Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 29, 2014

Heaven and Hell is here to hold…

The situation in the world at the present time demands a new approach to solving problems.

And that in and of itself demands, a fresh thinking and a new way of tackling the very definition of the world problem.

A new mindset, for our time, and our issues to be dealt with — which is ever new.

It is because we are incapable of approaching it anew that we fail.

And because we approach it with our conditioned minds, with economic, business, national, local, family, ideological and even religious prejudices — that we complicate  the problems so much that they become intractable.

And since all of our previous experiences are acting as barriers to the understanding of the new challenges we face as humanity — we need to have a reboot. We need a brain software reboot and to start thinking systemically for solving the difficult global issues like Climate Change and the likes of it. Like we need to rethink for the issues of the ever worsening radiation in our lives from the nuclear energy industry and not from the nuclear weapons that we always feared so much. And instead of solving the problems of today we recount the negative experiences of the past and we go on cultivating and strengthening those memories and therefore we never understand the new, and thus we never meet the challenges fully or completely.

It is only when one is able to meet the challenge anew, afresh, without the past, only then does it yield its fruits, its riches.

And we do this by refreshing and conquering the mind…

After all the sage teachers say, that it is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles, because only then the victory is yours, and it cannot be taken from you.

Remember that the gains from this new victorious brain mindset and the mindfulness required for problem solving cannot be taken away from you, nor by angels, nor by demons — come heaven, hell, or highwater.




Simple Software Really…

A beautiful Life is offered if only we find the courage to admit who we are, to seek to understand it, and want to move forth in order to reach the promised land and live in it.

Heaven and Hell are both here in the now.

And it is a simple understanding, for when we come into full conscious co-creative partnership with all others around us, and even with the distant ones, and all of our misguided friends — we truly come into partnership with the universe itself.


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