Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 6, 2013


It is wise to bend rather than to break.

Those who change will get  wisdom.

Conversely, those who have wisdom will decide to change.

Because change is the first law of Nature.

Everything Changes…

“Everything Flows” is what Heraclitus said and to this day it hold true.

Everything flows, nothing stands still.

Nothing endures but change.

“Πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει.”

Everything flows, nothing stands still.

This is true for Investmens, for Capital, for all valuable Businesses, for Politics, and it holds true for Climate Change as well.

Let’s Accept it and manage our affairs accordingly….

Accept, Address, Adapt, Mitigate, Compensate.

That is our present and forever path.



This is Life: “No man ever steps in the same river twice”

“Ta Panta rei”

Heraclitus believed in the unity of opposites, stating that “the path up and down are one and the same.”

All existing entities being characterized by pairs of contrary properties.

“All entities come to be in accordance with this Logos” literally meaning, “word”, “reason”, or “account”

In my view, when you do not upset yourself thinking about how others must change and instead you concentrate on your own change, good things start to happen. First, you will feel better about yourself. Second, you will start to have positive feelings towards others and start to understand them. Third, others start having a more positive attitude towards you.

And thus a Virtuous cycle is born…

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