Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 12, 2014

Fukushima FUDs are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win — by fearing to attempt to understand our predicament and act upon it

To paraphrase the Bard:

We should always remember that Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, are all enemies of the Good.

They are grave enemies of all the goodness we possess.

And are always derailing us from the Greatness we can achieve by blocking us from moving ahead boldly…

We are paralyzed in fear, uncertainty and doubt when we neglect to realize that Truth need not be feared but faced squarely in the eye.

Only when we accept the reality that today we are dealing with Mega Death Doses of Nuclear Radiation emanating from Fukushima, will we be free to deal with it and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Any other denialist behaviour assigns you to the ranks of the three little monkeys. No See – No Hear – No Talk

So get rid of your FUDs and live a little because You don’t know when even that’s gonna end.




There is a whole lot of Fear mongering about Fukushima coupled with uncertainty and doubt.

In short FUDs that are obfuscating the truth.

Radiation from Fukushima has arrived in the United States by the boatload and far more is going to be arriving this year and especially towards the end…

So be prepared

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