Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 6, 2014

The Case for Europe

Those of us in the UK, in Greece, in Basque country, and in Scotland, and all those of us living in Catalonia, or in Pannonia, and in Sudetenland, or in Alsace, same as in Hungary, and in so many other regions of Europe that are vying for independence — we’ve got Good News.

  We’ve got good news that validates our Independence and self determination struggles. We’ve got news that will help us maintain our particular sovereignty without surrendering the benefits of a common market and a common future — free of the menace of war and internecine conflict.

  We’ve got news that speak of a future within a federal Europe with strong State’s Rights, and above all the regional local directly democratic rights, that make our present day situation look positively primitive.

 It is time. It is time we liberate ourselves from the slavery of petty parochialism and beggar thy neighbour nationalism, as practised by most all European national parties, national leaders, and as exemplified by Germany’s debt colonialism policies today towards the weaker member states of the Union. It is time we wake up and liberate ourselves because in this Europe of ours, we seem to have surrendered our ideals, our Democracy, our community excellence and our community values in the mere accumulation of material things.

  This abject slavery of the regions of Europe is not a new thing. In recent memory the European regions were first enslaved to an unyielding nationalism that severed their historical ties, roots, languages, and traditions, — and then they were subjected to the conflicts of the Great Wars this errant nationalism engendered within Europe.

 I always refer to the Great War and the Second World War as European Civil Wars because that’s exactly what they were. Nationalist fervour coupled with economic imbalances led to massive bloodshed of the youth of Europe mere “moments” before the Grand union ideals were shattered. Such bloodletting that washed the soil of Europe is but a prelude to a United Continent for those who have eyes to see the horizons of history.  Far too much blood has been spilled from the simple citizens of Europe to water the tree of Freedom in this Democratic Union — to let the dream unfulfilled.

 The European Civil Wars, first and second, have sacrificed in the altar of Mars far more men than the lives lost in the American Civil war. That alone has to make our Union stronger…

The European Union today is made up of 503 Million people and rising as new member states are slated to come in. No single tribe or nation or even grouping of historical origins comprises anything close to a numerical majority. Europe is a kaleidoscope of light. It is a Union of Minorities. It is a Union of aligned interests and common borders. Nothing more — even though certain “power-blocks” think otherwise. The role of a “phantom majority” is non existent apart from the “Golden Rule of Power” = “He who has the Gold makes the rule”

That is Machiavellian thinking or Realpolitik but that is not the majority of European thinking either.  It is not even an approximation to what Europe is today, because although the smaller debt ridden states of Europe have become debt-colonies of Germany, we all know that Europe’s Greatness is evident only when we act as a Democracy. A true Democracy into which, we share equally the fruits of peace, prosperity, and harmony — is Great. A Europe attentive to it’s weaker members and observing the minority reports is what we want. A Europe that allows for the different minorities to share & coexist harmoniously within the mosaic that Europe has been for as long as recorded history remembers, is a Great Europe and nothing else.

Yet let’s look at a snapshot of today: Who is the majority rule today in Europe?

Is it the North, the Centre, or the South?

Or some block thereof?

Is it an ideology or a coalition of parties?

Is it a moneyed elite?

Simple Answer is, none of the above.

None because nobody knows exactly how to express this “Majority rule” in legal democratic terms but we all feel it and we all know it. It is Berlin with Paris and the Brussels bureaucrats lining up in an Axis of power that serves them alone, and nobody else. The vast European mechanism that occupies Brussels and is tentacled all over Europe is to serve that pseudo-majority and nobody else.

Yet reality dictates that Europe is a Sea of Minorities. You and I same as all other European are this Minority and this is my Minority Report:  “Time is now to Liberate ourselves from the orthodoxy of this stupid and evil illusion of a ruling Majority”

It’s a nasty conundrum when one thinks that Europe is made up of 87 or so strong regions, some 340 subregions of strong local constituency — yet only 28 national entities. As some of these regions are straight-lining on the race for independence — the natural order of autonomous, liberated and integral regions will be restored. We are not going to revert to City-States,  but some approximation of the ancient regional rights has to be recreated in order to prevent the Corruption and Nepotism of indirect and distant bureaucratic & despotic rule. That is not Democracy.

 Let this sink-in for a moment. Think of your own roots, because am certain you come from a special city or region that surely is unique and has more in common with it’s nearby constituency than with any National State government or distant mindless Bureaucracy. In addition you probably live in a city You enjoy and one that has a unique local flavour and custom. When was the last time You felt kinship with anyone in Brussels if you do not live there? And when was that You received a coherent support and answer from the bureaucrats and the desk centaurs of the EU in Strasbourg or Brussels? Most all European citizens are still waiting by the phone to get simple questions answered about their “Europa.”  Have you been on the phone with Europe lately? All of us are still on hold with Wagnerian music playing in the background since Christmas last — Christmas of 2007 is more like it…

 Citizens of Europe are living in cities by far and have more in common with other city dwellers than with their national capitals and their national parties or state leaders. That much is clear to anyone who has taught or seen an Erasmus class of graduates. Yet Europe tells these graduates to wait by the phone to find a job… Someday the phone might get answered. Or not. Europe tells it’s young people to wait. Wait for what?

God only knows. 

But waiting for Godot, is not befitting European citizens today. Neither is besieging the doormen of power, as Dostoyevsky exemplified in the Karamazov brothers. A Grand Inquisitor in the face of a European Grand Bureaucrat is more akin to the Darth Vader than Pericles. And I sense that Europeans today want Pericles again to lead them with visionary leadership. People want near and direct Democracy instead of distant and indirect bureaucracy. People want democracy “canton style” as practised in Switzerland. People are fed up with corruption this bureaucracy enshrines in it’s master workings as an asylum for the incompetent and bellow medium minds. We are aware that this is desired by Brussels today, since it serves this vast class of well established civil servants. We all speak volumes about Democracy but this is not what we have. Having a Mr Van Rompuy and a Mr Barosso leading the European Union — men who have never been elected by the Citizens of Europe in a direct or indirect way does not make a Democracy. Europe today is not a Democracy anymore than the Europe ruled by the Gauleiters of Adolf Hitler during the nazi occupation.  I believe these Gauleiters were not exactly Democratically elected Mr Barosso.

Right? … 

Or were they?

But that is what the Eurocrats want. Yet the Citizens of Europe don’t care what the Mandarins want  …  because as I recall in Democracy it is what people want that matters.

We are keenly aware that the Bureaucrats want exclusivity of power & control, but our version of Direct Democracy is inevitable in this technologically grass roots enabled day and age. And as it turns out this direct democracy is good for the vast citizenry of Europe — that wants it and wants it badly. A citizenry ready to level these artificial differences and walls and a citizenry of levelers who has fought far too many wars and independence struggles to attain this all too human aspiration. People want equality in front of the law, direct access to their Democracy, and Liberty to pursue their happiness and celebrate their differences. Yet this is not what the Berlin-Paris-Brussels axis system today offers. And sadly this doesn’t serve us anymore. Not any of this.

  European people want Democracy, Liberty, and the freedom to pursue their own Happiness. They want meaningful jobs and security in health and wealth. And this system today offers none of that for the vast majority of citizens. So what United Europe are we talking about? 

 But the future is long and arriving shortly. So to those visionary enough, it is an inescapable reality that all citizens of Europe will enjoy a far greater and unique Democracy tomorrow than what the Eurocratic Autocrats are offering up today.

  We are all fed up because today’s dysfunctional system only works well for the Mandarin class as personified by the Banker class, the Corporate men, and assorted bureaucrats in Brussels and the national government bodies across the European capitals — but it doesn’t work for the Citizens of Europe. The Corruption built-in and accommodated by the present day bureaucratic system is plain VIOLENCE against our basic Human Rights, Ancient Customs, and Democracy.In Europe today instead of convergence we have divergence. The wealthier North gets further ahead and the poorer South falls further and further behind same as the inequality rising within the respective societies. This does not augur well for the European project, and although even the junior bureaucrats know this — not one of the senior Brussels behemoths dares talk to Germany and France about this.

Fair is fair.

   Europe has to stay strong where it serves us best and stay the hell away from our three sacred trusts. Our Ancient Customs, our particular Liberties and our direct Democracy. 

 Let’s make this clear. Europe is really useful as a United Economy and a Mercantilist Union, but it is not useful as a nanny-state. It is absolutely useless in matters of defence and clueless in the matters of minorities. It is not fit for purpose because today’s Eurocratic state does not know left from right. It forgets that one size fits all rule went out of fashion about the same time the Soviet Union became a tombstone of history and the “phat platform” shoes went out with the babushkas that looked and dressed like matryoshka dolls…

  Europe has got a lot to learn about it’s people and their differences. And as our Gross Domestic Product is rising across Europe after this debacle of an exacerbated Sovereign Debt and Austerity led crisis — largely due to the Eurobureaucrats — we can certainly afford to. Europe’s GDP has now risen to over Sixteen and a Half Trillion US Dollars [combined GDP as European Union]. This makes Europe the biggest economy in the world and the value of the Euro reflects that fact well.

 Please understand this: Europe United, is the Biggest Economy in the world. Bigger than the United States economy by a few hundred Billion US dollars. Old Europe’s economy is far bigger than the Asian tiger economies judged by the gross domestic product of China and Japan combined.

  This is not an exaggeration but an actuality based on solid 2012 figures as compiled by Eurostat and checked by the IMF – World Bank and all other actuarial services in America, Europe and beyond. So these are the facts. Europe sits in pole position as an economy and this is the number one enviable position worldwide. As the lead position is occupied squarely by Europe — we Europeans ought to adjust our sights to a reality of transcendence. A reality for a strong United Europe that respects regional idiosyncracies, above state differences, and Orwellian controls.

It might be beginner’s luck but the first spot of Europe has to be defended for there are always other more industrious and copious claimants vying for the position of World leadership. Europe has the capacity to lead, in Climate change, in Human Rights, in Immigration, in Finance, in Industrial Design and in all the sectors where European integration bodes well. But it has not got a clue as to how to lead in Democracy and the Rule of Law. Europe’s coin is the strongest in the world. But it is not a depository receipt coin. Because the Eurocrats can’t be trusted to deliver the goods. Unfortunately the lack of native intelligence within the European Institutions and in the Brussels bureaucratic crowd, does not exude the confidence requisite to make the Euro the international reserve and depository currency that it could be…  Simply put: Investors don’t trust Brussels centaurs to handle a pair a scissors — let alone to do the right thing with a complex economy that ranks Number One in the world. A crowd wisdom poll, has proven the people don’t trust ‘errant & distant” Brussels with their lives’ choices. Decisions made under the permanent storm cloud in Brussels do not bode well for the average European citizen…

  That is plainly obvious.

  And now people have spoken across Europe and have declared that they want a European mosaic made up of ancient customs and modern Innovation to accommodate our internet ready Democracy. A people’s Democracy with polling for every important issue and not a nanny state imposed by ghastly bureaucrats from Brussels.

  Europe spends over seven hundred billion dollars a year, for it’s Brussels and Strasbourg bureaucracy, and it’s tentacles throughout Europe. An empire for sure. And if we should judge Europe by that — we count nothing and we get very little in return…

Yet the combined Gross Domestic Product of 16,5 Trillion USD, that makes Europe the leading economy in the world does not account for our Ancient Customs, our Dignity and our Liberty.

As RFK said: “Our Gross Domestic Product measures a lot, but does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education, or the joy of their play. It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages, the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public officials.”

“It measures neither our wit nor our courage, neither our wisdom nor our learning, neither our compassion nor our devotion to our country.”

And in this time of deep crisis for Europe, dealing with the corruption of our public officials, GDP doesn’t measure the likelihood that European Union as we know it will continue it’s existence. And in the end it doesn’t matter because our collective GDP doesn’t measure the devastation of injustice, the vast inequalities, and the abject poverty and pain of our salt of the earth people & Peoples throughout Europe.

Nor does it measure our yearning for Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood, and our love of Democracy. Our common GDP fails to account for our Civilization and Culture being the guiding Light of our lives. It forgets the joy of Life that is unequally distributed between North and South and the increasing inequality of power distribution amongst equal in principle nations. And our common GDP really fails to measure the Happiness index because it hurts too many of us to see the lesser ones. It fails to measure Compassion and it certainly forgets the many people in the margins and those fallen in the cracks. It neglects those that matter the most – the weakest links – those beautiful souls that make Life a Mission.

Our European GDP disregards most everything but above all else it forgets to measure the Mother’s instruction that inform the oral traditions sacred to our Peoples.

For all that it is a faulty measure of our Europe.

“And above all it fails us because it measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile.”




The Good News is that the European Democratic Party will fight in these elections throughout Europe to elect European Parliamentarians that are free of the prejudices and misconceptions of the nationalistic racist past and are ready to embrace a future of Democracy, equality in front of the law,  and respect for the minority rights — throughout the land.

European Democratic party is for the young and those young at heart who understand the Operating System of the New Millennium. It is an Open Democracy, an Open Society, and Open Source Political Party, and an Open Europe that we are all aspiring to.

So come and join us and built your future job with us right here. We’ve got a meaningful job for each and every European who aspires to our ideals and who embraces our shared vision. Join us here:

Let us know what You want to achieve in your Life within this Europe of the future.

Thanks to my beloved RFK for “allowing” me to use his speech quotes liberally…

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