Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 16, 2013

Giving Value @ G8 amid lessons in humility and leadership

My motto is just keep giving and giving and giving…
Giving VALUE, that is.
Giving and making sure that the value you’re giving
is TRUE VALUE and that value will come back
to you multiplied exponentially over time.

I say “true value” because most people are fairly retarded about this. This is where they get it wrong and it really causes huge upsets when they expect some kind of a return for their doing good. They are so used to deal making and backroom arrangements that “Tit for Tat” or “Quid pro Quo” is sadly their middle name…
For example, if you were to tell a typical leader “just give value to others and keep giving without wanting anything in return” because that will make you attractive to the world as a Leader — chances are they wouldn’t believe you or if they do — they would get it completely wrong.

They’d take that to mean to be nice to people and just keep being nice and nice and nice, diplomatically all the while keeping to your underhanded often just evil dealings and doings. And that’s just wrong. Because being Nice is of NO value.
Being KIND though – it is.

You should be KIND as an act of principle and as a matter of course. Being kind is a quiet declaration of gentle strength.
So just do it:
Be kind to all and sundry.
Be extremely kind on your own terms and when it’s deserved, but also be kind to the losers. The defeated. The poor. The hungry. The Non Voters. The Opposition. That’s where being kind gets harder… Being Kind to your enemies.
Yet that’s where giving TRUE VALUE means you are Kind to your enemies. Defeated or not. Look first. Be truly mindful. See deeply. LOOK at the situation you’re faced with, and Intuit where is the opportunity to help and thus give true value.

And here is the Socratic question that makes you think if you keep giving life value, hope, and valuable EXPERIENCES, to the people you lead and to all those around you, and truly never want anything in return — are You with it ? And then leaning back and being totally cool about it all — not waiting for some kind of retribution ?

Yep, that’s the real attitude of being Kind. That’s what being a leader is all about. Giving without strings attached. Being Kind is all about that, and humble leadership to boot.

And here at the British hosted G8 Summit being held in Enniskillen, in Northern Ireland, we have work both inside and outside the G8 meetings. As always we work both sides of the fence — within and without because that is the principle of the Environmental Parliament. Keep the leaders close and the people closer. And giving value is what the Irish Environmental Parliament Volunteers from Belfast, from across Ireland, and from Great Britain – have sworn to do this week. Here in Cathedral District, there is a full programme of activities around the G8 summit; from now on and gearing up on the 17th & 18th of this week. The festival is called ‘Another World is Possible’ and has been billed as ‘A Festival of Alternatives to the policies of the G8′ with “Ideas to challenge the imagination and fire the mind” Events include music, comedy, debate, protest and much more and will be taking place around Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter for the next few days. Full information of events and how you can get involved are available from the festival website

Bring the Value to the People’s Lives and just move on.
Surely Everybody.



Today’s homily at the Belfast Cathedral was about the Time of the “Troubles” and how Good Friday came along and with it came PEACE…
Peace in Ireland was something that nobody expected in their lifetime.
And yet it came….

And I reflected upon this when it was my turn to speak to the People and drove the Message that we are living now in the times of “Troubles” far different and far greater than the Irish TROUBLES ever were.

Because being in Belfast during the G8 and participating in the Policy Formation it’s best we see the World through a different lens. The lens of giving Value. After all what good is a Leader if he cannot deliver value for all the people?
And I mean ALL the People.

And I spoke passionately about the need to signal a New GOOD FRIDAY series of talks to reach an ACCORD about CLIMATE CHANGE and how it will help lift people out of poverty and help feed the ones in need and fill the thirsty ones and feed the hungry.

That’s my Homily to the Leaders of G8 meeting all of us here.
Because as the old priest said:
There is Justice in this World and ever after.
“God will surely Bless the Righteous Leaders and just as surely smite the wicked and the fearful ones…”

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