Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 24, 2014


To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wildflower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour

~William Blake

A compelling thinker, a spiritual seeker and liver of life is what William Blake is. Truly William Blake is truly my favourite Poet and a Painter to the Sublime Doors of Understanding, Perception, and the Universe…

William Blake approaches the world as he does his craft – profoundly, innocently, with a raw sense of “beginners mind” that dramatically contrasts and compliments his years and experience . . . and with great spiritual reverence and extraordinary depth and soul as are revealed when we discuss human evolution, God and the awesome mystery of the Universe…

This is the spiritual journey that brought me long ago to a winning impatience with received wisdom…

I hope people are curious about what my instincts are, but they’re just hunches I have, I don’t know, I really don’t know. The more I find out about it — the less I know. The less I’m certain, anyway.

Fun is not the word I would give it, it’s still challenging for me. I still have to work very, very hard to keep my head above water. I’m still learning. I’m still a student of everything. As a matter of fact am a serious student of Writing, Love, Philosophy, Economics, Cybernetics, Music, and Art…

I’m still trying to get better as a person and writing is my ticket to be here. I’m a father, and although I’m a singleton now — am always better as a family man. Alas the reason people give me space is because I’m a leader, so I need to keep that going. I think that the key to a longevity is just curiosity. So I continue to be curious about what Life, and Spirit is but above all else I practice Leadership as Service to my people. This, I do know. It’s evolving beyond subconsciousness into consciousness.

Talking about energy, time and space is also hugely important to me: You know people make an assumption that space is a vacuum when in fact it’s a plenum. It’s the opposite of a vacuum . . . it’s full of energy. And there’s energy everywhere, as you say in our bodies there’s a huge amount of energy. This tree here, this . . . this hill there, this mountains — they all represent massive amount of energy and I think the energy problem is really a consciousness problem.

We’re in a low level of consciousness. We’re stuck in the root chakra digging and rooting like hedgehogs. We are just into basic burning things up mode. Sadly this is an adolescent form of awareness that comes across as oil-subconsciousness. We dig fossil fuel pell-mell, out of the ground at huge expense and we burn them all up — thus polluting the Earth, causing climate chaos, and destroying our precious atmosphere in order to have energy, heat, transportation, and to get electricity to make a cup of tea.

Am amazed at this because it is so primitive. You can . . .  you can make electricity in much more sophisticated ways but it’s just . . . it’s just a level of consciousness higher that the one we’re at. It’s really all about consciousness.

Well we talk a lot about “Power versus Force” where Dr. David Hawkins outlined his theory of levels of consciousness on a scale from zero up to a thousand. What do you think about that?

I would love to subscribe to that and I think we as a species have to evolve. We have no other choice. We will not survive without a serious amount of evolution. Whether we can evolve quickly enough to deal with the crisis that we face I don’t know. Who knows the answer but certainly we need to and it’s exciting. I mean there’s no more exciting time to be alive in the history of the planet than right now. It’s ah . . . we’ve got front row seats to whatever’s going to happen.

Douglas McArthur in 1945, when he was accepting the surrender of the Japanese, after everybody got to see the power of the weaponry that our technology created, said that if we are to move forward, if we are going to continue as a species, that “It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh.”

You know I’m always heartened by looking at my kids and other people’s kids certainly that they . . . they do seem to be an evolved version of us. That you can see evolution incrementally, from generation to generation and that gives me hope.

Awe and the mystery of the Universe

I wanted to bring up one other topic that I think is a really important part of your contribution and may be a part of your music in a very non-verbal way, and that is your spiritual practice . . .  yoga meditation, people like Paul Lowe . . . tell us what is meaningful for you in your own spiritual practice and how you use that to enhance your creativity in your life.

I don’t think there’s any difference between creativity and a spiritual practice. I think it is a spiritual practice to . . . to look to understand the world and to express yourself within that parameter. So I don’t see a difference . . . You know, I don’t go to church, I’m not sure I can subscribe to what churches stand for, and yet I feel a sense of awe and mystery about the universe and ah, a sense of gratitude and a sense of reverence so that’s what I feel. I hope in my daily life that I represent that. You know I do respect the planet. You know the planet for me is the deity . . . I can deal with it . . .  for me it’s a female deity. It’s the earth . . . it’s beneath . . . it is the ground that we walk on, it’s the air we breathe, it’s the water we drink and bathe in, it supports us . . . in the most magical and mysterious way and I am completely in awe of it.
‘I can kneel down and say, Thank you for including me in this incredible miracle.’

Do you believe in God?
I’m not an Atheist . . . probably Agnostic is a reasonable term, in that it means ‘I don’t know’. I find it very hard to accept religious certainties, you know I really do. Curiosity is the main thing. I am . . . I believe in the mystery, and I embrace the mystery of the cosmos . . . it’s so huge and vast. You know, I’m devoted to it, I’m devoted to it. I can kneel down and say ‘Thank you for including me in this incredible miracle’.

I think awe is one of the most important emotions or experiences and I’m glad you said that because I think that the more you study it and the magic and the mystery . . . there’s really no other way to describe it.

Really! I mean you know, I don’t understand astrophysics, I’ve tried, it’s just too difficult for me, but ah, the shear size of the numbers we’re talking about fills me with excitement, and joy, you know, we . . . we are not capable of figuring it out. Maybe one day but at the moment we’re not.

We were talking before about how, according to Einstein’s formula, the mass, the energy and the mass in your body at 170 pounds, is over 100 thousand times the energetic force of the Hiroshima bomb and then multiply that times 6 plus billion etc. It’s mind boggling. It doesn’t sound to me that you’re really an Agnostic, it sounds to me that you believe in some spiritual force or energy but you’re just not willing to call it a ‘god’.

No I’m not, I don’t need to call it a ‘god’ . . . and I think Agnostic is the right term, it means ‘I don’t know’ . . . I’m just not certain. I think certainty is dangerous.

What do you think happens after we leave our physical bodies?

I have no idea. You know I’m dealing with this life, I’m dealing with this life and ah . . . I think I was told I had 2 previous lives that are significant. One where I was an ascetic, I apparently was a monk, I didn’t eat, I didn’t drink, I didn’t sleep, I didn’t make love, I, you know I just . . .

In this life we are here to strike a balance.

For the time being, creativity and our tapping into that . . . is our prayer, it’s our spiritual practice.

That’s my church, that’s my sacrament. You know just writing every day and offering it up to God, and saying thank you . . . whoever ‘God’ is.

Well you are . . .

Now one of my favourite topics  . . . Tantra.

I think Tantra really is really about using every aspect of your life. Sex obviously is one of those aspects. The way you eat, the way you breathe, the way you walk, the way you treat other people as a devotional practice. Ah, sex is interesting; because it’s . . . it’s such a wonderful invention. Gives so much joy to people who partake in it. It also creates life. And ah, it was invented by the whatever you call this. the greater, this greater intelligence. So, ah, yeah, it’s basically conscious gratitude, so I think that’s what Tantra’s about.

Just by being present every second. And ah . . . It’s really about consciousness and being open. I think gratitude is the simple word. You have to be with someone you love . . . able to express that love in the deepest, most intimate way. Is a wonderful gift of human beings . . . and ah . . . Certainly grateful for it.

Am in a relationship that is quite remarkable with an amazing woman and people are always curious, you being the ‘sex god’ that you are. People find you to be quite desirable, and you probably do not have strong limitations on the options. How do you create a relationship that works under those circumstances or under any circumstance?

Well, you know I think that it’s important that we are honest about our desires . . .

You know human beings are very gregarious creatures and this idea that you can get married to somebody and say okay, I will never look at another member of the opposite sex or the same sex ever again — is ridiculous, you know that. We are humans, all animal lust and circumstance and . . . we are open to . . . attractions all the time . . . and I think to be honest about that is just to admit you are human.

Whether you act on that is quite another matter and that’s to be negotiated, but the idea you . . . you can’t look at other members of humanity because you’re married is ridiculous. You know we’re attracted to other people all the time.

I don’t think we’re only talking about looking though, . . . but then that’s a negotiation and that’s up to the individual . . . what their own personal mores are their . . . whatever you call them . . . their morality but ah . . . we’re gregarious little monkeys . . .

I’m a father of 2 children, yet I. . . don’t know how long I have left on this planet . . . but I do want to do as much as I can to make sure that the world that my children and hopefully my grandchildren and great-grandchildren inherit will be a safe and happy one you know . . .

I want people of future generations to thank this one, to say ‘thank goodness for those guys they made our lives what they were . . .’

“The wintry haw is burning out of season,
crab of the thorn, a small light for small people,
wanting no more from them but that they keep
the wick of self-respect from dying out,
not having to blind them with illumination.

But sometimes when your breath plumes in the frost
it takes the roaming shape of Diogenes
with his lantern, seeking one just man;
so you end up scrutinized from behind the haw
he holds up at eye-level on its twig,
and you flinch before its bonded pith and stone,
its blood-prick that you wish would test and clear you,
its pecked-at ripeness that scans you, then moves on.”

— Seamus Heaney




Believe it or not — Cinnamon is awesome as an accompaniment to any spiritual undertaking especially if you add it to your tea…

You are welcome…

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