Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 2, 2014

Fukushima Radiation Sickness meets America’s New Health Care — Just in time meet America

Today, for the first time, many Americans hear of the Fukushima death threat that hangs like the sword of Damocles above everyone’s head.

Yet today is also the very first time that many Americans — for whom insurance wasn’t previously a possibility — can now say that they are fully covered.

Just in time actually because the need for health protection is projected to be great. Now we have a fighting chance when the Fukushima Radiation Sicknesses hit and are met with the protection that America’s New Health Care Laws provide for us.

Just in time American ingenuity and innovation in public policy meets the new external threat of radiation related sickness…

Just in time because there is no better radiation protection suit than adequate and proper medical care in advance of the unfolding disaster — Just in time… American Public Health Care has arrived.

And it’s a gift for the many folks who didn’t have it but also for those who had insurance and are now seeing their coverage improve and their premiums drop.

Accept it as an act of abundance and a veritable boon, because as of today, insurers can no longer cut off benefits when an individual reaches an annual cap. Insurers can no longer charge you more just because of a pre-existing condition or because you are a woman. And health plans sold to individuals or small businesses must offer comprehensive benefits, including things like mental health services, special condition benefits, and even maternity care, that previous private insurance plans excluded.

Americans across the country have new health insurance today, thanks to the Affordable Care Act that was passed into Law and bitterly contested these last couple of years. Yet today, reason has prevailed and health reform is real in a new way for the American people.

Just in time…

People like You and your family whose health now faces a new and surprisingly large health risk from radiation in the air, in the water, and in the food supply — are covered.

At last today, all the American people are potentially covered and so can You. We all need better comprehensive health care coverage today because the imminent threats to our Health are now far too big for anyone to handle alone. The Fukushima radiation cloud over America is now so severe that we expect an upsurge of cancers of the most insidious kinds to be up by a factor of ten. The Fukushima blood cancers will be a new reality for many children and older adults in the years to come.

That means that the New American Health Care Insurance cards in the mail now to many Americans constitute the first line of defense against the ravages of nuclear radiation meeting the fragile human body. That means that we all need to make a point of checking-up on our overall health and we should be seeking and getting proper advise for the long term and short term effects of radiation and seeking protection from it.

And it means that for many of us, this new knowledge gives the peace of mind, the modicum of security, and the human dignity that comes with taking our health care into our own hands, assured of the help of a benevolent government involved directly in protecting the people against massive illnesses and modern era plagues.

Fukushima Radiation and the New Health Care are for good and bad — our new reality, and this means that more Americans know that feeling well, and being productive, while leading a Happy Life, in the face of adverse Health conditions in the years to come will take hard work. It will require all of us working together, maintaining the health of our body and of the body politic, and speaking out and fighting  in favour of reducing all the environmental pollution around us to a level that doesn’t threaten our health anymore.

Enough is enough.

We are fighting for our Lives now.

And for the lives of our young children.

Yet with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, millions of young adults will be able to stay covered under their parents’ health insurance plans. A very useful thing because radiation affects the little ones first.

A great gift for the New Year.

Today tens of millions of Americans have gained access to free preventative services – and this is the first line of defense. Take your iodine and all other necessary precautions to prevent radiation for entering and lodging into your thyroid glands and beyond.

Today is a good day because more than a hundred million Americans no longer have lifetime limits on their health care coverage.

Sure, we’ve still got a lot more work to do. But after all the politics and rhetoric, we know the real bottom line is how we will have a better more humane society, made up of clear eyed healthier people striving to be Happy and recognizing that the real wealth of a Nation is primarily the health and well being of it’s people and it’s land.

And providing for & managing the Health Care of the American people is the first step to that Human Right Goal.

The second step is to fight and clean up our Environment because our Health is inextricably linked to the health of the land we occupy.




Two simple steps to tango…

I respect and salute the People and the President alongside all the right minded people of this country who have been fighting for this uniquely American Health Care Law.

Fighting for you and your family’s basic health. That’s good public policy and governance.

But we’ve got to do more. Much more…

Cause with giant health scares affecting society massively — like the radiation from Fukushima coming down on us — God knows we need the streamlined health care now more than ever.

Yet all in it’s rightful time…

Now we should address the systemic sickness issues and tackle that beast at the root.

Because we only realize the value of our health when we lose it. And with Fukushima the new reality of massively born blood cancers and worse will be our everyday companion for the time to come…

Hard beast to quiet, but we need to fight on…

We only know we’ve been great when we lose our vitality due to radiation sickness and need to rebuild our health. So as we now face the Fukushima Health Crisis and battle this monster — let’s remember this simple remedy:

Take your iodine and still fight for your RIGHTS.

Fight the Nuclear industry and stop it from setting your life aflame…

Fight the polluters that cause massive cancers to our bodies and minds…

Fight the corporations and industrial lobbies that make the air angry to breath and the water undrinkable and put arsenic & mercury in your soil, making it unfit for growing anything to eat…

Fight for your right to a healthier homeland…

Fight for your right to live in a land as provided by God and Nature. Pure lands of happy people, in a planet with caring atmosphere, clean air, fresh water, and adequate sustainable healthy food.

Stand with me and Fight for Clean Air, Clean Fresh Water and Clean Sustainable adequate Food for All us humans…

Fight alongside of me, because these are the New Human Rights worth  fighting for…

And they also happen to be the very Human Rights worth dying for.

Fukushima Nuclear Melt down and Hydrogen Explosion photo

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