Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 25, 2014

Brussels Two Step

Fit for Purpose is not what Brussels is famous for.

The famous local dance for the bureaucrats is the two step tango. One step left — one step to the right. No movement forward or even backwards. Silly little dance — really.

Time to change that.

Now am on record as saying that I do not have a high opinion of the UK government, but the bureaucrats in Brussels make the government in the UK look like an organization consisting of pure geniuses.

The Eurocrats have to change before they can be seen as credible and effective. Otherwise we’ll be led by Morons with the charisma of a “dumb-waiter” … [No disrespect meant for wait staff everywhere, because dumb-waiter is a piece of furniture]

We all need to change but the Brussels crowd needs change with a massive spoon.

It is Time…

Change is a transition from dysfunctional behaviour to functional behaviour. Functionality means skill in achieving healthy goals.To change psychologically is to become skilful at handling things better now than we did before. Change is a psychological event; transformation is a spiritual gift. Transformation, unlike change, cannot be achieved; it happens. Transformation means love, wisdom, and healing in thought, word and deed.

Ya es Hora.

I think it would be much better for Greece and the entire euro area if Greece were kicked out. Spain kicked out. Italy out and even France should be out. At the end you just have Germany with the euro. The other countries can have their own currencies and still trade and use the euro as an international currency.

The bureaucrats in Brussels — led by the German monolithic views as propagated by their coin [the Euro] and their controlled media propaganda, are brainwashing everybody that if Greece or any one other country exited the euro zone, it would be a disaster.


My view is the best way forward — would be to dissolve the whole euro zone and let the countries go back to their own currencies — still using the euro as an international currency for banking transfers, settlements, import-export and similar to the way we use the Dollar when we travel throughout Central and Latin America. Local currencies are everywhere but You use dollars freely as well and all trade transactions and banking international settlements are done in Dollars. It is convenient because you can pay with dollars for anything, anywhere you visit, all over the Americas and it is a boon for trade.

In my humble opinion and well researched econometric view, this method of currency “polyamory” would be the best recipe for bringing growth back to Europe.

Thus, these countries that have financial difficulties, will have to write off their debts and make a fresh start. And that is the only road to recovery. Heal and start walking again…

Of course it will be difficult for some of them to access the capital markets — but there you have it.

Just to keep bailing them out within the Euro zone and only allowing growth in germany it has dire consequences for the European Union. It is evident that the German Coin is only good for Germany. Sooner or later the people of Europe will understand this and revolt.

We all know that German domination of Europe through Debt driven Neo-colonialism, is the death knell of Democracy, Freedom, and National Sovereignty.
Even the German people hate seeing themselves in the mirror as Neo-nazis, let alone as cruel and fascist Colonialists.

Going down this road we are on right now — will only increase the problem and might even drive Europe back to the throes of another WAR. Yes — you heard it right: War — the father os us all.

It is Time that we wake up, because this method of keeping Europe together as a Debt Colony, will not solve this or any other problem. Instead it will lead us to another Sarajevo moment.

Es ist Zeit.



As an aside…

Love it when the Sun is out in Brussels …

Couples kissing in the streets, and making out on the benches of the lovely parks.

Spring is in the air…

You’ve got to Thank climate change sometimes…

Even the climate changes — why can’t we?

Einai Ora.

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