Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 16, 2013

Playground of the Gods

WOW — this must have been what the Gods first uttered when they saw the little blue-green planet floating like a lonely marble in a sea of darkness…

WOW is what we utter when we see something amazing.
And most often it is the children who are able to scream and say out loud: “WOW”
Being awed and able to utter WOW every so often, simply means you are looking at things without being jaded and free of cynicism.
It means you are AWARE and looking fully.
Observation — that’s the goal.
And that is also the goal of being Mindful.
As such it isn’t about You…
Well it is ultimately about You but not about you alone…                                                                                                                                           It’s about everyone and everything.                                                                                                                                                      Because if you are observant of the world around you, the world gets defined better. It gets fully formed and presented in the clear physical light since this is the quantum way of sharp reality. When you are really “seeing” things you wish to see, appear in your field of vision. Because when you are really listening, the perfect song of your life will be surely heard. When you are really thinking — your thoughts become the positive things you seek to bring on.

And when you’re truly awake to the poignant beauty of the world, you can’t but cry out for happiness.

And that’s the great thing about Life. The Physics of Life allow you to bring it on — On Command. And all it takes is an opening of the heart to take in all inputs from your vastly enlarged 20/20 vision of the whole spectrum of Light. Unfortunately this enlarged vision requires an open large heart. And sometimes your heart breaks. As you face your Life, mind fully — and engage fully — it breaks regularly.

But that’s not a bad thing… necessarily. Because in fact, your heart is made to break, since it’s purpose is to burst open again, and again, and yet again — so that it can include everyone in it.

And maybe that’s alright. The world is OK with all that, and this breaking of the heart, is just a feature of the heart. It’s designed to break and mend again. It’s built to be supple and flexible.

No Worries. This is like a Software attitude – not a flaw – built that way, so that it can hold evermore Love, Wonderment, and Compassion, within and plenty of it spilling out as well.



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