Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 24, 2013

A Tale of Two Cities: Environmental Struggles from Istanbul to Athens — Today Turkey Tomorrow Greece

While Turkey’s real per capita income has increased by a factor of one-and-a-half, Turkey has become both more cosmopolitan and more religious, more progressive and more conservative, more urban and more provincial.

We’ll attempt to answer some of the questions in our Gezi Park speech this evening, but most importantly we’ll talk about how the Environmental Movement works not only for a better tomorrow for all of you, but also for a better and more resilient Democratic Society.




Next days will participate in the Global Power Shift Forum in Istanbul and then will offer another speech on the Future of Turkey’s Environment Democracy and the People at the University.

Later in the week I will speak in Greece on behalf of the Human Right to Clean Breathable Air in the city of Athens — whose pollution and lack of Oxygen has reached nightmare proportions.  Much like Turkey Greece’s environment is angry and depleted. True to their wasteful Ottoman heritage both countries are rife with corruption and lack of Democracy. Ergo their ecosystems are totally trashed. Dirty air is not the only problem of Athens but by burning up all the surrounding forests the modern day descendants of Pericles are starved of oxygen and unable to think properly. They go so far as to believe they are being sprayed upon just in order to attempt to explain the general malaise they are feeling and the lack of brain fuel…

It’s no accident that both countries that were created from the ruins of the old Ottoman empire which itself was a certain continuation of the Byzantine one, have consistently disregarded their Environment at their peril.

Now is time to right the wrongs. On both sides of the pond. The Aegean pond that is and the Peoples of the Balkans are in due time ready for a serious clock cleaning… Because the Greeks same like the Turks of today are faced with revolutionary aspirations and existential dilemmas.

Which road to take is not just a question in Istanbul — but very much the question in Athens as well.

Therefore — Join me in Athens Thursday evening, to discuss these issues because in Athens today, a rather serious and unseen Environmental Struggle is waged by a few brave souls.

A serious steady battle on behalf of the people of Athens who have to live with polluted air, toxic water, and unhealthy food.

Join up Thursday at the Greek Oxygen event in Athens to talk about the City and it’s people.

Two Cities — Parallel Lives:


Fill your bowl to the brim
and it will spill.
Keep sharpening your knife
and it will blunt.
Chase after money and security
and your heart will never unclench.
Care about people’s approval
and you will be their prisoner.
Don’t waste your Life – Wise Up…
Just do your work, then step back.
Walk away – Keep on Serving – the only path to serenity.


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