Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 25, 2013

Turkey’s Love changing the world for Democracy because of a bunch of trees…

It is incredible, the protesters brought a huge piano in the middle of the Taksim square… next to Gezi park.

You can watch the video…here:

And Mr Erdogan the current Sultan and the government called on the mothers of the Gezi park protesters to come and take their children away, because they warned them if you do not take them, some hazardous and very bad things may happen to them…

Guess what happened next:
Thousands of mothers came to Taksim and they created love and protection chain around them!
No fear from anything, just committed to love and freedom.

Something extraordinary is happening in spite of everything, my eyes are full of tears. Gas bombs are coming to the Gezi park and the protesters are planting trees and flowers, cleaning the garbage that is created, singing. In the park everything is free, no money. Everybody is offering others, sharing.. All different groups with conflicting ideologies and life views, enemy football teams are together, saying we are sisters and brothers. I hope this innocent movement out of love is not politicized or provoked or used badly…
A nation is awakening,

People are awakening.
God is awakening…
And I am so proud to be here…


~ Aylin Kafalı Deniz


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