Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 4, 2014

My Religion Is Kindness

People often ask me…

And journalists in particular…

What is your religion?

As if it’s anybody’s freakin business what God I pray to, what belief I preach, and what practice I follow.

Or what temple of worship I attend – if any.

As if it’s not obvious from the books I write and the Life I live.

Or even from this blog.

He who has eyes can see.

Yet journalists being what they are seeking to uncover some hidden truth…


And some of them especially young nubile female reporters take umbrage with me because I don’t answer this question…

And then they go mess it all up by linking themselves to me in “complicated” ways

Carnal and otherwise.

Entanglements ensue…

So I’ve decided:

This New Year it’s time to make a few sublime changes…

Clear the Air.

My Religion is simple:


And you can join up too.

It’s darn simple.

There is no heaven and no hell besides whatever You create here on Earth and in your mind for yourself… and all others.

There is no second coming, first coming, saviour or end of the world ET arriving to lift you up in a shinny silver bullet, space ship…

There is No Opera at church. No Obedience, No Guilt and No Obeiance…

No Evangelizing. No Proselytizng. No tithing necessary.

No Temple. No Supreme Deity.

No Followers. And No Leaders…

Just You and Me.

Wanna Do It ?

Just Practice Kindness.

Do it by habit…

Follow my simple technique.

Experience it in your Life and then apply it to all others.

Baby Steps…

Invest in yourself.

Treat yourself like a Start Up Founder.

Here is another Panoism for You:

Do You want to get 100X return on your Life?

Then follow… and practice…

Pano’s simple Algorithm for a sublime Life

The Religion of KINDNESS in seven simple steps:

Start by offering some much needed Compassion to those around you and to yourself.

Love thyself truly and you just might get loved back in return…

Offer Compassion to those around you and you shall get loads in return.

Cultivate the following for your own well being:

Give to Charity + Act in Philanthropy + Be Benevolent

Observe and Fight for Justice + Make Amends + Offer Rectitude

Be Courteous + Polite behaviour sparks respect + Act Gently

Be Wise + Act instead of reacting + Share your knowledge

Sincerity + Trustworthiness + Fidelity

= Being Kind

All together move mountains.

That’s Kindness.

Have Courage, because above all else — You ought to be kind…

Be Courageous because it’s

the toughest thing in the world…

To Be Kind

That is my Religion. Simple Kindness.

And you need not conflict with any dogma you might carry in your heart…

All religions trust the same thing.

Whether Muslim, Jew, Gentile, Christian, Bahai, or Agnostic – your life will be happier if you practice kindness. Gentle kindness is what is always required to be human to begin with…

Take Buddhism for example, that is not lost in metaphysics and argumentation about dogmas and doctrines but simply instructs philosophically all people to stay on a different level and thus avoid much of the endless disagreement that we find within Christianity.

Buddhist teachers do not argue about “what” but spend all of their time on “how” — which we have tended to neglect while we argue about “what.”

Even the Dalai Lama – my old teacher, just says: “My religion is kindness.” Of course we could dismiss that as lightweight theology, until we remember that Jesus said, “This is my commandment: You must love one another”

Kindness is supposed to be the religion of Christians too, because as we continue to mature, we come to a sure sense that there is a deep order to life.

“All will be well, all will be well, and every manner of things will be well,” was how Augustine of Hippo said. Julian of Norwich put it the same way because, she lived in a time of plagues, wars, pestilence, and general upheaval & turmoil, but her theology was optimistic and spoke of God’s love in terms of joy and compassion, as opposed to law and duty. For Julian, suffering was not a punishment that God inflicted, as was the common understanding. She believed that God loved everyone and wanted to save them all. Yet even back then – you had to be kind to just start understanding that message.

So we’ve got nothing to lose. No matter what — all will be well and we can help make it truly good, by being kind to each other.

We can live more and more within unitive consciousness and know the Divine Life itself is flowing through us. Maybe You believe in eternal life and maybe you don’t — but your life is not just about you – you are about Life.

Understand this. Life — It’s who you are. Kindness — Breath of Life. Because you are the whole atmosphere in a breath. Because you are the whole ocean in a drop.

Life, your life, all life, the one life that we all share, is going somewhere and somewhere good. You do not need to navigate the river, for you are already flowing within it. Trust… this to get to the City of Light.

For some reason, it takes a long time to get where we already are. Don’t despair. Don’t be angry. Don’t give up. For you are already on the way. The right way pointing North. North as in up high North — straight up among the Stars

Be kind and you’ll be served well.

Be just and you’ll be treated well.

Be forthcoming and all manner of good will come your way.

Our goal is to intentionally participate in this mystery of Life of kindness since that has always been our True Self. Even though we deny ourselves that right when we obfuscate our vision…

The Great Teachers all agree on this: This one life, this True Self that lasts forever, is Love.

So be kind to all of us — even if it is out of the very selfish reason that you understand that’s the way to be kind to yourself.



Built your daily mantra with small acts of kindness to the life around you. And start your practice, by being kind to everyone now. Including yourself.

And that’s what makes Life worth living. Full of meaning. Give. Hope. Believe in Goodness. Practice. Expect positive outcomes. Remember … Small Acts of…

As a writer I try to understand that writing words down is a way to be present forever, as most immortals would have you believe… But that is such a misconception when we know deep within, that we are all transient beings bound to this mortal coil for a small time at best.

And then we move on…

Still writers are the transcribers of history and memories. They keep a record of how we lived at that time; what we thought was interesting; how we spoke to each other; what was important. And Readers help preserve and pass along those memories.

So you are my Life link and I am yours. Saving each other from oblivion and worse… So be kind to me and me to you, and my memory of you.

That’s Life.

So forgive us if we are sometimes tardy in our dates, or late in our appointments, for we were otherwise occupied, transcribing history, and maybe – just maybe – saving this world.

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