Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 19, 2013

Stand with me — — Join the Movement

Who makes change happen?

In 2013, we’ve seen how courageous whistleblowers, dedicated activists, citizens, and good elected officials, can make a difference. At, we also believe that the whistleblowing Citizen involvement and the progressive people’s sharing the whistleblowing can make change happen.

Because Change is needed always – for better or for worse.

Our whistleblower’s and Citizen’s Movement, can effectively challenge the Violence of Corruption, the Status Quo of Injustice, and the structures of inequality. We educate, we inform, and we challenge the Violence of Inequality in the eyes of the Law.

In short we defend Democracy.

With us You can find the Truth, challenge the official corruption issued by those in power, and discredit the Media elites who regurgitate silly talking points and propaganda.

So this is the kind of Change Agents and Whistleblowing people’s movement you want to support.

Won’t you give a few Euros to that end?
Your 3 euros mean a lot to the organization and we appreciate your sharing because the results are beneficial for all.
By making a tax-deductible donation to, you can be one of the reasons why whistleblowing independent reporting with thoughtful analysis, and support for Human Rights,and Economic Development against Corruption gets shared, published, and spread throughout Society and the Media.
And that’s how we built a People’s Movement for Truth, Justice, and Democracy.

Support Us and Join our Movement, because You are the ultimate Change Maker.
In other words, you can be one of the Great people who makes change happen.

What’s more, any amount you can spare right now will be immediately doubled thanks to a matching grant.Will you help us make the most of this opportunity today?



A Good Opportunity to Do Good before Christmas.

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