Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 23, 2013

Apocalypse Now — Wake Up — Dystopia is upon us says the World Bank…

Ocean waters enveloping New York, dustbowls taking hold of America, Canada, Ukraine and Russia. Devilish heat waves burning up the living skin of our planet. Forests aflame and fields asunder, it is the season of the starving cows…

Major Asian cities underwater. Billions trapped in poverty. Africa plunges into drought and plagued by food shortages. Flooding of Biblical proportions. Catastrophic chaotic storms. Oceanic surges. Dustbowl effect across the developed world’s bread basket. Famines and sea level rises. These and many other dystopias are some of the dire predictions about our imminent future and are all written large on the wall of our lives — now courtesy of the World Bank that tries to alert us to an unfolding catastrophe — hoping that we’ll wake up.

Apocalypse now is not but Global Warming Now it is. And in a few words, this is the essence of the new report from the World Bank of Washington, that spells out clearly what will be our near term reality. This is the weather and climate we are getting – like just deserts – within our lifetimes thanks to CO2 induced global warming and climate change.

Finally now is the time that maybe Global Capital will sit up and listen… because the news comes form the World Bank and not from some wooly mouthed environmental organization.

The alarming World Bank report is a conservative piece written by bureaucrats and yet it demonstrates what a two-degree Celsius rise in global temperatures will do to our planet within the next 10 to 20 years.

Here are some inevitable conclusions from the report:

Events like the mammoth Pakistan floods of 2010 and the Indian floods of today which respectively affected 50 million Pakistani people, and more than a hundred and fifty million Indians — will become even more commonplace, and the early cresting monsoon season would certainly bring frequent, serious, and major crises.

Whole countries like Bangladesh, the low laying island nations and the Bay of Bengal will be inundated so fast with the rising waters, they’ll disappear completely…

Cities like Shanghai, Manilla, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok could find themselves underwater or completely engulfed by intense cyclones and water shortages.
By the 2020s and certainly in the 30s, constant droughts and searing heat will burn the top soil layer [the humus] and thus render agriculture impossible in large swaths of this earth. Upwards of 40 percent of the current maize growing land will be rendered unusable. By the 2030s, and depending on where you are on the planet, the proportion of the population that is undernourished will increase from 25 to 90 percent.
People from the affected areas everywhere, will get on the move. First they become Climate refugees and victims of climate. Then the survivors will be forced into squalid settlements and inhuman refugee camps and some fo the mucky ones will make it into the already stressed peripheral cities. The luckiest ones will move into metropolitan core urban areas, of our developed world cities exposing even greater numbers to disease, pandemics, contagious respiratory illnesses, deadly heatwaves, racist violence, societal unrest, breaking down of law and Democracy and human floods of biblical proportions like the exodus only thousand times more. Imagine a tsunami of people on steroids moving into your city everywhere around the world…

Our old friend from his days as founder in Partners In Health NGO, who is now the World Bank President – Jim Yong Kim – and whose report outlines an alarming scenario for our days ahead, is quite clearly alarmed and disheartened…

He simply states: “This is what we will face within our lifetime.”

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim further states: “The scientists tell us that if the world warms by 2° Celcius, which may be reached in 10-20 years, that will cause widespread food shortages, unprecedented heat waves, and more intense cyclones. In the near-term, climate change, which is already unfolding, would batter the tropical zone coastal cities even more, and greatly harm the lives and the hopes of individuals and families who have had little hand in raising the Earth’s temperature.”

The truth of the matter is that as we evolve towards a system of interdependency it is the nightmare scenario that will cause us to react.

And sincerely hope that International Capital now sits up and listens…
Because a World of transfers will not be achieved in time to sort this unfolding disaster out.


The World Bank report is just another alarm bell that should by now be offering us a Wake Up service from this kindly Hotel, called EARTH.
And still we are fast asleep in deep slumber, because these chimes are just the latest to sound about the pain and misery and all associated chaos that climate change and man-made global warming causes to the people and all living beings on this planet.

We’ve laid out exactly what the world has learned in the seven years since the Environmental parliament and the UN started this conversation on climate change, in Rio de Janeiro back in 1992.
Now it seems under the weight of revelations about his administration being little better than Bush’s it seems that President Barack Obama is gearing to finally “get serious” about tackling the issue.

Yet am not holding my breath for him as he is just as changeable like our London weather. A weathervane indeed is what his backbone might be…

At any rate — this inability to move forth boldly and general indecisiveness about conserving our planet’s health and other serious issues has placed him a distant fifth in the world’s leadership scale.

Even if he finally wakes up and starts acting now, he still plays second fiddle to Chinese Premier Mr Xi who has already started moving forth smartly to protect his country and people from catastrophic Climate Change.


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