Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 14, 2014

I’m down for the struggle and the snuggle…

When You are engaging in earnest in changing the world and starting revolutions, You’ve got to be smart about it — because Energy is scarce.
Therefore One has to look for the good in all people and all circumstances, and in all things, to harvest resources and meet pressing needs.
Use Love to reach all. This is a good time trusted method. Followers are not that different than people liking you on social media and they don’t really matter… But fellow activists are all the money. So use Love to bring it on.
And use this to find the camaraderie required to survive in the battle long term.

Here positivity is also an essential tool for at its heart to WIN there has to be the conviction that good is somewhere there lost — yet, within reach and contained in everything.

So to be entertained and cozy while engaging in the struggle You’ve got to be down for some sharing.

Share resources and your loneliness with other Good Souls out there.

And especially now that St Valentine’s day is upon us, I’m down for both the struggle and the snuggle. I’m all for it because we need the fragrance of Love and sweetness of body touch in our lives and we all need to look for the goodness serotonin imbues in our brain.

Feast on this my friends, and have a very Happy Valentine.


And by the way, this is a great activist pick up line and we should use it freely.

We are down for the struggle and the snuggle baby.

Use this.
Use it because it works.
Use it because it might lead to the best snuggles ever.
Use it because the world needs Solidarity…

Steady On Now   😉

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