo by Lean Banking




Fanpage Karma



BaseCase Management GmbH




WhereCamp Berlin 2013


WestTech Ventures

THlNK Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

BVP Berlin Venture Partners GmbH

COOPERATIVA Venture Services GmbH

MAS Angel Fund

Astutia Ventures GmbH

Partech International

Paua Ventures GmbH

bmp Media Investors

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft


Axel Springer Venture GmbH

Frederik Fleck

Martin Sinner

Holger Johnson

Mario Brockmann

Alexander Ljung

Media Deals

Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

Peppermint VenturePartners GmbH

Catagonia Capital GmbH

M10 GmbH

Richmond View Ventures GmbH

estag | Capital AG

ECO Investors Germany Management GmbH

GMPVC German Media Pool GmbH

Linden Ventures

Earlybird VC Management GmbH & Co. KG

K ? New Media GmbH & Co. KG




M Cube Incubator


Found Fair

Startup Bootcamp

Project A Ventures GmbH & CO. KG

make a startup

Berlin Startup Academy

RallyPad by

St. Oberholz





United Urbanities


ECONA Internet Campus



Supermarkt Berlin

Studio 70

Someone & Sons

social impact lab


rooftop office



D36 Coworking Space


Nest Coworking

Nadelwald co-sewing space


Kreuzkölln Office




JOIN Berlin

House of Clouds


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