Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 24, 2014

Ode to Joy – Breed Love and the price of Being Human

One has to spread children around like fairy dust if you want to have your DNA replicated wildly and widely…





Because we need to be alive in others and through others and is best to share our DNA as software. As ideas, as new structures of human endeavour that emanate as concepts in the noosphere. We put forth well formed ideas in the ether and they become things.

Thoughts becoming Things is how our DNA best spread.

And we also have to spread our babyjuice and mindjuice widely so we cannot lose our humanity. We need to be fully alive to be FREE. Because the present statist powers want to quash our humanity in favour of an atavistic machine future.

And the scary thing is that they can… Now more than ever we are being dehumanized. We are ruining our chances of being more fully human because our technology concentrates power — and that power is used really against us.

Take a brief tour of our recent history: In the 90′s, it looked like the Internet might be an exception, that it could be a decentralizing, democratizing force …

We all dreamed of that and believed, but those days are gone …

What upsets me, is that we did it because it was the easiest thing to do…

Making things ephemeral is hard.

Making things distributed is hard.

Making things anonymous is hard.

Coming up with a sane business model is really hard — I get tired just thinking about it.

We put so much care into making the Internet resilient from technical failures, but make no effort to make it resilient to political failure. We treat freedom and the rule of law like inexhaustible natural resources, rather than the fragile and precious treasures that they are. And now, of course, it’s time to make the Internet of Things, where we will connect everything to everything else, and build cool apps on top, and nothing can possibly go wrong.

He’s right. And so the Internet has, for most intents and purposes, evolved into a landscape dominated by centralized systems, epitomized by what we call the Stacks — Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft.Stacks  don’t want much. They are content to have you bound as data: Those Stacks want from you simple things: Money to endorse your whims, and other than that — they want just your identity, your allegiance, and all of your data. Of course they want to be your sole provider of messaging, media, merchandise, and metadata. Stacks want to take part in as much of your online existence as they possibly can, and one day mediate your every interaction with the world around you, online or off.

Now that contrasts with your individuality and with your Humanity. Because human being is not supposed to be slave to the machine… The human being is the measure of all things. We are infinite and measureless. We have unending potential and a great future full of Freedom to Be and to manifest our Destiny. And that is the essential conflict with the way things have been evolving…

The human being is a holographic condensation of the universe. We are something like a cosmic railway station, a receiving station of all vibrations, energies, and information contained in the universe. All information in the universe is imprinted in our body. The logos of the world is the spirit of the universe, the Sacred Matrix. It lives in all beings. Every thing, every egg cell, every marigold, and every mole is a holographic condensation of the universe. All these condensations are connected with each other in an eternal holographic movement. It is through this movement that the whole, Spirit, Brahman, or God, keeps flowing.

We are Consciousness with a body. A soul to be trained for higher things. A traveller of Light in this space of homage… Constant Travellers. In short we are beings. Human today – soulful tomorrow. Being present now and everlasting…

We already have all the information we desire and might need in our DNA. Parallel code full of data that have been shared throughout our existence and when we find how to harvest them we are Consciousness personified.

At the right frequency of our consciousness, we would thus be able to access the entire information of the universe at every point in the universe.

This is exactly what every cell in our organism does, what the spider does when it weaves its web, and what the colony of termites does when it builds its incredible cities.

We live in a world of endless networks of light and information. If we could introduce our conscious mind into this process, we would be all-knowing.

Maybe we will be so one day, for the structure of our brains, with its almost infinite number of neuron connections and synapses, also seems to be a holographic image of the universe. And we don’t need technology, nor human networks of routers and nodes running Apache to do this. We need awareness and meditation to reach our thresholds… and conquer the I to reach the WE stage of our existence.

We seek to evolve past the individual SELF and move towards the universal BEING. WE should hasten to do this because the concept of an individual “I” was developed during the time of the great separation. The human being had the thought that s/he is alone on earth, alone and dissociated, without understanding the Energy that connects him/her with everything.

Over time, this is how the narrow and distorted image of human beings was developed, an image with which we cannot solve the problems that are facing us today. We are the heirs of a mental-spiritual history gone wrong. We believe that the human being is what we find in ourselves: our individual body, our individual soul, our individual life, beginning with birth and ending with death.

If we only see that, then we see only a tiny part of the whole, which began a long time before our birth and extends far beyond our death. And the whole is – as a holographic condensation of infinite times and spaces – the human being.

This whole is us, we, ourselves.




This is the ultimate Ode to Joy…

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