Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 29, 2014

Europe is an Idea Forged by History — Not an Economic Ideology

In our World the future starts today, not tomorrow…

Europe is going through it’s early maturity convolutions and it needs to go past puberty fast lest it kills itself off.

I see the storm clouds of war gathering all around us and have to appease my consciousness by telling you the Truth as it is today.

What shall I say?

We see the splintering of Ukraine and we feel that this is not going to stop there.

To the people of that poor country there is very little that i can tell.

After my recent trip there — everything that I could say would fade into insignificance compared with what your hearts feel, at this moment.

I think anyone who calls into question whether or not we “should get involved for the sake of Peace” or “we shouldn’t get involved for the sake of Peace” — throws upon us the useless handwringing of inaction and pessimism.

Things are SIMPLE.
We should do what is RIGHT and PROPER to defend a fellow nation member of the United Nations in it’s hour of need.

Because if we do not DO THE RIGHT THING — then most definitely WAR will be visited upon us soon. And it’s going to be nuclear theatre war.

That is the kind of war that makes Chernobyl look like a joke. Utter and uber devastation is what the Third World War will look like.

Thus the REAL QUESTION is this: Do we want to avert this war or not?

That is the only real question.

Read this passage of the ancient text from the Vedas and contemplate our fate with atomic weapons fighting a “winable” Theatre Nuclear War in the midst of the continent of Europe:

“Lo, I have become Death, destroyer of worlds.”
Those were the words uttered from Robert Oppenheimer “Father of the Atomic Bomb” spoken when he witnessed the first major atomic bomb detonation.

Now what most of You do not know is that Ukraine is smack in the middle of Europe. Kiev sits on the half way point between the Atlantinc ocean and the Ural mountains that define the borders of continental Europe. Right in between East and West Europe.

So it is the heart of Europe that we are protecting when we support Ukraine’s independence and integrity of her borders.

We must all stop for a second and examine this seriously. Examine also the potential and probability for doing something incredibly dense during our exploration of how smart we can be in our pathetic non involvement.

Am not advocating war but stern measures and a robust response. And a real political action. Not because Russia’s politics must be reigned in any more than power, or religion (in the case of our ties with Russia) must be reigned in — but because the capacity to do great damage if we don’t is going to be our downfall.

Complacency kills. This is what most Political Risk Professionals know.
And the “kill” almost always arises from the misuse, misapplication, or literal misunderstanding, of the potential for hazard when allowing a bully to dismember a small and weak nation at will.

I’m very pro-Peace, and vastly Pro-Europe, but am a realist. And there are things we should be doing right now while studying history for the sake of learning how to go at it effectively and to not leave alone a European nation to fight the nasty petty and vodka-oil drunk bully.

How much could we honestly really learn from history about hell unleashed?

How much did we learn from the last time we allowed a Russian bully, Stalin to dismember a European nation in accord with another nasty brutish dictator named Adolf?

Today’s Stalin is Putin and he must be stopped. ANYTHING other than that, is asking for trouble.

If you don’t think Putin is a Dictator or a vicious bully dog, then go read history from the people who know him intimately. Lot’sof them have writen widely circulated biographical details.

Any more knowledge about the animal in question you can gain from his PR machine.

If you still have doubts, then read the origins of the Second World War. A worthy book to have and to study…

Of course World War was a glorious moment in History. But ever so painful for those who lived through it. Some 55 Million people dead and counting… with the majority of them being innocent men, women and children. Do we want this experience to be repeated?

History helps mightily because aside from getting better at the application of power and resilience, which is also a potential misapplication — the earned knowledge of Political Science leads to informed consent and usable intelligence that prevents us from inaction due to any ethical “handwringing” or lack thereof.

As Europeans we need to build a Powerful Defense and Offense Force and not stand back and expect NATO to do the job alone. NATO now is more focused on the Pacific rather than on the European Theatre of War. If we don’t build up our Common Defense we are doomed.

A Common Defense for all the European Nations is far more important than the EURO will ever be for the integrationa nd convergence of Europe. Forget banking union and bullshit for the fat cats and the nasty banker-wankers. It is a Military Union we need right about now. That is the secret weapon of Europe and the only possible hope for Integration is a Common Defense Force under a European flag.

Science and History bear me out on this massively.

And with the present day developments You can see for yourself that this is Europe’s future. If we want to have a future that is…

Because as we have a nuclear armed and dangerous neighbour who is unable to deal with his power logically and in a controlable way due to his overambitious character and grandiose personality and who thinks that he is the reincarnation of Peter the Great [Putin the not so great] we need to understand how the man feels, thinks, and acts.

He is a small man given to small men acts and behaviours like a child. So a good children’s story gives sone insight and it might help the reader to get it.

There’s a story, that tells a small tale of a man asking a scientist to rethink his position on building a weapon, because of the danger and hazard learning the science behind the weapon poses. At the end, the scientist won’t change his mind, it’s too important for humanity to build it in order to experiment and have scientific advancement and the benefits from it — for the sake of knowledge, science, and learning. So the man asks to visit with the scientist’s three year old son and then leaves.

When the scientist goes into his kid’s room he finds a gun. As he examines it and fumes over the act, he thinks, “What kind of mad man leaves a loaded gun in the hands of a child?” (The Weapon, by Frederic Brown.)

Its exactly those sorts of questions we must be asking ourselves when it comes to not reigning in Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.

Because if we made a problem by allowing Putin’s Russia killing a nation — then we should attempt to rectify it immediately and forcefully.

Otherwise we should pontificate our inactivity and contemplate, in order to be able to determine if there is still a “niche” available for small nations to exist?

If the answer to this is negative — then where does that leave us?

These thorny issues of political engineering and what we can do with it and what we “Should” or “Should Not” be doing with it are important questions, because we’re talking about creating a living space for EUrope and for a just world where we can all coexist in peace and not a world red of tooth and bloody nail.

Irrespective of your views on the intelligence of Political Scientists and Leaders in general — we have a natural desire to survive, avoid damage, be happy and the wish to procreate. All of these things require PEACE as a prerequisite.

Naturally it would be the height of hubris and irresponsibility to use the knowledge of Political Science to simply plow ahead without regard for these questions and their answers.

I say, “Let’s do a little pre-emptive hand wringing here and ask ourselves, What do we, as responsible practitioners of leadership and political engineering, have to consider before doing this?
We ask this because we want to know ourselves. Know Thyself is the key to be able to know how far You can go effectively in defending your territorial integrity and your small nations same as all your citizens and their ambitions.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t study or wonder or even dare to dream of big, bold proposals, but WAR AND DEFENSE are far too important as Political science issues, to be left to the Generals, the Dictators, and the Pundits, alone. And in the case of Russia this is evident. But in the case of Europe it shouldn’t be.

It shouldn’t be because when you know yourself then the answer becomes clear. The answer of going to war now or later — becomes clear as not only a “why the hell not?” sort of endeavour, but as the only reasonable alternative. Small cost today vs a huge cost later on. That is the cost of punching a bully in the nose and seeing him retreat back under the rock he crawled under from.

After all, the end result has to be seen as “sound political science” in the first place. For it to be ethically sound political science, we must also ask the crucial question, “Should we even risk going to war now or certainly GO TO WAR later?”

I think we have plenty of things to keep us busy avoiding danger as it is. I wouldn’t have a negative view of potential for the presently chosen outcomes except that none of this would be “pure” political science.

Some are going to get killed and some will die [probably far too many to count], some are going to get their name in the papers, some others are going to try to make a shitload of money from it, and some are going to be protesting our decisions — no matter what.

So we must Do the Right Thing regardless.



PS: Of course we should, as responsible citizens, get informed, and when armed with the facts pose reasonable questions, and demand answers for the political scientists to answer.

We should do this as an exercise in Democracy, as well as to provide reasonable restraint, in the form of ethical oversight, to prevent too much damage from the misuse, misapplication or misunderstanding of Power.

Or in other words: Of what our political science can (and might) prevent or unleash. Because “Power” and it’s management is Political Science.

Let’s do this and all will be well in the end.

I know because I have looked into your eyes with my eyes.

I have put my heart near your heart, and I have these words to share with you…

Simple words from an old wise man about the World: “Gnothi Sauton” = Know Thyself.

And I might add: “Know thy enemy too”

It’s the only way to protect our Democracy.

Because without self knowledge, and without understanding the face, the workings, and the functions of his enemy — man cannot be free, for he cannot govern himself, and he will always remain a slave.

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