Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 1, 2014

European Democratic Party

Today marks the end of the European Democratic Party’s Spring Conference 2014. Despite the strange weather, the European Democratic Party was altogether jubilant and united as only an open-source family can be. The European Democratic Party [EDP] leadership conference was held in Brussels this past week amid great Love and Hope for what may come.

Dr Kroko — the undisputed Leader — set out an ambitious agenda for a New Europe. he shared how a clear Vision emerged for a different Europe, a different national identity of individual countries, and a different body-politik throughout the land. He shone the light on a point beyond the horizon of today’s malaise and small nation politics. He visualized the New European Policy of Inclusive Ethical Service leadership and contributing Citizenship.

He spoke clearly and honestly of how the European Democratic Party sees the difficult place that we are in right now as a springboard and a point of transition to an undefined future. A future that we are free to define ourselves as the Free Citizens of Europe.

He said: We see this moment in time, as “the NOW moment”. A defining moment that is a snapshot  of imminent & great change in our lives & politics. After the 2007-8 crash, the reaction (or perhaps lack thereof) to it, the 2010-11 elections and plummeting support for the project of European Integration, amongst the citizens of Europe — the European Democratic Party [EDP] sees this instance as the best opportunity to change Europe. Indeed, we see this as the best chance to improve our Politics and keep Europe United and moving forward.

The European Democratic Party was founded in 1997 in the UK and in Brussels, and in the rest of Europe within the successive years since. It has been incorporated throughout the land through it’s good works in service of the Common European Citizen. The EDP always sets up Social projects, Philanthropies, and service organizations for Human Rights and Goodwill for an Open inclusive society. We set up People’s Health International and numerous other NGOs working to serve the European public, well in advance of our incorporation as a political party into the specific European countries we are active into. European Democratic Party has several other NGOs like the famed Anticorruption organization Advocates, Judges,and Citizens for Justice and Development [] and many other  social and philanthropic projects. EDP is focused on empowering individual leaders by helping people regain their fast diminishing human rights and thus fulfil their role as Democratic citizens of an Open and Inclusive Society of Europe. This is our mission.

In the most suffering countries of the European periphery like Greece, Spain, and Portugal, the European Democratic Party was incorporated in 2007 well after our charities and philanthropies were already active in advance of the black clouds of the country’s bankruptcy.

In his speech on a clear Monday morning in Brussels — European Democratic Party leader, Dr Kroko set out what the party offers for a modern-day, progressive Europe and it’s citizens.

The strongest emphasis was placed upon Democracy and Human Rights for all, with appropriate Policy and political Innovations to make our Governing Institutions and our Democracy, fit for purpose in the modern Era and a leading force in an increasingly contested world stage.

Dr Kroko focused on a resilient Pan-European Economy, a fair society with equality in front of the law for all the citizens, and a wide open Europe. A Europe of the Common people with opportunity for everyone, and not just Common Markets. A Europe steeped in the principles of Integrity as a meritorious society without the scourge of corruption. A Europe with a sustainable Business network, a market driven social state, and an open Society. A Europe of Innovation as a Citizen’s Rights haven, and a Consumer driven united marketplace. Dr Kroko also spoke about his work in service of the individual countries of Europe. Specifically: Greece, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, and the relationship of Europe to China and America, as well as Africa.

Dr Kroko, spoke passionately about climate change, energy and Europe’s leading role as an ancient dream and aspiration hailing way back in the era of Zeus marrying Europa and birthing three brilliant sons. Europa-Demeter is the founding deity and the birth story of our Europe today.

This is what Dr Kroko said on the occasion:

On Europe, it’s a big year for the European Democratic Party with the upcoming elections, and we plan to use them to expand their European base of power. This is not only an opportunity to grow our European influence but also to put the case forward for European United Identity. it is our prerogative to make the case clear for the Union to remain strong. It is our game to lose if we are to consider the UK staying in Europe or not. And when the citizens of the United Kingdom decide that it is to their interest for Scotland to remain within UK — then they can also see that it is to their interests to remain within the European Union. Thus the EDP has the vision and the tools to lead and rationalize the governing bodies for a reformed Europe that works for the ‘common good’ and for the “Common Citizen.”  EDP believe that a Switzerland that lives up to it’s commitments to the European family is a welcome brother. But when it fails these commitments it is becoming a pariah state…

Dr Kroko spoke clearly that it is in the interest of Europe to embrace Greece and the South as full and inalienable members of the Union in word and deed. Yet it is also in our interest to invite Ukraine as well as Turkey to join us, and to make the same offer to Russia. Solidifying this into action will take guts, but that we have in abundance.

Additionally to put forth this agenda, Dr Kroko demanded in his speech that the European Democratic Party be invited as part of the Europe-wide electoral debate schedule in all member states gearing up for the Euro-elections.

Dr Kroko’s speech was forceful on climate change since the European Democratic Party is unequivocal in their support for strict emissions and energy efficiency targets, and we are just as unfaltering in their criticism of the atmosphere cultivated through media and politics that promotes climate-denial. It’s a great issue for the European Democratic Party to campaign on because it is core European Democratic Party territory but it is also the kind of policy that will win votes.

Dr Kroko, speaking on the theme of the Common Citizen and Common Markets, magnified his speech when he mentioned the other areas of huge public support: Reform of the employment opportunity sector, rebuilding the banking sector, reform of the taxation system, and making the minimum wage the living wage for all. The European Democratic Party isn’t exactly promoting populist progressive policies because we have had these policies for years, but our progressive policies are now extremely welcome and pretty popular, amongst the young and all. And this may well be the ticket for the EDP party to perform well on the way to the polls.

Next steps…

Sunshine — the colour of Light is the colour of the European Democratic Party. Golden yellow is not only the new red. It is the new Blue. It is the new orange same as it is the new Green. Golden yellow is the new Black and the new White. Golden Light is the colour of the European Democratic Party. The EDP is the guiding light in an increasingly darkening continent of Old Europe and we are showing the way to the New Europe.

The European Democratic Party wants voters to see us as the new conservative CENTRE and the new conservative Left — same as the new conservative Christian party. We are the only valid alternative to the bankrupt parties and ideologies of yesterday. We ride on TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND DEVELOPMENT. These three integral values are our driving lights.

The European Democratic Party membership has multiplied manyfold since 1997, and despite the nationalists taking issue with the party name, this shows the ground we are gaining amongst the young and wise citizens of Europe along with the well educated and the disenfranchised peoples of the cities and the periphery and especially those pioneers who recognize that the existing national parties of the various states of Europe are responsible for today’s ruins.

The national leading political parties are nests of corruption and their interstate alliances of centuries’ old ideology are all bankrupt and fully responsible for the corruption led crisis of values, leadership and finance. One cannot expect those who bankrupted Europe to be able or to be smart enough to bail it out, because they are clearly not able to do this. We need New Ideas, We need New Values. We need New Parties.  That much is clear.

Dr Kroko’s Monday speech was about convincing voters ahead of the European elections in May that the European Democratic Party believes in working “for the common good” and for the “Common Man, Woman, and Child” but also that we can govern well.

The rest of the leader’s conference speech hammered home the message that for EDP, the future is a light golden coloured Europe.




This week we have an Electoral Conference in Athens Greece to coincide with the rotating Presidency of the European Union Council and to prepare the candidate lists of the European Parliament as an Open Source Democratic and Citizen driven meritorious choice.

Stand up and be counted.

Become a Candidate today.

Submit your CV and Resume by email here:

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