Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 14, 2013

Climate Chaos @ COP19

Environmental Parliament Organizers and Activists have arrived in Warsaw and the game is changing fast. The Community organization for COP19 in Poland is up and running as of now…

We are here because the climate alarm bell has been ringing for a long time and nobody’s listening.

Nobody seems to be waking up as we are gathering here at COP 19, Conference of the Parties addressing Climate Change, in Warsaw Poland. The annual talk fest that the United Nations has organized once again — for the umpteen time. Yet no results are on the Horizon. No positive outcome seems to be coming out of these meetings, and people seem disheartened. Despairing and Volatile individuals are a dangerous mix… That’s a good and a bad thing at the same time…

But the official country delegates do not seem to be going anywhere and are not in a hurry to stop jetting around and find the Common Ground necessary for a global Climate Deal.

Yet, now more than ever — we need to feel the urgency because we ought to wake up. Wake up and work hard to fashion a Global Climate Deal, because we are now facing Climate Chaos. Climate Chaos as expressed by freak storms of the greatest intensity.  Storms that are becoming the new norm, of more frequent, and more extreme weather events, caused by climate change — than ever before — and Typhoon Haiyan battering SE Asia still today, is only the latest one of them.

Here’s a timeline that the World Resources Institute has put together listing extreme climate and weather events in 2013:

And here is the one timeline for extreme climate events from 2012:

If you keep looking backwards from today You’ll clearly see the rise in Climate Catastrophes and Climate Chaos spreading throughout the globe.

We at the Environmental Parliament believe that we can’t afford seeing those timelines grow exponentially worse anymore. Our leaders are now gathering in Warsaw for the COP19 — UN sponsored global climate talks. We  must teach them to act now and reach a CONSENSUS in order to dramatically reduce our industrial and energy carbon emissions and prevent further tragedies from the Greenhouse Global Warming effect.

Join here to network with other activists and Environmental Parliament Organizers now in Warsaw, in order to agitate and  send a clear message to the gathering of world leaders in Poland COP19  later this month. Since the Rio Earth Summit almost twenty one years ago, when we all met giddy eyed and full of hope we’ve grown wiser and cynical with the denial and skepticism that prevents us form advancing forward. We say this bluntly because we have gathered willingly for twenty odd times to do just this one thing and yet today we have nothing to show for our pains…


Because this disaster is fully man made. Or as the Dalai Lama says:  “Many of our troubles are man-made, created by our own ignorance, greed, and irresponsible actions.”

So join me here to stand with, and be counted, in order to follow our Environmental Parliament leaders organizing mass actions, education, advocacy, and policy delivery, in Warsaw during the UN – COP 19 meetings.

For our people at the Conference of the Parties United Nations’ COP19 — I HAVE THIS TO SAY TODAY for Clear success orientated leadership:

Leaders must embed their own sense of purpose into the heart and soul of every follower … Live the Path because Purpose is the Destination of our Vision …
You are there to guide us, encourage us and push us if need be to bring out our fullest potential, so we may become better at what we  believe in each and everyone of us!
You are there to nurture us lead us and also protect us!  But where need be and oh yes there need be to be tough with us too!  That’s when things really get moving.
I have experienced all these in the wonderful time frame along your side.  I appreciate the trials & tribulations  along the way as they have helped and encouraged us to do more.
I am thankful and appreciative to have such an awesome TEAM and partners…
I am grateful to the amazing people joining us on this wonderful venture, mission with a vision, a journey of a thousand and more beautiful steps.
I welcome each and everyone, and hope your journey with us will be as adventurous and exciting and productive as mine and the rest of the crew.
Good day to You and Godspeed to our making Heaven on Earth mission.
And making our planet a friendly place to hang out and chat for all people loving their Earth and remembering their Freedom, Self Worth, their Citizenship, their self esteem, and our abundant Love of Life.
Respect the law, practice peaceful non violent civil disobedience where needed and above all else take care of each other.
 I know some of you are caught up in the swirls of Life but never mind because it gets clearer and easier from now on.
 We are on Auto pilot now…. cruising the heavens and rocking the boat best we can — all the while delivering Policy and Advocating middle of the road CHANGE based on Science and Reason.

To the Newbies: Welcome to our team.

You must have been something special in your past lives for everyone to
want to invite you in so enthusiastically.
Or you are doing it all now with panache and grace…
Whatever it is — we are grateful — yet for me You’ve got to prove yourself all over again.
On the here and now…

Our Work ahead is awesome and hope you’ve got the stomach for it.
Some of us are genuine fighters, some are not so much…
Yet we all do our best at all times — even though that might not seem like much.
Time will tell what’s each persons true contribution – yet collectively we ROCK.

I have few simple rules and will expect you to follow:
1) Live the Mission.
2) Look at the Vision with clear eyes and adapt it to your circumstance.
3) Lead with your own example.

I shall periodically mess you up.

And I might ask you questions — strange questions that seem to lead nowhere.
Yet that way You’ll find answers yourself you did not expect.

I am always experimenting.
And applying Innovation to everything.
Mindfulness runs in my veins…

I like the Socratic Dialogue.
And I encourage all my colleagues and staff to feel free to argue with me.

My guidance is simple:
Disagree with me, do it with feeling, try to convince me you are right, and
show me fully that I am about to go down the wrong path.

You owe that to me; That’s why you are here.
So argue away…
But don’t be intimidated when I argue back.
A moment will come when I have heard enough and I make a decision.
At that very moment, I expect all of you to execute my decisions as if it were your very own ideas.

So Carry Forth with Courage. Do this because it’s best. And because we’ve been down this road many times before…
And You should know that no matter how hard we argue and thrash out solutions… in the end we still have to stand tall with each other at our side. So respect this because…
We are together in this game called  Life.

Remember this because I will still love you afterwards.
So get mad, all you like…Then get over it quickly, because we’ve got a job to do. And for You being here — am really grateful.

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