Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 31, 2014


We are all political animals…

And we are also economic animals….

And we live in Societies so we are Social animals too.

And we are always subjected to myths, theories, fads, fashions, trends, and assorted social, economic, political and ideological applications in our lives.

One such major myth we’re told; is that of having to bring Austerity in all of our Economic Policies lest the economic marauders, the fund pirates, and the bond vigilantes, will strike and therefore we must impose austerity in order to defend against them.. Yet methinks that the Barbarians are already inside the gates. And they are the economists of Europe that are struggling with their beliefs in false “Idols” and fake “Gods” and are constantly crucifying people in the altar to appease them.

Back in the day, I believed that important people took positions and made Policy based on careful consideration of all the options. Now I know better. I now know that much of the so called Leaders, German and International Economists, Finance Ministers, and Brussels bureaucrats’ belief system rests on ideology, prejudice, and convenience. It is all economic theology, black magic mambo-jambo incantations, and anything else — but it’s certainly not an orthodox product of scientific analysis. And yet these faulty people’s beliefs run Europe as we know it today. In other words: We are Screwed. Or as Mark Twain used to say: “Sometimes I wonder if the world is run by smart people who put us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it”
The fact is that — whether imbeciles or smart — these folks are prejudiced ideologues and human beings prone to ideological belief, personal convenience and habit. They are subject to seasonal fads, vogues du jour, and ever changing fashions.
Trust me on this because for the last few years, I have watched, with amazement and horror, the emergence of a consensus in European policy circles in favour of immediate, permanent, and vicious fiscal austerity against anything that ails our economies. And this idiocy has become accepted by everyone. A consensus of Power has developed around this idea. This fallacy has become conventional wisdom. Somehow Prime Ministers and Economic Ministers all across the EU think that now is the time to further slash spending, despite the fact that Europe’s major economies remain deeply depressed. And of course this policy is led by a certain major European Capital that once was a city divided. A once divided Capital of a divided state that was split between opposing economic systems: A system that created an economic miracle through the largesse of an expansionary stimulus led and growth orientated Economic Policy and a Marshall plan offered by the victors of the war … and it’s counterpart of an austerity led endless sequence of five year plans of everlasting belt tightening and sacrificial economic policies. The results of the differing economic and financial system’s approaches to the two parts of the country are well known to everyone today.

And yet it is this European Capital city’s deep state economic powers that dictate today’s Austerity policy throughout much of Europe. Sadly this is the very same State that has benefited mightily from exactly the opposite of this Policy. It was the Capitalist largesse and expansionary stimulus that was used in order to recover Western Germany to the point that it was able to absorb the wholly unemployed Eastern German bankrupt state, without blinking an eye.

But today the “Eastern Approach” is the way Berlin is forcing Europe to tread. It is this faulty yet conventional economic wisdom, that isn’t based on experience nor natural observation. In short it is neither scientific nor prudent economic thinking.
Yet the successful application of economic policy based on evidence, or careful analysis — evades Europe today. Instead, this “Eastern Approach” to Germany’s Foreign Economic Policy is a convenience that rests on what we might call sheer madness, or in Realpolitik call it: “political hegemony speculation” and less charitably call it, figments of the European Policy elite’s imagination.

Yet methinks we need to call it by it’s proper name: Debt Colony Politics. Because it works wonders in keeping people divided. Especially and specifically, the German old style colonial belief that enslaving independent nations through the “invisible” bonds of debt slavery is the way to go to control Europe and provide hegemony. Of course this belief is based in the confidence that the bound-up nation’s governing idiots will act as Slaves so long as they are placed and kept in positions of Authority to collaborate and further enslave all of their subjects.

Yet the old adage still holds: A divide Europe, a divided nation, a divided family falls…

But this divisive economic assumption of austerity for growth — still holds sway in the Euro land. And the house of cards that has been built on this fanciful and illogical imagination of treating citizens of Europe and whole democratic Peoples, as Debt-slaves to powerful Aryan Armies of “investors” is still the preferred fantasy of Euro. Now the belief in the tooth fairy is about as real as the belief in powerful investors who can pull the plug on any government they perceive as unable or unwilling to pay their debts. They are both just useful fairy tales. And their visual effects are just a Mirage.
A useful Mirage of Debt-Colonies that have to suffer, and suffer, and suffer … before some remedy and succour is applied to allow them to find jobs to feed their families. It is eerily similar to the Holy Inquisition that burned people at the stake to prove that they were witches or heretics; before “forgiveness” can be granted posthumously.

Of course there’s no question that countries can suffer crises of confidence as Greece has had numerous times due to the rot that runs through it. Of course the unending riot of corruption in Greece, with it’s scandalous banking, runaway public and private corruption, and Soviet style public sector employee machine — has to be axed. The cancerous tumour of corruption has to be excised. The Greek public sector that eats away Greece’s children, through it’s overblown bankrupt public employee pension funds, and the resultant sovereign debt has effectively made the country a Debt-colony to Berlin and Frankfurt. Surely reform here has to be swift and radical.

That much is clear.

We need change. And CHANGE is imminent.

Because what the advocates of austerity for the newly reclassified “Emerging Economy” nation with slave status want for the small country is simple: They want a RULE by FEAR, rule by DIVISION, and SLAVERY by INTIMIDATION. And fear is what they have unleashed upon the Greek populace. Greeks same as battered people elsewhere have taken to the streets except those who simply got too depressed and jumped out of the windows. More than 10,000 in all Greek citizens have jumped to their death because of the economic Austerity programs enforced by Berlin and railroaded by Brussels. Unceasing doses of fear have been unleashed emanating from Berlin and from the assorted bureaucrats from Brussels who always claim that the End is Neigh — and if we don’t heed their warnings, some anonymous bond vigilantes are about to attack; and that spending anything more than tokens on stimulus and economic growth policies, will set them off to lay siege on our cities and take over the citadels, and rape our women and pillage our homes…

Fanciful talk — but we are intelligent people here and not likely to scare easy. Because we know that whatever the reasons for going into bankruptcy — Greece and the European “P.I.G.S.” do not have to be Slaves to Berlin and the Northern races. We live in a Democracy with Human Rights, and debt slavery has been abolished since the Age of Emancipation and Enlightenment. Sadly the Minister of Economy has not been brought up to speed on these earth shattering developments of Civilization and Justice…

Seriously now: Do we have to believe that in the year of the Lord 2014, in the third millennium after Christ, we have to believe that we can be enslaved due to debt and be thrown into the gaol for 7 years as a Nation? Do we have to believe in Slavery through fear? Do we have to believe that Berlin and it’s Economic Holy Inquisition know what they are doing, and what they are recommending to the rest of us? Do we have to believe in any of this crap?

Let me just ask You this: Do You believe in your heart of hearts that any of this is true?

Do You feel like a slave?

Do you answer Yes, to any of the above?

Greece, Italy, Spain, and Europe in general — all have had long-run budget problems, but what we can do on stimulus and economic growth Policy over the next couple of years will make all the difference. And if we stimulate growth and create jobs and opportunity for the people this will have the maximum effect on serving our Peoples and liberating them from the complete darkness and the bondage that economic slavery brings. And that barbaric slavery is called poverty. Greece is now by far the poorest country of all European countries and helping her grow out of this hole is a must. And we can easily do this because the Stimulus Finance will have almost no bearing on our ability to deal with the European level budget’s long-run problems and it will in essence alleviate all of the Greek economic pressures and the imminent need to feed the people through philanthropy and through the efforts of USAID and the UN antifamine programs…

Yet Europe was not created to be a Salon for some and a Concentration camp for some others.

At the signing of the first Common Market founding statutes and the predecessor documents of the European Union Treaties that brought the Council of Europe to life — at St James’s Palace, in London, the 5th of May 1949 — the founding States through the founding fathers agreed to define the frontiers of Europe based on the principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Fundamental Democracy, Transparency, Integrity, and Human Rights were the principles and ideals that were enunciated there by Robert Schuman as the Ancient Greek Democratic ideals fit for a United Europe. These ideals as espoused by all Democratic citizens participating, in the vast United European Republic functioning under the Rule of Law. In London that particular day in 1949; was announced without much fanfare — the coming supranational union for Europe. An upcoming Union that first saw the light as the European Coal and Steel Community and other such Communities within a Union framework of common law and democracy, that came to our days to be a United Europe project as the European Union and the Eurozone clearly define.

It is in this context of a United Europe where is clearly evident that there is an intrinsic interest in pursuing Intelligent Economic Policy amongst intelligent European Leaders for the benefit of all the Peoples and the people of Europe. This wide vision is what is needed for a Europe wide House of Hope and Opportunity to rival the American Dream. Europe has to be the land where intelligence and science reigns and where leaders are intelligent enough to understand that providing great fiscal stimulus and Economic Policies that create jobs and opportunities for all Europeans will in turn provide opportunity for the people, capital gains for the tax rolls, and Democratic reforms for our European Society as a whole. It will not only fill the coffers of the States but it will also measurably improve the standard of living for all the people of Europe. And along with these it will improve the lives of the people of Greece and the rest of the “PIGS” of the South in particular.

Trust me on this because the incoming tides lift everyone’s boat, and thus we can all sail collectively to pursue our dreams beyond the Horizons of our own personal lives…

And that is how the Western and predominantly European Civilization was built over time. It was built by people with large dreams. European people with paramount dreams. Dreams that filled their sails with the winds of ambition and success reserved for those risk takers amongst us. Especially those leaders through dint of grit and optimism led their people to conquer the world…

How things change. Because today we have shadow boxing bureaucrats afraid of their own shadows and walking on eggshells after leading us astray through fear, division, and intimidation.

We need leadership. We need leaders. And we need unreasonable and XXL  DREAMS. We need economic growth and jobs to offer opportunity to our people to reach their full potential.

We need stimulation to trigger Forward Movement. In other words, our battle cry is: “Give us Stimulus or Give us Death.” We do not ever want to accept the slow painful Death by boredom and despair as offered today by our House Frau and the Brussels minions. Europe is not for the weak of heart. It wasn’t built that way.  Wide Vision is what Europa means, and she was a lady with an extra large heart filled with courage.

We now have to revolt and demand our birthright. We simply need to unleash a Great Fiscal Stimulus and we need to do this now while the unemployment rate is as high as 30% throughout Europe [European Union Average figures]. And now that far too many factories, industrial concerns, service companies, and professional offices are shuttered, and all of our intelligent labour force and professional classes are underused — is time to bid for growth. It is clearly not the time to impose further fiscal restraints, after several years of real contraction, depression, and hopelessness, in many countries of the European Union. We all know that the European Union went through the severest Recession in it’s history and has not come out of it yet. No matter what the bean counters tell you — in Europe recession is still with us and it threatens the very fabric of Democracy. Neo-nazis and neo-fascists are everywhere sporting their true colours of hate and fury against anything that is human in us. The barbaric economic policies of the North threaten to send us back to the Dark Ages of “Religious-Economic” belief system that thrives in “burning people” at the stake of Austerity, just because the Holy Inquisition has decreed it so… Ten Thousand Greek Suicides attest to this. Ten Thousand people driven to an early unjust grave speak volumes about the need to re-evaluate our Economic policies.

Ten Thousand Suicides speak to me. They say that we sacrificed both our Democracy and our Human Rights throughout Europe, in the altar of false economic Gods. And they also scream to all of us that: If enslavement of other nations is a convenient way for Berlin to rule — then perhaps Berlin doesn’t belong within a Democratic European Union.

So let’s WAKE-UP and smell the spring flowers because from now on we have to understand that Austerity is finished. It is not just bad — it is also completely out of fashion. It is outmoded and very much a vintage religious belief that needs to be mothballed. We might come to revisit this, on carnival and Halloween nights, or when our GDP grows, and our output and employment will probably be close to their full potential.

But we need to shelve them until then.

So don’t believe those who tell you not to worry: “spending cuts may hurt, but the confidence fairy will take away the pain”

Hear now the flying queen Fairy Mother of them all saying it: “The idea that austerity measures could trigger stagnation is incorrect,” declared Jean-Claude Trichet, the president of the European Central Bank, in a recent interview. Why? Because “confidence-inspiring policies will foster and not hamper economic recovery.”

What’s the evidence for this belief besides the fairy-dust that Jean-Claude inhales regularly through a rolled up Euro, is the crazy belief that “fiscal contraction is actually expansionary”
It must be this way because apparently when one hallucinates or is high on crack — one believes that Austerity improves Consumer Confidence. I have no explanation for this person speaking this much rubbish. Maybe this man has never gone shopping in a public market or in a super market in his entire life and is sheltered in an insane asylum. Or maybe his Mother dropped him on his head when he was little…

By the way, this “Austerity builds consumer confidence” economic doctrine found inside “Cuckoo’s Nest” is precisely the doctrine expounded by Herbert Hoover in 1932 that launched the US and the rest of the World in the worst Depression we have ever known. Well Done Mr fuckin Hoover. Why somebody vacuumed up your scattered brains and repackaged them as the European Economic policy of today is beyond me.

Well intentioned economists still believe this baloney but reality does not bear out this Policy as anything but insanity. Current examples of austerity are anything but encouraging. Ireland has been a good soldier in this crisis, grimly implementing savage spending cuts. Its reward has been a Depression-level slump — and financial markets continue to treat it as a serious default risk. Other good soldiers, like Latvia and Estonia, have done even worse — and all three nations have, believe it or not, had worse slumps in output and employment than Iceland, which was forced by the sheer scale of its financial crisis to adopt less orthodox policies.

So the next time you hear serious-sounding people explaining the need for fiscal austerity, try to parse their argument. Almost surely, you’ll discover that what sounds like hardheaded realism actually rests on a foundation of fantasy, on the belief that invisible vigilantes will punish us if we’re bad and the confidence fairy will reward us if we’re good. And real-world policy — policy that will blight the lives of millions of working families — is being built on that foundation.

And as for the Good German Minister of Economy is concerned — it all makes perfect sense… Naturally he is wheeling himself around like Dr Strangelove with his finger on the nuclear button of Europe’s annihilation.

And he loves that fashion of riding the nuclear warhead like his dreams of riding a wild pig at the rodeo…

Am sure he is happy — but the rest of us are not so keen on this man’s folly and not on those of his Saxon Hausfrau lording it over the natives, either.


Because fads are not facts.

So neither believe nor observe them.

Just resist them.


Honour the Law but flout the faulty Austerity regulations and replace the slavery of this errant and inhuman Economic Policy with Human Rights Observance of Civil Disobedience.

And practice Civil Disobedience in all of your Economic affairs in order to prove your wish to be alive.

Take heart. Organize, get out the vote, and create Community for Change.

And above all else — PLEASE KEEP HOPE ALIVE.

We go through trials all the time and the end of difficulties is not going to happen by tomorrow — only we will fight together as European to rectify this horrible situation and provide leadership to a rudderless Europe.

We all despair sometimes…

But we also know the sky is blue somewhere back of the cloudstorm of Austerity.

Truly the Sun is hiding behind the clouds and the Blue Skies will show up again…

Believe this and in God’s name — Don’t suicide…

Because, each one of you is a wonderful gift of God to us, to your family and to all of the world. Remember it always, especially when the cold winds of doubt and discouragement fall upon your life.

Be not afraid…

Be unafraid of anyone or of anything when it comes to living your life.

And trust in Democracy.

We’ve got your back.

Trust that we are working to make a better Europe.

We are harbingers of change. We will lead Europe to a better place. And by making a better Europe, and a more inclusive European Democracy we will be making a far better Greece and a far better life and family for each and every ONE of you.

And we promise you that You will strengthen your own communities by sending more representatives of the EUROPEAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY to the European Parliament this Spring. We will certainly fight and lead in order to restore JUSTICE AND HUMANITY and bring upright our faltering European Democracy.

Come join us and share our community because we fight for you and your lives, and we don’t tolerate Human Right abuses. We want you to live your Lives more fully and we want you to help bring our numbers to twenty-four members of the European Parliament; from throughout Europe. That represents an 100% increase from the twelve European Parliament Members that we presently have. Come along and be counted as a future MP or as a volunteer or even as a Candidate in these European Elections.

Together we will pursue your hopes and your dreams no matter how difficult or different they may seem to others. Far too many people in Europe limit themselves and don’t do what they want, or should do, because of what they imagine others may think or say. This is truly the case of European mediocrity today. Remember, if these people don’t give you bread to eat, a job to call your own, hope and opportunity for your family to THRIVE, and they forget to bring you chicken soup when you’re sick, or stand by you when you’re in trouble — these so called European Brothers don’t matter.

So avoid those sour-souled Austerity policy pessimists who deny you hope & opportunity, and in effect kill your dreams.

Deny them cause they are wrong…


Come heed our call. Join EDP and be counted as a warrior against Austerity and come believe that we are Limitless and Boundless Human Beings.


Let’s Vote for Life — Vote EDP and yours truly for the European Parliament this Spring of 2014



By the way, please remember:

“In this Europe of ours, we are all ONE”
-Robert Schuman

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