Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 27, 2014

Drama Queens need not apply

I’ve often written in this blog about the beliefs that make people more successful.

However, I’ve observed that there are several cardinal beliefs that consistently make people less successful — if not outright failures in Life and Business. Make sure you don’t subscribe to any of these:

A) The Black Swan observer is exactly what it sounds like. A man or woman daft enough to recount all the dark and failing stories out there and be expecting the sky to cave in at any moment. Fearful children do better in Life than these sorry excuses for adulthood. They also consistently think that their self-worth is based on what others think of them as they always strive for presenting a different version of themselves than who they truly are. Since these people define themselves based upon how they assume their lover, their boss, their co-workers, relatives and friends see them — they continuously make an ass of themselves. Invariably at the minimum behest, they are assuming and are fully convinced that others think poorly of them. So, such people lack the self-confidence necessary to consistently take action and sit flat on their face throughout life.

B) Those faulty brain software folks who assume that their past equals their future. This is serious because some people experience a series of setbacks and they assume that their goals are not achievable. Over time, they become depressed, dispirited, and discouraged, and avoid situations where failure is a risk. Because any significant effort entails risk, such people are then unable to make significant achievements and are resigned to live a life of comfort in front of the TV getting stupider by the day. But on the upside — they can recite all the negative news out there verbatim

C) Fatalists United. They are a strange bunch who see the world as predestined, preordained and lacking any form of free will. Poor souls these are since they clearly believe that their destiny is controlled by the supernatural and thus need to exert no effort out there. These people believe that their status in life–or even their potential as a human being–is determined by luck, fate, or divine intervention. This all-too-common and ultimately silly belief robs such people of initiative, making them passive as they wait for their “luck” to change.

D) Narcissistics Anonymous. Seriously scared and scared people who assume that their emotions accurately reflect objective reality. These poor people believe that their emotions are caused by external events. In truth, though emotions are determined by the perception of those events, combined with preconceptions about what those events mean. Such people find it difficult or impossible to “get out of their own heads” and see situations from another person’s viewpoint.

E) Perfection seeking people. There is no such thing as a successful perfectionist. Usually women who look like Jocelyn Wildenstein are to be avoided and require a wide arc. She is the bride from hell horribly disfigured from too much Botox, too much plastic surgery, alterations on the face and all over her bodies and seriously uglyfying herself despite all the money she has paid to the nip & tuck quacks out there. These plastic perfectionist women are to be avoided at any cost and since their goal is to be perfect or do something perfectly — they are abject failures always making the perfect the enemy of the good. And because perfection is unattainable, for both men and women, these folks are people eternally depressed and seriously unhappy. They chase after all the latest improvements and when they fail as fail they will do every single time — they attack the world in a fit of crazy and zany temper tantrum. Those lost souls who seek perfection are simply setting themselves up for major disappointment. Perfectionists blame the world and everything in it for their own folly and as they age they go seriously mad as hatters. They focus on stupidities and frivolities rather than doing what’s necessary to accomplish any life worthy results.

So straighten yourself up and avoid all this crap. If you’re suffering from any of these five suffering beliefs, I strongly recommend expunging them in favor of better beliefs and seeking professional help before it’s too late.


Thoughts are made into things.

Observe this working soon as your thoughts are released into the ether…

Better Believe it.

Your present reality is clearly the stuff You think of.

Your suffering is traced directly to the outcome of your dark thoughts and your preoccupation with negativity.

Stop it before it completely ruin your Life — because that it shall do.

If you want proof of this look up the Book of Proverbs in the Old Testament where one passage, in particular, contains a world of business and life realization wisdom:

“As a man believes so is he.” (23:7)

Heed that before you come back to me… and it applied fully to women too, in case you are wondering

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