Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 7, 2014

Some of us have contracted the same terrible disease: Humanism and humanism as you know is very contagious

Since some of us have contracted the same terrible disease of humanism and Humanism as you know is very contagious — please keep on spreading it around by coupling and engaging willy-nilly in all intellectual and activist pursuits.

The Enlightenment is where this disease as character development got started first…

Humanists that are Reformers, Innovators, over-full of zeal progressives often times push too far… I know cause I’ve been accused of that many times and always with the same inexplicable result. We pushed even further.

Whilst superficially this can be deemed as a “personal, a family, and a communal tragedy, humanism operates on many levels. It is very much a classic act of the Enlightenment that was never completed. So our generation is still engaged with the essential themes of our time—justice, equality, freedom of expression and conscience, freedom from religious bigotry and climate change, and above all else the economic freedom to alleviate poverty and protect Democracy and the Human Rights ascended from that ideal.

We do this everyday while still offering Democracy as an option to all those masses around the world yearning to be free and live lives unfettered by state persecution. Knowing that more than half of our human brethren are not free and are not living under the benefits of Democracy we know that to rise up from poverty and to reach equanimity we all need to be present in this work.

The significance of the work we do and its place in the history of Life is still called Humanism. It entails our efforts at justice, whether climate justice or plain old ordinary justice when faced with the eternal struggle against the elements of injustice. It is simply about the basic Human Rights that are trashed so easily every time the stat is dysfunctional or chaotic or just plain old despotic.

The history of the sixteenth century Enlightenment, is encapsulated in the struggle for freedom from religion and state, and is here where we see the beginning of the struggle for a healthier, more tolerant, and humane society.

Today though the representatives of that new way of thinking are doomed, because unfortunately the movement of history is on the side of the fossil fuel dark empire which is warming up the planet through it’s industrial CO2 emissions. And although this darkest of empires is waning, it still brings forward the defeat of the human civilization and all of our achievements in order to signal this incipient decline.

It’s a simple trajectory of time versus capacity to change and clean up the mess. We know and they know that we don’t have that luxury now. Those of us who speak with the assurance of one who knows the future, accusing our all too human ways of production and consumption of energy by burning things up, is like trying to put our hand into the spokes of a wheel that turns with ever increasing speed towards an inevitable crash…

Independence of action is critical when we condemn the despotic rule of Fossil Fuel industries while arguing for a natural, gentler, and renewable energy source for our lives and when our governments instead of promoting a greener way of life in which peace reigns — they instead sow the seeds of death.

But we just want our garden to flower eternally, through sunlight, and wind, and wave energy. Yet instead of renewable energy we are given the constant gloom and doom of an anachronistic energy – dirty coal – Victorian at best. No twenty first century person should have to get their electricity from burning things up. Yet we are back to sixteenth century technology to produce electricity to warm up water for our tea or to be able to study at night. We all are well aware of the fact.

Painfully so…

Because woven into our arguments is knowledge of the political and economic philosophy of this time. It is one of the vital debates of the Post Industrial Revolutionary age which is being enacted. In it we detect the impact of the American War of Independence and hear echoes of the German natural law tradition, of Rousseau’s faith in natural sentiments and of Montesquieu’s famous characterisation in De l’esprit des lois [the Spirit of the Laws] of the different types of government.

And the essential fulcrum of the drama is that if this climate tragedy is to move people it must do, as I see it, through the situation and character of King Coal, and King Oil, along with the Barons of big Power & Utility companies, and the Dukes of Finance that supply them and enable them.




Sadly we are always reminded and chastised for having forgotten for a moment that for the Kings of Energy, human beings are simply numbers…

Numbers that don’t even figure in the profit and loss statement.

Unfortunately that’s the Balance sheet our Kings look at — none other.

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