Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 10, 2014

Last Rain Mother

There’s a word in Hebrew — malkosh — that means “last rain.”

It’s a word that only means something in places like Israel, where there’s a clear distinction between winter and the long, dry stretch of summer.

It’s a word, too, that can only be applied in retrospect.

When it’s raining, you have no way of knowing that the falling drops would be the last ones of the year.

But then time goes by, the clouds clear, and you realize that that rain shower was the one.

Having a mother — being mothered — is similar, in a way.

It’s a term that I only fully grasp now, with the thirst of hindsight,

Who she was, who I was for her, what she has equipped me with…

Like a last rain, my mother left behind an earthy scent that lingered long after she was gone.

Like a last rain, for a fleeting moment, everything she touched seemed to glow.

It all feels like a distant memory of the last rain.

A rain that has come and gone and only the lingering longing fragrant smell — remains.


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