Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 10, 2014

Finally let’s put our House in order — The inexorable march of Humanity for Progress is the March against Corruption

I will work hard to have the European Democratic Party elected again into the European Parliament this year 2014 but with a single difference…

At present time we have 12 European Democratic Party [EDP]  members elected in the European Parliament and we have the ambition to double this number to above 24 EDP members elected. They all come from different countries but the majority comes from France and Italy.Yet now we expect the majority will come from the smaller countries of the Union, because these are the ones that suffer the most in this age of austerity … and seek refuge towards TRUTH & JUSTICE.

EDP doesn’t have the monopoly on TRUTH, but we are the only ones who seek absolute TRUTH and give it to the people in order tomake their own unfettered choices. WE cultivate this cult of TRUTH, we maintain it, and share it, holding TRUTH as inviolate. EDP is the only party in the history of Europe and perhaps the world that treats people fully as adults, and expects them to make their own choices. We see humans of voting age as intelligent beings fully enabled to handle the TRUTH and make correct choices.

We’ll give you the TRUTH, no matter how dismal, or how difficult, it might be to stomach, because we simply believe that You are the ones who have the Free Will and the burden of choice. In a Democracy we accept that you are far more intelligent as the Citizenry than any “enlightened” group of individuals or even experienced politicians and demagogues. We know that you make difficult choices everyday and it is your choices collectively, that will represent you. Crowdsourcing is the scientific basis of Democracy.  Based on mathematical modeling like Condorcet’s Theorem and many others to come after — we have all scientific data and the facts pointing to this act of COMMONS intelligence as the supreme Decision making tool. We hold that crowdsourcing represents the ultimate Democratic principle and that is why we hold frequent straw-polls, mobile and internet polling, and Town Hall meetings, so together create the TRUTHFUL REALITY of our everyday life.

So at the elections this month we will push our member voters to get out the vote and help us win a solid CROWDSOURCED Democratic voice inside the European Parliament. We want you to vote because this will be your solid voice for science and a future worth having. A voice from you, as a Crowdsourced Commons, and a science based Democracy of a personal nature for You.

The second tenet of the European Democratic party is JUSTICE. And as each and every one of You have experienced some form of injustice and injury due to loss of your Human Rights — You know far too well how distasteful, debilitating, and damaging, this can be. You remember when your just right is all you ever wanted… We aim to bring this Justice to you in all facets of Life.

It is because of this that we urge you to vote and write-in candidates for EDP in this European Election.

Justice and the lack thereof is the greatest danger to our Democracy today. But if you want justice You have to comprehend that you have to fight for it. Your own participation and watchfulness as a vigilant whistleblower, or as a member of the public practising sousveilance, is what is required to maintain this very fleeting JUSTICE on a sure footing. For it is through personal involvement that we make this idea of Democracy work in a just manner for all. Because the other thing with Justice is that she is “blind” and takes a long tome to arrive unguided. So we need to help her along the footfalls of Morality and Courage.

And lastly we aspire to bring about an Age of Prosperity through Sustainable Growth and Economic Development for ALL. Sustainable Growth is what our people need and it is precisely this kind of growth that allows us to exist today. Because if we rape the planet and plunder the earth for resources the way we’ve been doing it — we’ll be left with no home nor hearth to call our own. Simple as that. We all comprehend that fully.

That’s it. A steady sustainable growth, HOPE & OPPORTUNITY  4 ALL, and enlightened progress — is all we aspire to…

We want to create a Green Field full of Opportunity for all. We want to create jobs. Jobs of Hope and Opportunity indeed.

This is our work and it can be your work too.

And we’ll work hard together to Co-create this GREAT FUTURE together.

What else better do you have to do with your Life?

Come and work with the EDP. We assure you of a Great Future and a Glorious Time participating with many others in building this future. We’ll be together — and the EDP will deliver — because even though am the Founder — I will not hesitate to march away and even against them if they stray from our sacred principles of TRUTH – JUSTICE & DEVELOPMENT, because we hold fast to these principles as our guiding lights.

But to get there we have to work hard together. Today we first have to march and speak firmly as one voice against the pestilence and the Plague of Corruption here in Brussels, and in Berlin, and in Greece and all over Europe.

We shall march in Europe, the same inexorable march of humanity as we marched against the Neo-Nazis and the Corruption of Apartheid in South Africa. Same as we marched for Civil Rights, in America. Same as we marched against daft Tony’s “Iraq War” in England, and same as we marched against the “killing fields of Austerity” in Greece.

But we must continue to march against corruption within the European Union now until we clean up the mess and fix our House. Because it is this vast scandalous corruption that allows the few highly benefited to oppress the many, and that is not a DEMOCRACY.

Let’s march strong, united, and virile… in Brussels, and in Berlin. In Athens and in London. In Paris and in Rome. In Budapest and in Prague. In Madrid and in Lisbon. But especially in Athens which is suffering the gravest insult by the present government of thieves…

We should march in Athens as Europeans — because democracy is meaningless as Athens is governed by a bunch of corrupt crooks benefiting from the “gold” emanating from Berlin. And it is up to the European citizens to rebel in support of the Greek Citizens, when a democratic government does not deliver, the basics of Hope and Opportunity to all of it’s citizens.

In this European Parliament election, we encourage you to VOTE NO to all the CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS of Europe.

Vote NO to both the EPP and the S&D candidates.

Our initiative is to urge the many disillusioned citizens not to abstain from voting on May, but to go to the polling stations and vote tactically for DEMOCRACY. Because if you vote for the existing parties that either way will elect a German Leader — Schultz and Juncker — you will suffer for ever more.

So after seven years of Crisis prolonged by the daft policies of these parties – the voters have no confidence in the people, the countries, and the parties represented on the ballot paper.

We all then should exercise what is an acceptable democratic right to register their protest by either writing in the European Democratic Party on a piece of paper and nominating any person they like.

Even the ALDE party has a German leading them to these European Elections… They sported Mr Verhofstadt. An all German panel of the top candidates gives you a good idea of the pluralism of EUrope today…

But your vote can be a vote of protest with a write-in candidate. Although the way the democratic electoral process is built in Europe promises that these “Write In” candidates are dismissed and the ballots are counted as invalid — we believe this to be the best way to be heard where the European Democratic party ballot paper is not present.

Do this as a protest vote. Do it even though the results will be dismissed. Do it as Don Quixote and proud Pancho would have done it. Write In your candidates of the HEART and festoon the paper with the EDP crown.

Do it because this process of “Write In” candidacy is a “WIN” for Democracy because by “writing in” your Candidate on behalf of EDP — not only you are not spoiling your vote, and you do not show apathy, but you present a vigorous and fully DEMOCRATIC ENGAGEMENT and a voice in the process.

The WRITE-IN vote translates into a declaration for a “stateless nation person” since your peripheral states do not want another round of European occupation, via enforced penury, & via the austerity of starving the masses from basic needs, and from Human Rights as done by the Germans back in the Nazi occupation of Europe era. We do not want that misery and bloodshed all over again.

So go ahead and vote for EDP even though it’s not on the ballot by sand writing on top of it EDP and my name if you want. After all “WRITE IN” candidates should be permitted and even since they are not — spoiling a ballot paper is accepted throughout the democratic world and countries like India and Australia actually legislate a place on the ballot paper for just such a vote.

Neither does one have to create a political party in order to make such a proposal, because there is something called civic society and in our country there have in fact been quite a number of formations proposing such action in previous elections. Haven’t you noticed?

In the 2009 national election of Greece, there were 230,000 spoilt votes; and in the last local elections over 600,000 – not all of these stemmed from poor voter education. If the number of spoilt papers increased significantly it certainly would sound alarm bells not only for the ruling party coalition, but for all the parties signifying to them that the people are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the parliamentary process in the land of Democratic slavery today.

Voting with a write-in ballot, is not to undermine parliamentary democracy but to act as a wake-up call to solve the problems, which so many feel are getting worse.

Voting tactically for a small party and reducing the winning vote is a similar wake-up call and a warning to the ruling parties that it cannot take people’s votes for granted.

For EDP supporters, who wish to see a reaffirmation by their party of its values, ideals and principles, it is an act of “hard” love where one is voting for the European Democratic Party as a WRITE-IN candidate. It is a brave act of opposition to the silent CORRUPTION of the DEMOCRATIC process when you support the EDP with your vote.

And in the long run, we’ll win. Voting for the EDP is an act of love where instead of whispering and muttering disapproval, covering up scandals, AND LYING TO YOURSELF — YOU ARE defecting from the corruption parties ruling Greece for FORTY LONG YEARS.

This time around you are, being a revolutionary out in the open and not just behind drawn curtains and closed doors, getting nowhere — because in effect debate has been closed down.

Do this – rather than being prepared to holler in public “Finally let’s put our House in order” — just vote for EDP in Greece and across Europe.

Time to put our house in order. Thia is why I will vote for the European Democratic Party — through a write-in vote. Even if this is not your cup of tea, go ahead and vote your consciousness for any small party, but certainly not for the Big ones who sold your country to the German rapists.  For God’s sake don’t even think of voting for the newly greenwashed “Pasok-Elia” or for the “New Democracy-New Greece” bullshit parties of corruption and crime. It’s like offering your vote to Adolf “fvckin” Hitler again. Nor will I vote for the neo-religious or the ethnic-type parties. Not even for the Syriza bunch of illogical Demagogues who along with the two governing parties are financed by Germany in order to have a singularly divisive voice within the Greek and the European Parliament. Forget the two new advertising parties, “Potami” and the “Bridges”  because they are also financed by Germany simply to spread further division, sow discord, and confuse the Greek voters. Their sleek campaigns are corrupt edifices of ghost ideologies and slave mentality. Unfortunately all the Greek parties today are as corrupt as the TV wrestling actors who play pretend for the entertainment of the ignorant masses glued on the stupid tube. The current Greek small political party leaders are pretentious and daft as to be the pukes of Greek politics. The ones of the big parties are just corrupt criminals. Proof of this this is that all of them have been continuously accepting “Midian Gold” from the imperial German policy of “Divide & Conquer.’  They are all participants in a major crime of treason and high crimes against the Greek people. Upwards of 10,000 suicides speak against these traitors who accept the “Fool’s Gold” from Germany and in turn attempt to fool the Greek people. Shame … Argives.

Be courageous enough to speak up and raise your VOTE and YOUR VOICE against the pressing issues of the day, by exposing the vast government graft and systemic corruption, the banking swindles, the lack of human rights, the border police killings, and the general maladministration.

Only your vote for EDP can make a big impact – as we demonstrated for the long years of single digit numbers of MEPs within the European Parliament.

Corruption in Greece didn’t start with the Pasok or the ND administration. No it was always an undercurrent of the system. It was “How things are done” but these guys just pt it on steroids. They created a monster bigger and far greater than anything any of them could control. They unleashed a veritable Frankenstein and nobody can control this now. Finally they had to sell the country to the Germans to wash off their hands of it…

I have written about the “Faustian Pact” in this blog before and it’s simply a “Deal” where one’s soul is sold to the devil in exchange for power and wealth. I see this all over the eyes of all the Political Leaders of Greece who manage to benefit from the vast local and from the systemic international corruption and its attendant ills, within the economic crisis and the new German Occupation compromise governments of the 2006-2014 period.

This was when the ND and PASOK coalition and the Papandreou government destroyed the Greek Constitution and took away the Freedom of the Greek people in public ownership of the key elements of our economy, mineral wealth, big industry, banks, and public Commons land, and even the coastlines, and the islands – in return for political power and a bit of cash from Germany.

The new political elite that has emerged generally shut out from the private sector’s control of the commanding heights of the economy, can only milk the state of resources to grow rich at the expense of the people they are meant to be serving. The corruption that began in the 1990’s has become a veritable plague, with no holds barred, under the Samaras ND+PASOK administration.

Poor Greece — the poorest state of the European Union is where all leadership at the top is so badly compromised – from the corrupt relationship with the Banks to the rise of the kleptocracy class, and the fake Tsipras and the Syriza euro-dilemma scandal – it acts as a green light for kleptocracy and the devil takes the soul out of the Greek Democracy. Because in this Faustian deal — the kleptocrats put the collective soul of the Greek nation on hock. They bargained with your souls and life and lost it all to a poker game with the Devil, we know all too well since the last occupation of Greece by the Nazis back in the 1940’s that saw a tenth of the Greek population starve to death thanks to the German occupation policy taking all the emergency food deposits of the country for the use of the German army. Of course even this decision was co-signed by a “co-operative” Greek occupation government that in conjuction with the Gestapo and Wermacht saw wise to bring a wholesale famine to the Greek people. These traitorious Quisling government ministers same as the ones responsible today of the Samaras/Venizelos government … who oversee the battering of the Greek people — must be tried for High Treason, when the country returns to it’s senses.

Greek politicians of the post Nazi era and of the pre-dictatorship era [pre-1967] might have made many mistakes, but these were not linked to motives of personal greed, but errors of political judgement, which in politics you have to accept and live with. The line in the sand must be drawn when your leadership abandons the principle of serving the interests of the people and substitutes this for feathering their own nests.

Sorry to break the news to you, but don’t expect your present day reality to be the same for ever. And it might be for the best since the present day Greeks do not care enough to participate in creating a better Destiny for yourself and for your children. Do you Remember the four centuries of slavery under the Ottomans and how comfortable the “Hellenic Slaves” had gotten in order to stay obedient, fed, clothed and molested, for Four Hundred “fvckin” Years?

If the Greek politicians cared — truly cared — and if the people had education and revolutionary balls, they would have risen up and freed themselves a lot sooner. Am just saying… And now that we are going through another period of imminent slavery – albeit without boots and machine guns on the ground — we better be aware.
WE BETTER BE AWARE BECAUSE, modern day slavery through financial occupation, and threats of violence, and the sending of constant fear are just pure violence. Visible or invisible violence like domestic violence.

Domestic Violence, doesn’t always end up so visible as when there are bloody noses, broken teeth and swollen-shut eyes, in the face of the woman admitted to the hospital ER with bruises all over…. It is often just a subtle threat. A threat of abandonment, A threat of a family member to another to remove the support of house and hearth. And all the so many subtle ways an Oppressor has to exploit a victim psychologically… lead to the battered woman syndrome. Or as the case might be for Greece — the battered country syndrome.

Seven decades ago we faced the Nazi occupation of Europe and it happened simply because we gave up our cherished freedoms little by little to the violent bastards who ate it all up. No we are at it again — only through different means. Please remember these words as you go about your daily Life in unemployment, in penury, and in austerity driven depression in Greece, and elsewhere in the European mainland. Battered countries give up their sovereignty all too easily for a bit of bread and a bit of cash. Don’t fall for this. Oppression by any other name is occupation too.

Be educated about this. Open up your eyes and wake up, because the only hope we have is that of an educated populace that can act as Free Citizens of Europe and Greece in particular. All of you please read these terrible and yet correct words bellow — about “domestic violence”, victimization, and domination, — as were written by a Master Dominator … and as they are fit to describe today’s battered country reality:

“The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
―”Meïn Kämpf” by Adolf Hïtler

Hitler went on to say that the Victim has to feel that it is their own fault to be in such a difficult straits — in order for the battering, the victimization, and the process of domination to succeed. And it is rather easy to do this to a demoralized person, country, or whole nation of people — like in Greece today.

Such is the case of the Greek people today. Domination, Victimization, and Domestic Violence all go together. Domestic Violence against a whole people — is no different than what violence is against a lone female. Violence for the purpose of Domination is usually the result of years of psychological pressure and victimization. And in the process, the victim yields a little bit of their freedom each and every time. And the Violent offender takes some more and more each and every time. The victim’s personhood is constantly eroded as the Liberties of the Greek Society constantly come under attack. This process of Domination through  of the most insidious domestic violence is purely psychological and rarely seen on the outside. And yet that is the most hateful violence in that it removes the HOPE from the domestic violence victim and makes the woman a SLAVE to the criminal she calls her husband/boyfriend/lover, what have you. Her Provider… Her Man… Her German does this to her constantly…

Do You get that?

To see a parallel from art — there was a brilliant film that describes this victimization process rather well. It was called “The Night Porter,” a controversial 1974 art film by Italian director Liliana Cavani, starring Dirk Bogarde and Charlotte Rampling. Thirteen years after WWII a concentration camp survivor (Rampling), and her tormentor (Bogarde), currently the night porter at a Vienna hotel, meet again and fall back into … a pattern of slavery.  Dirk Bogarde plays Maximilian Theo Aldorfer, a former Nazi SS officer, and Charlotte Rampling plays Lucia Atherton, a concentration camp survivor who had an ambiguous sadomasochistic relationship with Aldorfer. Flashbacks show Max tormenting Lucia, but also acting as her protector. In an iconic scene, Lucia sings a Marlene Dietrich song “Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte” to the concentration camp guards while wearing pieces of an SS uniform, and Max “rewards” her with the severed head of a male inmate who had been bullying the other inmates, a reference to Salome. Thirteen years after World War II, Lucia meets Max again. He is now the night porter at a Vienna hotel and a reluctant member of a group of former Nazis, attempting to cover up their past by wiping out witnesses to their wartime activities. Max and Lucia soon fall back into their sadomasochistic relationship which eventually threatens them both. The film depicts the political continuity between wartime Nazism and post-war Europe and the psychological continuity of characters locked into compulsive repetition of the past. The movie also raises the issue of sleeper Nazi cells and their remaining mentality that exercises control over German society today, and possibly hints at what has spurred the current push for the German Domination of Europe all over again. More basically, it explores two people in an uneasy yet inextricably bound relationship of domestic violence, within the context of a greater political malaise during the Nazi occupation of Europe and the German influence after World War II.

This film is a good parallel with the relationship of Greece and Germany today. And if you believe the existence of the “Serpent’s Eggs” from the Nazi era poisoning the German common mind and their actions today — then the situation is easily explained for you. Nazism has not gone away anymore than racism has. Human Greed for power and control has not been expiated through the Christian religion or Civilization and Culture, anymore than the lust of the senses and the need for domination and power play has gone out of Society today.  The process of domestic violence is insidious and yet all too human. Same goes for the basic reptilian nature of Nazi ideology.

The incredible sense of guilt foisted upon the Greek people by the German State of today and the dependency created by the constant dripping of so called economic “help” is the pre-requisite of a textbook “Victimization” through domestic violence. The methodist cryptonazis in control of the German state and the unified country today through the Christian Democratic Party in alliance with the Socialist are the ones practising the same old Nazi ideology — albeit in polite ways and adjusted for the times. Yet the results are just as sinister. This is what is killing all hope and every happiness for the Greek people today. The Greeks whom the Germans consider still the most chaotic and personally free people of Europe and fear their urgent sense of unbridled individuality — were the first ones to score a decisive victory against the Nazi-Axis powers blietzkrieg of the Second World War and now the Germans want a spot of revenge. Anyone who knows history will remember that Hitler had to come conquer Greece after his ally Mussolini was driven into the sea by the fighting Greeks. To this day the Germans blame Greeks because this “detour” caused Hitler’s armies a significant delay in attacking Russia and thus they went against Moscow in the terrible Russian Winter.  The result of the Second World War was already decided by the first victory of the Greeks against the Axis-Nazi powers. This the Germans have not been able to forgive … to this day.

So the Germans see this time as payback. Payback, against the Greeks, and their insatiable lust for Freedom. Payback against the innovators of Democracy. Payback against the people who above all else define the ideals of Western Civilization. Payback for being a fighting people.

So since they cannot beat them in the battlefield of ideas of civilization and culture and even in the battle field of bravery — the Germans decided to use psychological warfare to break the Greek Spirit. And in this they succeeded by using the corrupt local caretaker government in doing their bidding, by breaking the back of any decent citizen through a constant manipulation of their sense of Worth, their sense of Self, their sense of Liberty, and by portraying all that makes up the Greek personality, the loving of Freedom, Truth, Justice, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness — as “non European” pollution.  None of those great aspirational ideals is to be allowed to the Greek people anymore. They have to become beasts of burden working to alleviate the debt to Berlin. Debt and only Debt is what the Greek people have to focus on from now on and they have to become slaves to deal with it. They all have to become victims of the financialization of their debt ridden society. Debt and only debt. This is what the Greek people of today are thinking. All the rest — HUMAN RIGHTS, LIBERTY, DEMOCRACY, etc are not deemed as important by the Berlin masters anymore.

This is a textbook case of Domestic Violence, Psychological Victimization, and Slavery, by removing the essence of personhood from a whole “People” and creating a subject nation, as anyone knows.

That is the steady process of violence as practised by the German State and their Brussels bureaucrats against the basic Human Rights of the European people and the Greeks in particular. The German Nazis today sing a distorted Leonard Cohen song, in a sinister way: “First we take Athena, then we take Brixelles…” in the beerhalls of Munich.

Thus it is through this steady erosion of personal freedom, choice, liberty, and the removal of all hope, that you enslave a whole people. Enslave a whole country without Guns, Stukhas, and the SS waffen, or the Gestapo. Today’s German attack against Greece is done through the permanent destruction of your Happiness, through the expedient violence of making the country a debt slave, through developing this dependency, and through the simple math of psychological violence. That kind of quiet psychological violence that is the worst kind of Domestic Violence — known to man, woman, and child.

And this is the essence of Domestic Violence that removes the hope from the Greek people and makes them victims of the serious Violence of an unseen and yet surely felt occupation of a criminal nature that has caused TEN THOUSAND suicides and many more early deaths to untold Greek people…

But my Question to You is this:


Are you going to keep on lounging in front of your TV getting more depressed or are you going to rear up from your daysleep and fight?


Frankly speaking, the corrupt government Ministers and prime Ministers who sold you down the river as slaves are not going to stop this Violence against the Greek people because this is what holds them in power too.

They are playing a game of impostors with your soul and your collective and individual rights, and you are just an apathetic viewer watching all this on TV.

Well — maybe you don’t deserve any better…

I have never heard of engaging in so much corruption at the highest government level as when ex-ministers are whispering about the need to change the internal malaise within the Greek State and the government.

And I tell them, let’s be courageous and do it. Let’s do away with corruption and see where we go next. Let’s try it and see.

But we all know that is not possible to make headway within a government where dissent has been shut down and the struggle for positions with access to riches, has been elevated above all else. All the Greek ministers get rich while the country gets impoverished. Show me how far have those got who say they strive to change the Greek Democracy from within? Once upon a time Samaras himself was saying that he wanted to root out the evil of corruption. Now when we hand him the list of more than six hundred instance and proof of corruption at the highest levels of Banking and Government — he declines to even take it, because he knows how far his own government is implicated and how far is himself responsible for this vast corruption.

Our whistleblowers organization advocates and judges for truth and justice [] still receives whistleblowers reports about this 250 Billion Eure scandal today and still the Greek Government refuses to even take the list of scandal ridden banker and government connections.

That sick mentality is what we have to change… now in order to fix our house and clean up the mess.

So let’s attempt to do just this and even if these efforts are doomed, then we should attempt to apply pressure from without and never fear that your write-in vote will be considered a lost vote.

Your write-in vote matters because voting for the same bastards who rule the country now is treason. Simple treason or worse — cause Your actions are tantamount to cowardice and betrayal of your own family, soul, and country.

Come on folks, Wake up. Wake up and smell the coffee. Face reality. The Greek Democracy is no longer a national constitutional Democracy. So we need to change it. Here comes the European Democratic Party which is just a movement fighting a ruthless and powerful yet corrupt enemy where the closing of ranks and unshakable yet illogical “faith” was a necessity for their slimy survival.

EDP = European Democratic Party, is a political movement of aware people, and it fights not only a ruling power coalition, where the greed and shenanigans of leaders have come to define them by undermining any service to the people and country — but also fights the vested interests of banker-wankers and all kleptocrats and corrupt plutocrats.

Along with all Democratic others we deem it our duty to raise a public debate against corruption as we have done — rather than a whispering campaign from within.

I am not prepared to maintain any blind loyalty to a set of corrupt leaders for fear of “unseen” consequences.” Indeed the only way to conquer fear is by acting boldly against it. Any consequence will be far more positive if you declare yourself alive, aware, and fighting for your rights. That’s how you get RESPECT. And out of respect you get rewarded with your RIGHTS. Only when you safeguard your rights, you get to have any…

Otherwise you are simply emasculated and go about speaking in a shrill voice that nobody registers.

Never fear the consequences of acting truthfully, bravely, and with your heart. Let your heart guide you to a better tomorrow. Forget fear and the demagogues dispensing the sweet pill of inaction. The siren call of Austerity now and future Comfort and a base salary for idleness later… Shut your ears to their stultifying song. Forget the bastards’ siren call of gloom & doom from Samaras and Venizelos, because FEAR is false evidence appearing real. And it is designed to make you a silent unmoving stele of salt. It petrifies your soul and robs you of vital energy and of your very own life.

Time to wake up from the TV couch and the beggar’s lounge waiting for German crumbs and revolt. Rebel, revolt, and Vote for a write-in candidate of EDP. Yes – indeed – your EDP vote is a solid march against fear. It is an act of fearlessness, because the future of all of our people is at stake. Because when we march against corruption to Clean up our House and fix our country to the Democratic principles we once held dear in our hearts, we are indeed patriots.

But you are not a patriot when voting for Samaras, Venizelos, or Tsipras. You are simply a pawn in the game of slavery these errant bastards have put you into. Instead focus on your own strengths. Focus on a democratic Greece where we place loyalty to the people, constitution, and country, above that of blind loyalty to any political party vying for power today. All 300 Greek parliamentary MPs are corrupt by virtue of the deals made to keep their standing there. All 300 miserable souls need to be changed. All the political parties alternating in power and also accepting the German Gold need to be scrapped. All of them — corrupt lot that they are — they need to go.

Hope you’ll join me. Not just because we need your vote — but because we want you. We want and need your work. Your sweat equity. We are your party and you are our people.

So it is evident which way we go, and if you believe in our manifest Principles — then come along and let’s “plow this field” together, to create the Future Commons of Europe.

Your Call…



We are not like You. We are you. Anonymous, eponymous, intelligent and technology enabled to create a PERSONAL DEMOCRACY — an innovation whose time has come…

The only difference with you reading these words, is that we choose to stand up, speak up, and be counted.

We are exposed to the sun, facing full on our fears, and accepting the dangers and the risks, men do.  And that includes our women whose favourite activity is TRUTH telling, leadership, and holding accountable the powerful, the rich, and the mighty — to the basic tenets of Democracy.

The great Russian novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said: ” One word of Truth outweighs the whole world.” … So that’s what we do. We carry the burden of the whole world by carrying the TRUTH deep in our hearts and sharing it with those able to see, hear, and feel.

Are You one of those people? If so — We are the ones You have been waiting for. Let’s now walk together, because we are not playing with clever words, or indulging in hyperbole, but we are simply engaging in genuinely frank talk.

And lest you think that all of the above is way too scary or unduly serious here is a great poem by a New York friend Jim Clark, to brighten up your night:

“Face the Logic of Your Compassion”

A Poem, by Jim Clark (c) 2014

“Face the logic of your compassion.
You must do what you feel you must do.
Do not bury your caring under denial.
If you care, care. And care with all your might.
The burden is greater to ignore what you know
Than it is to accept the obligations of empathy.
Your conscience will eat you alive with shame
Before your soul can rest in satisfaction.
You cannot un-feel your concern for others
Except by cauterizing recognition of yourself.
Celebrate your humanity within by acting upon it
And you will honor the potential of our humanity.
Expect no less of yourself than all of yourself
And you will find that all others will finally know you.
You are good through and through. That is the you I have seen.
Live the life of love and step out from behind your chameleon screen.”

Awesome eh?

And for more awesomeness — join us here ate the European Democratic Party facebook page:

We have lots of good hopeful things to share.

After all — your liberation and mine are intertwined.

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