Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 29, 2013

Reverence for Life

It stands to reason that the greatest countries are those that have the greatest Natural Treasures.

And when those treasures are preserved for the future generations and are not despoiled then we say that

this country has Culture and Civilization.

Yet today in our pell-mell race to riches, comforts, and technological gadget expediency, we forget all that and just rape and pillage the Earth killing off all it’s ecosystems and their inhabitants.

This killing off massively of the species race is called the Great Despeciation and the Earth and it’s systems is suffering through this becoming more barren and poorer by the day.

We act like cannibals killing-off all that surrounds us and attempting to recreate those treasures with mechanical means.

Because it stands to reason that we are now so far superior to Nature that there is nothing we cannot do…

We call that a teleological science…

And it makes us greedy and not humble. It makes us blind to our effects… and causes us to further destroy what’s left of our Commons. The big open spaces, the vistas, the living skin of our planet that forests represent.. and all that is good and great about this world.

Yet in my book — if humanity is to survive, it is best advised to preserve the commons at any cost. Because without the Commons there will be no humanity.

To accomplish this we must remember that humanity and nations are best be measured in their ability to protect the Commons, the Common good, and the weaker minority interests… And in that respect we’re failing.

Same as we are failing our friends.

And its good to remember here that we are weak  …  because after all we tend to forget who are our friends.

And we need to ask hard questions such as: What is friendship?

What is required to fulfill the responsibility of friendship?

What would you do for your friends? Or rather what You wouldn’t do…

When faced with such questions, I often turn to the ancients.

In this case, I turn to Aristotle for my favorite definition of friendship: a relationship between people working together on a project for the common good. Without the common good, we might as well restrict friendship to drinking buddies. The distinction is as clear as that between being a citizen and being a consumer.

Sadly, today many advanced people across the globe, don’t know the difference.

In Aristotle’s definition of friendship we find traces of his teacher’s teacher, Socrates.

After all, one of the six primary questions of Socrates was, “What is good?” For focusing on the common good, I suspect Socrates would have been pleased with Aristotle — and perhaps even with those of us pondering issues in this space, although I will admit it may be asking too much to expect the blessing of a long-dead Greek Cynic.

In the spirit of the ancients, I believe that our humanity is measured in our willingness to protect the common good. And, by pursuing and protecting the common good, we become friends in the Aristotelian sense. I’m willing to call the pursuit of the common good an exercise in virtue, bringing to mind another Socratic question: “What is virtue?”

Who decides what qualifies as the common good? Does it include industrial civilization, or does it extend to all humans? Does it stop at humans, or does it extend to the myriad non-human species on which we depend for our survival? If we are working toward the common good, shall we not focus on the ongoing, accelerating extinction crisis?

Have we become so addicted to smart phones and digital tablets we’re willing to trade them for a living planet? If so, why not display our true colors in the form of a bumper sticker: “Smart Phones for Ecocide.”

Without the common good, and the struggle on its behalf, there can be no friendship. There can be no justice. And there can be no virtue.
Therefore, I am forced to conclude that: 100,000 generations into the human experience, with the end of humanity in clear view, our shared goal must be the common good.

I further conclude that: As friends, we reveal our differences, we appreciate our differences, and then we set them aside, for the common good.

All the Socratic ideals are born again in the love we feel … for each other, for our families and tribes, for our nations, and for the natural world, and all of the species that surround us.

Feeling friendship towards other species is simply an extension from the friendship you feel toward our family and friends and even our dogs and cats.  You can revel in this… Simply remember how it feels when you go walking with your dog. Friendship is just that. A deep sense of belonging…

So charting a path that honours the other species by giving them breathing space, and by respecting their right to live with us on this beautiful God’s Earth, is what Humanity, Culture, and Civilization, is all about.

Respecting our Ecosystems, supporting our Environment, and walking the path of Light and Life with other species – instead of being afraid or wanting to be the dynastic rulers of this planet – is a responsibility we share and need to deliver upon.  Because we have a giant chip on the shoulder type of responsibility unlike any other in human history. The responsibility to serve and protect all other, lesser and greater species of Life and the Habitat we all share in COMMONS.

That is our Mission here this Lifetime around.

Please don’t forget because this Mission is not just a responsibility, but also something far more Human:

It is a joy, an honour, and a privilege.

Let’s all thrive together in our Blue Ball Garden of Eden, hurling through space at an unimaginable speed and gaining favour amongst the Galaxy for being a habitable planet.

A Habitat for All and sundry.



Let’s start thinking as We where our World is concerned, because the Me game is all over and we have bankrupted ourselves through the biggest Debt we could have ever racked up. The Climate and Environment Debt we’ve created, dwarfs the Sovereign and the Banking Debt combined, by many orders of magnitude.

If that Debt Crisis breaks we are all toast. So it’s time to wake up.

Time to face the music. So let’s get serious now.

Because it’s our game to lose, and we best win it by not only doing the right things and living correctly — but by designing the future with respect, humility, and equanimity. Let’s decide to share the Commons with respect towards all other Lives around us.

We are clearly at a crossroads and we can take any path we like…

Yet we must choose carefully, because when the last Polar Bear has been killed off in the Arctic, and when the last seal pup has been clubbed for it’s white cuddly fur — rest assured —  the fate of humanity is not far behind.

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