Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 15, 2014

Is Europe a Democracy?

A question has been gnawing at me for a while…

As we are facing another European Parliamentary election we need to ask ourselves the following:

What is the European System Today, and is it a Democracy?

A thinking European Rousseau said  that “All men are born free, but everywhere they are in chains…”

And today the scientific consensus in an observation of the amorphous mélange of institutions that comprise the European Union as it stands today, may lead one to believe that is true today just as much – if not more – as the day Rousseau spoke thus.

My thoughts are also along these lines: In Europe today, indeed, we have some kind of a quasi-democratic form of government led by the economic power of Berlin and Frankfurt — but not a Democracy. Far from it…

Because in Europe today we seem to be having a giant Deficit of Democracy. Indeed we have some kind of Bureaucratic and Institutional Corruption of Democracy that is akin to a Dictatorship of the Northern tribes. Still I like to believe that we have freed ourselves from the limits of conventional national and parochial interests after the Second Great War — but in doing so we have enslaved ourselves to an Institutionally prescribed way of being that is again led by Berlin’s deep state interests.

An artificial arteriosclerosis has set in Europe today stifling Democracy and General Freedom. This is the purpose of the system. The Germanic system that is keen to restrict all freedoms and democratic functions and instead direct them to convergent and predictable ends.  Thus the European Project is no different than the Fourth Reich in the hearts and minds of the Germans who don’t trust democracy and people’s rights. But what is it in the hearts and minds of all the other freedom loving Europeans?

That question is the one we have to answer together…

Today, though we appear to have more freedom, and far more choices, than the time of the Third Reich of old, we are actually far more contained and severely confined to a few minor iterations of institutional freedoms, always hampered by the Orwellian Bureaucracy and steady Loss of Democracy.

The Democratic Deficit of Europe today is so large that we can hardly speak of Democracy when both Van Rompuy and Barosso are appointed puppets of the powerful puppet masters in Berlin and Frankfurt.

True Democracy requires eschewing the infinite salamization of our Liberty and revolting against the islamization of our right to the Pursuit of happiness. We need to stand up and fight against the Colonization of our Hopes and Dreams that is currently done through the German and Northern European Uniformity Doctrine and through the unyielding Cartesian ideology…

We best rebel and fight for our ideals and shed blood for our Democracy because are all in this together and right now we are experiencing just the tip of the iceberg and only a small portion of the infinite variety of truly repugnant terrors this Crisis of Leadership of Europe has wrought.

It’s now time to rethink and refashion our Democracy because our future hangs from it and because it is only through discovering the essence of our Principles by going back to our ROOTS — we can hope to be free. Free from the shackles of the total German uniform that looks like a straight jacket to most of us who are not inclined to march in lockstep every time a crazed yet charismatic leader orders us so.

The current drive towards sameness, orderliness, efficiency, uniformity, and towards the management of Peoples as industrial assets, always leads to bloodshed and terror. And this certainly is not a Democracy no matter what distance you go to, and what pains You suffer to call it so. Doublespeak was never so sweet as when coming from the mouths of European bureaucrats and assorted Berlin lackeys…

Instead we should think as Free Peoples of Europe, as Democratic economic agents, and as human beings, and thus celebrate our uniqueness and originality. We can exercise this code of conduct by enjoying our freedoms, as we respect the rights of others. and then we can all come along to fight for a Democracy and a Demos greater than ourselves.




The Democratic Deficit must be cured before we can have any kind of European Integration.

And it is only through the Federalist ideals and a European Federation of independent nations that we will come out of this deep dark wood we’ve lost ourselves into these last few years since the inception of the European project.

It is only through this Freedom of Belief, Liberty of Will, and Independent Thinking & Action, that we can develop the vital perspective to understand all, respect all, and embrace the differences — thus finding the ability to create a Europe worthy of sharing.

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