Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 6, 2013

Mandela rising

Madiba rising…

Rising to the Heavens up above.


When some people we dearly love, die — we are devastated. Not because we are gonna be missing them — but because we are simply orphaned.

We are orphaned from the heart.

We know we are going to lose their Love   …  or so it seems.

The President of South Africa Jacob Zuma,  just announced that Nelson Mandela died today at the age of 95…

He was the figurehead for the struggle against the apartheid [white minority rule] regime for decades — eventually winning the Nobel peace prize in 1993 — three short years after he came out of jail. The following year he became the President of South Africa and the Unifier of the divided nation.

Mandela was elected South Africa’s first black president in 1994 after he spent 27 years in prison. And he set a simple remit for himself: Avoid Civil War and Bloodshed, and keep the sorely divide country together…

US  President Obama said Nelson Mandela embodied the “promise of change for the better”

And regardless of your religious or not convictions, politics & philosophy, or cultural essence — everyone in our world already has the eyes to see the man was above the general mold.

Because if you are alive today your basic understanding of humanity is already functioning. And Mandela taught all of us who worked with him — in ways large and small — one thing:

”Exercise love.”

”Use Love in all circumstances”  is what he used to say.

And he went on to say to me: ”If you feel the urge to shut your eyes to reality — you need help seeing.”

”And if you like money, power, and things, your sight is diminished.”

So lets just say you feel some “soul calling” to evolve or bring your mind to the highest…

Use love to get you there.

That was his Gospel. Coupled with pragmatic leadership and Visionary Authority — He achieved the impossible…

We try to emulate him many times and in many small ways and we almost always invariably fail… because many times we are too cerebral and forget his message to lead from the heart. It’s telling that when Mandela delivered his defense speech from the dock of the court that tried him on charges of sedition, terrorism and conspiracy — he gave a truthful speech and in conclusion he simply said this: ”During my lifetime I have dedicated my life to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal for which I hope to live for and to see realised. But, My Lord, if it needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”

The organization I founded in South Africa’s Soweto township back in 1990 to fight the Corruption of violence and the cancer of division; utilizing the tools of Love and the power of Equality and Democracy through Human Rights — lives on today. And I always counted Mandela as a benefactor and as my personal senior adviser. His leadership lesson was clear and held in me as the ideas I fought for were always the very same ones I was prepared to die for…

The little shack that I was given was in the middle of the most violent township.  In Soweto that back then was a ghetto unlike any place you ever heard or seen.  A tough place that saw murder and mayhem each and every day of the week. And I was allowed to use a tiny shack in the middle of it. A wooden shack with tin roof. Made from scrounged up materials. A real cartoon shack, open to all the elements, on the crest of a hill.

This wooden shack was my home alright for six whole months. Six eerie months of human rights synthesis, cooperation, and hard work. And it was my determination to make do and bring about change that in turn brought forth a lot of good and helped countless people to resume their RIGHTS. Women’s rights, minority rights, democratic rights… and above all the spirit of reconciliation and tolerance. We fought for Human Rights and little else. Human Rights that flowed out of a tiny wooden shack smack dab in the middle of Soweto. A bare shack that nobody else wanted because it was so rough, sketchy, and exposed to the elements. And it was just a bare dirt floor and the walls full of open gaping holes and wide gaps. Funny looking too since it was made from old discarded pallet wood and rusted tinplate.

Yet this was our little home, our office, and our spiritual centre — all rolled into one.  In the midst of all the rampant violence all around — for me this place felt that it was the safest place on Earth. And it was so because Mandela had decreed it thus. He said to the people of Soweto that I should not be touched, and I should be allowed to do my work unmolested….

And so it was.

Desmond Tutu is another common friend, thread, and inspiration, and another Great benefactor and advisor to me.

And to this day the DNA running through the words of Mandela’s advise still courses through the Social Enterprises we founded. Social Movements that fight corruption and support Human Rights. Our Social Movement that fights on behalf of the people and the environment and all that Good and just — lives on; in large measure Thanks to Mandela and Desmond. And by the way, Mandela was the first leader to become a member of the Senior Council of the Environmental Parliament.

God Bless…. the great soulman.

I say this because Mandela was always at the centre of what’s right about our world. He was the Leader of Justice, Equanimity, and Humility, and he always believed the fruits of Democracy belong to all of us…

So I practice this today and owe a huge debt of honour to my Teacher Madiba.

And we can all do more with Compassion, Humility and Justice in our heart activating it through Love.

Like Mandela who did just that.

Here is his story … as I personally lived it and as I heard it from the mouth of the Lion:

Remember — Mandela did what he did out of Love.

Mandela’s heart is still beating, giving, and radiating, and it will go on beating long after his bones are dust — because He  had love for all of us inside.

And we all know that Love gives and gives. It gives and gives some more — until there is nothing left.

So if you want to bring Love past the heart –like Mandiba — You must choose to selflessly serve.

Love all  — serve all — serve humanity.

But since none of us chooses this path willingly — this is what happens: We ache for a mission. We ache for Life’s meaning. We ache for a mate. Someone to love. Whatever…

Yet we go on and instead of just loving everything and everyone — we still love ourselves.  And we become toxic… We love people in a way that smothers them. We want to own their soul, their beliefs, their sexuality, and their heart. We also choose to crave people, things, & comforts, leading to selfish addictions. We go for the great fanfare, the hurrah, and the dance, instead of the quiet essence of what it is to be Love.

These are the power trips of our Ego desires, and nothing more.  Mandiba transcended that and even the aching for a mate after 28 years in jail.  His desire to serve was not just a desire for ownership, for power, or recognition. His desire was to simply serve… his people. All of the people of South Africa. He went to serve the people never asking if they were white or black.

He kept South Africa together based on that. Because he knew that our aching for connection comes from the loss of community. And above all else He wanted to built community.

Because he was well aware that the one outcome for the desire to own something is the loss of it…

This is the feeling of Love rising into the heart as Mandela surely felt for most of the 27 years he was kept in solitary confinement in Robbin’s island:

The heart break, the loneliness, the letting go of desire of anything for the self. And the poor little selfless heart, in all its naivete, cries and doesn’t understand why we cant have everything we want, or why people don’t love us back, or why people die, or why we can’t be free of hate.

The heart understands nothing except giving…

And finally Mandiba’s love burns through the heart into the surrounding world and that’s how his prison guards become his mates and students.

Then the immense Love radiates out of Mandiba’s jail cell and it goes out to the surrounding space of South Africa and beyond to the world whole, where the sensitive ones pick it up and make good use of it.

These are the compassionate people, the activists, the human justice advocates, the artists, the over feelers, the over thinkers, the hyper aware, the rejects, the musicians, the poets, the comedians and the writers. The different ones — they are all feeling it. Completely immersed in it.

Because when the Love muscle opens up and we see that all that soothes us is to find a way to express our feelings and thoughts so that the culture hears or feels them — the struggles involved in expressing ourselves honestly seizes.

Our internal discourse and external discussion opens the eyes and we start to have wisdom.



I know I’ll miss his dignity and his ”sinner reclaimed” dignity that he so cherished in this world…

A man guided by Hope and never by Fear. A man who lived larger than Life itself and now belongs to the ages.

Surely Mandela’s  form of spiritual intention, and mindful action, brought heavy responsibility and pain beyond anything you ever imagined.

The guy was right in that Great Tidings come to those who act – but was also a sponge for punishment. Unwarranted sort of pain but there you have it …  28 years of it.

Not every man can take that much pain and survive.

Surely there is ecstasy in loving kindness but the Great Men and Women out there — they are not telling you the suffering you will endure if you follow their path.

There is good reason for that.

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