Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 5, 2014

Fukushima Nuclear radiation disaster shows nuclear power generation should be scrapped

Japanese people living still through the ongoing Fukushima radiation and nuclear meltdown disaster, agree that this series of tragic events proved nuclear power could never be safe and should be scrapped.

Environmental Parliament had warned that Japan faced a nuclear meltdown, while they called on the UK governing Coalition to scrap its nuclear programme.

EP also called for an EU level inquiry into the wider implications of the nuclear accident.

Ruth Thomas of EP, said: ‘This proves once and for all that nuclear power cannot ever be safe. Japan’s nuclear plants were built with the latest technology, specifically to withstand natural disasters, yet we still face the radiation effects of their meltdown.’

Fukushima nuclear plant photo of explosion small

The Environmental Parliament nuclear scientists said the earthquake and the subsequent meltdown had highlighted how Japan’s power stations were far from robust — as were advertised and “sold” to the public.

We had a doomsday nuclear disaster in Japan, a country with 55 nuclear power stations and three of them have gone into meltdown raising giant radiation problems and releasing radioactivity since March 12th of 2011 continuously.

What’s the case here of the law of averages and statistical probability of a continuous disaster? Pretty bad indeed…

Go figure — your chances if you live near a nuclear site — because the chances are really high to experience a nuclear disaster sooner rather than later.

Good Luck to all of us and Good Night. Hope we have a restful long time sleep into the unknown … because to me it seems we are fast asleep.

Yet people all over the globe have started to wake up. Here are anti-nuclear activists wearing masks holding a protest near the presidential palace in Manila in the Philippines — although their country has been sparred most of the radiation from Fukushima because the wind and oceanic currents take it all towards America.

Antinuclear Activists in Manila Phillipines

Surprisingly similar protests are not seen anywhere within the United States yet…

One wonders WHY?

Maybe lack of mainstream media information about this ongoing nuclear radiation  disaster?

maybe collusion between big business lobbies of Nuclear industry, Power & Utility industry, and their controlled News Media empires?

The Environmental Parliament is clearly troubled by this crime of organized silence and we are also concerned about the lack of data on the total amount of radiation already released, and whether the areas where radioactive fuel is dumped – outside the containment area of the reactor – are secure.




A review of the safety of the country’s existing nuclear reactors is absolutely necessary and upgraded standards for all Nuclear Reactors worldwide is needed.

Now that the UK is poised to build a new generation of nuclear power stations over the next decade an extra dose of stringent review is required and an upgrade of the Health & Safety standards so we don’t end up with another Windscale / Sellafield type disaster, or a Three Mile Island, or worse a Chernobyl, or even worse a bloody Fukushima.

Needless to say the exact same review is needed in the US for the new reactors that were licensed to be built earlier this last year.

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