Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 16, 2014

Europe means “Wide Vision”

Europa the lover of Zeus that gave him two bright children that he cherished above all, and loved the most — is the quintessential “Mother” of the ideals of a United Europe.

Europe much like her Mother is the wide eyed and visionary ideal of our Mythohistory.

Europe indeed means “Wide Vision” and is this very vision that has been narrowed and perhaps blinded and now we find ourselves with a beached ship.

Our vision has been artificially narrowed by the myopic and arteriosclerotic denizens of Brussels — desk riders in the fog of their indecisiveness.

These morons and all other old fashion European Capital bureaucrqts and middle managers that like to think they can rule the “roost” forgetting that the Kaizer is long gone and that multiplicity of voices and honest leadership with crowdsourced decision making — is what makes Europe the most important Democracy and the most interesting Civilization in this world.

Yes. our demise is our fault because we let the vision lapse… and our societies collapse.

And today as we are coursing through the deserts of our making, is best to remember that we are servants of that dreamy vision and besides that, we ain’t got much else.

Our European Family is nothing but an ideal. Got this?

Europe is a State of Mind. An Ideal. A Wide Visionary Ideal.

An ideal we buried under reams and mountains of paper and stupid regulations and directives that made our nascent European Democracy a stilborn.

So now we are called to save this child of an ancient Ideal.

We are called to reinvent that mythic historical “Wide Vision” of Europe in order to go on…

We are asked to innovate for Europe in order to simply allow our Lives to continue unscathed and to avoid another catastrophic Civil War within Europe, because as you might recall these European wars tend to become global conflagrations and thus best avoided at all costs…

Still the majority of people today are blatantly Anti-European because of the poor performance the European bureaucrats have been delivering and of how they hinder everyone’s ambition to be happy and live a meaningful Life.

Yet in this difficult time is when I choose to go upstream and fight for this “Wide Vision” of Europe ideal.

We’ll do it by fighting these Europe wide elections with the European Democratic Party because I want to share with you the Gospel Reality of Vision.

Vision is Leadership and leadership is Vision. That much is simple.

Equally simple to understand is that the fruits of leadership are Peace and Prosperity. The two things that are eluding the bureaucrats and assorted non-entities who are micromanaging our lives.

Peace and Prosperity, through Democracy and Freedom is what the Wide Vision of Europe is.

And the path to this Europe goes through a Federal Vision for a United Europe because that is the only way to avoid the negative consequences of our common failings.

It is always a good inoculation against the negativity we all feel towards Europe. Our only medicine is to built a Federal state.

As a matter of fact this is the only way to get Economic Development through Peace & Prosperity. And by the way it is also the only means left for us to strengthen our Democracy.

If you want to remember just one thing — please Keep in Mind that the path to Peace and Democracy in Europe and the World is Federalism.

That much is clear.



You have eyes and see…

The European Democratic Party offers this vision exactly as an Antidote to parochialism, selfish stupidity and machine like perfect efficiency — Peace & Democracy.

God Bless

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