Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 8, 2013

Turkey’s Justice flows for the Environment

A few days ago, I spoke in Gezi park amidst the 600 hundred trees, sentient witnesses on the site of the first environmental rebellion of the citizens of Turkey earlier this past month…

I spoke inside the footprint of an ancient – now razed – Christian Armenian cathedral, about the need to observe both Natural and Common law in our search for meaning and resilience in our Environmental Struggles and Aspirations.

It was an illegal meeting and we used Twitter and Social media to bring together a flashmob and thus managed to hastily crowd-convene about Three Thousand people from all walks of Life to hear me talk as an aside to the Global Environmental Convention we held those days in Istanbul…

Seems the serene & peaceful feeling shared by the three thousand humans was only broken by the cicadas and the shuffling of the feet in the park and somehow the inspiration hit me to speak of the law…

The Law of Ahimsa. The law of peaceful Disobedience… The natural law of existence and the Spirit law. The Divine scripture.

This is appropriate when speaking to a deeply religious community harkening to hear about Ethics and the long Arc of Moral Justice that permeates the Universe…  And I was mindful of human Justice when I spoke, because there was already a decision by the Supreme Court of Turkey to stop development in the Gezi park regardless of what the current Vezyir Erdogan might want.

Because back in early June it had already emerged that a court had ruled against the redevelopment of Gezi Park adjacent to Taksim Square. And yet the Government’s indifference to that ruling and the felling of the first trees of Gezi park was the cause which sparked last month’s widespread anti-government protests.

All in good measure, is what I advised the virulent front line defenders of the park, but above all else — we must follow justice.  And practice our Civil Disobedience in total peace and civil discourse. heady stuff, because Civil Disobedience has to be rooted in clear cut Justice. And this is the example that we offered when we were surrounded by many hundreds — if not thousands of police — with rifles stoked with live ammo in the middle of the warm earthy night in Istanbul’s woodsy centre hill.

I ended my talk with a plea — an order – to disperse orderly as comrades linking arms, and parade ourselves out of the park in formation. That we did. Three abreast and a thousand deep, we left and not a single one was arrested as we moved in an unbroken peaceful and defiant chain of humanity through the canyon of Police…

The Turkish paramilitary police had never seen such show of human Spirit and Fearless Resilience, and opened up like sea weeds to allow for the passage of our proud warriors. We walked out of the park in full formation and with heads held high and an unfaltering gaze because we all knew — the law is on our side.

Both Natural and Common law support our Cause.

Yet it’s the Divine law and that gave wings to our hearts. Our collective heart soared as the heavily armed policemen held their arms aloft and stood aside to let us pass – unmolested and unharmed.

What a glorious moment…

We had our own honour guard as in a parade and we walked through them — admiring the troops while said troops presented arms. The Police presented arms to us in a show of humility and admiration for our quiet strength. Not a single word was exchanged. It is this moment of Universal Flow where we all know how to best act and what our place in History demands. And we obliged Destiny to fulfill it’s role.  On one side the unarmed citizens who had the strength of conviction and the Spirit of belief in the cause of the 600 trees — and the Police offering an Honour Guard formation to the exiting defenders.

History’s glorious moments are built like that.  Thermopylae must have felt like that… and it is the most glorious yet solemn site I’ve seen in many years.

A silent procession of three thousand souls steeped in the cloud of Victory and becoming unassailably protected by the magic of Divine and human law…

God Bless You all
















Questions are being asked about why the ruling, issued on June 8th, has only just surfaced.


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