Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 5, 2013

Chinese Whispers

Pass it on:

We are momentary beings, yet eternal.

We are transient and yet forever living.

Therefore we need to fulfill our duties fully.

Because we are ultimately responsible for everything that befalls us and our world.

And we hold the universe in balance.

Simple Acts of Kindness trump Military Honours…

Love conquers all better than armies ever could…

And it falls upon us to live the talk:

Because it’s our Life after all.

We are responsible for every child that wants to be born.

We are responsible for all those who want to be loved.

We are responsible for those that want to be carried…

Carried in life and in thought.

We are responsible for those whom we must carry forth in memory,


We are responsible for those we never give up on, same as we are for those who don’t get a second chance.

And for those we smother with the sweet fragrance of Love, same as those who grab the hand of anybody kind…

We are responsible for our mothers, and for our fathers, and for our daughters — precious little daughters whom we shall never hold again…

We are responsible to live true to them.

Live true to form.

Live true to the power of their convictions, and their dreams.

May the soil of this Good Earth be light upon you.




Trusting your faces not fade from my eyes….

your memory never fade from my mind…

For ever more.


Never fret…

We shall meet again


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