Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 10, 2013

Hammer Stoutly — Pray Devoutly

Being in Bornholm — the Hammer island of the Baltic sea routes and the fortified chokehold of the Hanseatic league is eerie as hell…

Because here is the only place on Earth that the old Soviet Union under Stalin retreated from — after it had occupied this key island by driving out the German forces towards the end of World War II.

This Hammer island was a strategic fortification all the way back to the ancient Viking times. He who controlled the straits controlled the world.

Many centuries onwards this Hammer island controlled the Northern Sea routes firmly. Later on with long distance big artillery guns, the chokehold was complete…

So when old Jo and his Red Army won over this island through bloody man to man conflict – they were not likely to give it up. Ever. Yet this is exactly what they did after the Yalta accords.

How odd that old Joseph Stalin, was convinced to retreat with his armies from the Baltic and the Northern sea routes control point this “Hammer island” represented is beyond history’s purview.

Because the “Hammer” island was named thus since those who “had it” —  could effectively seal the fate of the whole Baltic sea, all of the winter ports of Russia, and of course all of the Northern sea routes.

Yet this very same island is the only place where Stalin chose to retreat from.


Stalin was a sane man and sane men do not make this kind of mistakes…

It is best left to the imagination to fantasize why he chose to abandon this most valuable spoils of war location — yet it might have something to do with the strong willed Churchill and his uncanny abilities.

His political wiles…

Because it was old Churchill who persuaded Stalin  — in a drunken overnight talking sprint — to loosen his iron grip from this beautiful and amazingly strategic isle.

And maybe it was Winston’s fervent praying that let some rays of Freedom pass through to the old Baltic Sea States and rekindled some hope to shine upon the graying masses that fell suddenly behind the iron curtain.

But methinks it was both …. both the praying and the  constant hammering of the brilliant points of the great old Statesman — that brought about this miracle. Because Churchill’s leadership was characterized by horse trading and principled negotiation. Not blustering of the political opponent to a fault. This he performed expertly across Joseph Stalin. All for the cause of a Free Bornholm and the hope for a future of freedom for the Baltic sea states.   The details are lost and so are the reasons that the Checkmate came about in this great game of chess.  Ultimately it was because a winning game of leadership and brinkmanship took place — and we would all know about it — save that the translator had been shot.

Those poor souls that the Old Communist doctrine had enslaved for good could still see an island of succour. Many years later, I came to experience the comforting spell of freedom when I escaped Copenhagen in a fishing boat from Bornholm — after organizing the most massive Civil Disobedience campaigns the city had ever seen during the fateful COP16…  We had 12,000 of our people arrested by the German Police during the bloody Demos and the street fighting, but we succeeded in almost taking over the Bella Centre where the Climate Change negotiation were conducted at the eleventh hour….

It was an elaborate and well organized logistically campaign and our Strategy worked well. Our tactics could have been winning too, save for the immense black boot the German mercenary Police  put on the people’s neck.  Yet these pivotal days we fought hard and our reward was only in exposing the extent to which governments sold to the Fossil Fuel companies — are willing to go in order to stop Climate Activists from turning the wheel of History forward. Because Climate Activists are only practicing Civil Disobedience in order to protect the Human race from Catastrophic Climate Chaos and they are always observing Human Rights and the Rule of Natural, Divine, and Common law.

Copenhagen became a scene of many honourable battles, back then…. and the 60,000 activists whom we organized and brought over, and who participated and fought alongside me — are now all veterans of the Climate Change fight and Great contributors on this new Civil Rights Movement — in whatever capacity they can serve. After all the German Police operating in Copenhagen back in the COP15 days arrested 12,000 of them and kept them in frozen warehouses like concentration camps for a week or more…

It was a battle and we lost — Am Sorry.

Yet the Government of Denmark during COP15 committed treason by subverting the very basis of Democracy in their own country when they invited the Germans in. They willingly subverted the Constitution of this Democratic Republic and all it’s Laws by inviting the German Police to lay a State of Siege into the City of Copenhagen, to suppress the Democratic and peaceful demonstrations, to beat up and arrest willy nilly all demonstrators and and to exercise martial laws…. by throwing thousands of people in concentration camp style frozen warehouses for weeks on end — in the middle of a snow blizzard.

Last time this happened was when the German Nazis occupied Denmark, and hunted down, arrested, and exterminated the Progressive Democrats, the Jews, the intellectuals, and all Free thinking citizens.

Yet the Great Danes showed their idomitable Free Citizen Spirit by spiriting out to Sweden all the Jewish families they could find. This brave and honourable action in 1940 placed Denmark up high in the annals of Human Rights history. And to have the Rasmussen government trash that record of Bravery and Humanity, by inviting the German jack booted thugs, back in the country — is pure TREASON. Treason against all the laws that define a Democracy. Treason against all the ideals the Human family has aspired to for hundreds of generations past and many more to come… And finally Treason against the Democratic Constitution of the State of Denmark.

I had to escape by fishing vessel to Sweden — via Bornholm — same like those thousands of people who escaped back in the second world war when the German Pantzers were advancing inside Denmark. Bornholm was our stop over for the day on our way to the shores of Sweden.

Today this demilitarized island of Freedom, is the site of Green Innovation and the Ecoisland Summit, where small community innovation toward a fossil free economy, takes place. Seems the island is destined to play a role twice in history …  This time this little island will be helping us to stop the aggression and violence of the Fossil Fuel companies that have covered our world in a vellum of soot, CO2 blackness, and hopelessness, — all for their own greed.  It’s now Bornholm that will be helping usher the era of a Low Carbon Economy and Climate hope all over again.

I shall be giving the keynote speech this evening and hope to be able to reconnect with some of our people who stood alongside me and fought the “German police” during the Copenhagen Fight against Climate Change — a few short years back — in the fateful December of  2009.

We lost that battle but we will certainly win the war. This island deserves to take a leading role in freeing up the people from their enslavement to fossil fuels and their rapacious polluting dirty energy companies.

Come again this evening to stand with me…

My utmost respect to all of you who fought and lived through those days of Heaven and Hell.




There will be a communal dinner and party afterwards and you shall be richly rewarded…

Next few days, I will be in Stockholm fighting for the Arctic.

Because the Arctic is today’s “Hammer” passage and in Stockholm is where I’ll keynote the Arctic Exchange Summit and also offer my famous Innovation Master Class  in order to address the challenges by creating great companies that in turn will address the fast changing Arctic and protect it’s unique Ecosystem and thus help planetary Environment through it’s multitude of needs.

The following week will be in Xian and Nanjing in China where I chair the Low Carbon Earth Summit and the Green City of Nanzing.

Join me along the way and especially in Stockholm because I’ll have time and will be offering the famed Innovation Master Class at the University.

Come join me for work, activism, and play, because we need to engage with the Stockholm community solid.

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