Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 26, 2013

Athens: First Desert City of Europe

The first European Capital to become a Desert city is Athens due to global warming and a changing climate. Yet and perhaps most importantly it is the very people of the city that are responsible for this extreme example of fast desertification…

Because the Athenian people themselves burned all the surrounding forests for real estate speculation and their politicians helped them by not protecting the forests.  Now they justly pay the price.

When you have no trees, no forests, you have no clouds and no rain. And because now there is no precipitation to be had anywhere in Athens,  nor is there a forest to attract the clouds – the environment has moved fast towards desert.

Extreme temperatures, without respite, but just searing desert day time heat, and cold nights. Just like if you are in Dubai, Jeddah or Riyadh or any other desert metropolis.

And to just think that this was a temperate climate woodsy city just a generation ago — gives us a vision to what COLLAPSE means. Jared Diamond’s book by the same title spells out the process of Civilization Collapse…

A good read for those awake enough to know they are not being sprayed from the contrails of passing airplanes…

Sprayed people, dramatic politicians, chemtrails, conspiracies — all disempowering ideas that allow Greeks to be sedated on the Ottoman couch watching TV and only revolting when someone threatens to turn their TV station off. What a fucking pity…

I’ll speak on the subject of ”Enviromnmental Movement = Democracy in Action”  tomorrow in Athens — Join me —




It’s a Music Festival, a Press Gathering, a Solutions Summit, incredible talks — and above all else a Celebration.

A Happy Fest of beautiful souls getting it on, because you can only change the world while smiling. playing and being happy…

And you know that’s how we do it.

We are joyfully gathering with others bright enough to understand they need to act and lead the people out of the biggest crisis Greece ever faced.

The Environmental One.

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