Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 13, 2013

Calling All Angels

This September 21st until Monday the 23rd during UN week in New York we invite all First Peoples’ Leaders, Tribal Councils, Shamans and Headmen from around the World to come together and “parlay.”

The Environmental Parliament is holding it’s annual Circle of Trust to debate and inform all First Peoples of the World for all of our planet-wide missions of the next year.  We choose the next year’s missions by triaging the severity of the issues the First Peoples recognise and report as priorities worldwide.

All the indigenous native lands, first people leaders are to be represented in one form or another from all nations on Earth.  All are Welcome…

This year we’ll host the Great Gathering at Inwood Hill park in Manhattan for three days and nights.

A Full Circle will run throughout this time.

Join us….




Inwood Hill Park is the last remaining old growth forest in New York and the most appropriate place for our Circle.

Right here, under a tulip tree – deep in the woods — Peter Minuit, ‘purchased’ Manhattan island from the “Lenape people” a tribe of Native Americans who lived there.

The land ownership transfer happened in 1626 and Manhattan was purchased for the Dutch West India Company. The price was a shipment of goods worth 60 guilders.

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