Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 15, 2014

Radiation and the Virus of Corruption

Bleeding Edge

The opposite of Corruption is not transparency but Liberty.

Another opposite of Corruption is Integrity and what a great virtue that is…

Integrity is not simply a personal virtue, but a social one as well.

In fact, there may be no other virtue in which an individual’s personal cultivation of it has such a large effect on society as a whole.

This is what the social contagion theory explains… because when an individual decides to act in an unethical way, his example can influence someone else to do likewise, resulting in a domino effect that lowers the standards of an ever-widening group of people.

And this explains in large measure how Greek Society works and why it is so difficult to change for the better.  Passed from person to person, dishonesty has a slow, creeping, socially erosive effect. As the ‘virus’ mutates and spreads from one person to another, a…

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