Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 5, 2013

Our talks about the Arctic as the Greatest Peacetime Sustainable Development Opportunity Ever — in the G20 meetings of St Petersburg

These days we are all involved in disclaiming Progress and Development as a means to justifying the self-fulfilling Prophesy the false flag theory “Limits to Growth” represents.

Yet some other people think that in order to maintain growth — sustainable development is a means to an end…

And as the World leaders gather in the Russian city of St Petersburg for another meeting of the G20 nations — we are also gearing up to talk about the Sustainable Arctic  Development in the same context because it is a grand opportunity and a big piece of the Great Game for all far seeing nations of this Earth.

And although the G20 summit is officially about global economic matters — Syria is likely to dominate proceedings and spoil the view of the great city in this wonderfully balmy weather today and tomorrow.

Still we have found the niche and the pulpit from where we will talk about the Arctic Sustainable Development Peace Policy within the G20 Summit.

Let’s hope we have the best of luck




A Great time in an awesome city for a peacetime gathering to discuss grand ideas about Economic Growth and have small talk about a punitive war.

Not bad in a day’s work


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