Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 1, 2014

Happy New Year People

Happy People know and practice one thing religiously:

They know that their happiness is fragile and dependent entirely upon themselves.

Because …

Although happiness is not something easily measured – it is easily quantified.

We all know who is happy and who is a Grinch.

Happiness after all, it’s truly in the eyes of the beholder, and depends so much on our perspective of life.

Yes — Happiness is not a one-size-fits-all concept, but it is an aspiration that we all share and hope for alike. It’s the ultimate goal in Life. And its not purely chemical as some would have you believe. It’s a social habit and a learned behaviour. Sort of like a habit to be Happy. A decision to be content. A belief that you deserve this bit of peace and grace…

That being said, there are some common elements of happy people. Happy people have somehow broken through the barriers and have unlocked the secret of happiness and all of them share this characteristic bellow.

Happy people are content with themselves. They have stopped looking on the outside for what they need to find within: They understand material things, chemicals, other people, and fame, could never be the key to their happiness.

They practice a simple mantra. Realize yourself. Achieve your goals. Live your best Life. Reach for the sky but be grounded on this earth fully. Be like a tree…

Happy people personify these traits. And while they realize the importance of loving and supportive relationships, they never expect to find themselves in someone else, and never lose themselves trying to find someone else, either.

In fact, happy and content people realize that over-dependence on others is actually the fast track to unhappiness and even relationship problems. They know that depending on others for happiness can be the source of unimaginable conflict, bitterness, blame and perpetual disappointment.

So be happy with yourself and the rest of the world will follow your example. Indeed they will be happy with you too.




Go live the New Year reliant upon your own self for happiness.



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