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“In 20 years there will be no country named GREECE anymore — and Why this might be a Good Thing” = Athens Town Hall Meeting, by EDP chairman Dr Kroko = June 3rd, Tuesday @ Panteion University Amphitheatre @ 7pm — Athens

Η πρωτοβουλία πολιτών “STOP στην Καταστροφή των Ελληνων”
καλεί όλους τους πολίτες, φορείς, πολιτικούς, μη κυβερνητικές οργανώσεις, δημοσιογράφους, ΜΜΕ και κάθε ενδιαφερόμενο — σε μια ομιλια του Δρ Κροκο, με ανοιχτή συζήτηση και ανταλλαγη απόψεων για το παρον και το μελλον της χωρας και των ανθρωπων της…

How does it feel to be a slave to perpetual debt?

The European Democratic Party will have an Athens Town Hall Meeting at the Panteio University in Athens on June 3rd, Tuesday evening at 7pm, and it will be followed by a discussion where all the participants are invited. Andrew Jackson so many years ago had this to say: “When you get in debt you become a slave.” And justly this is how most Greeks feel today… Slavery by any other name is just as harsh. Debt colonies are not independent countries and the people of these debtor nations are sad and forlorn creatures subject to the whim of the debtor nation. That is the State of Greece today.

But what of the Future?

Dr Kroko will speak on: “Why in 20 years there will be no country named GREECE anymore — and Why this might be a Good Thing”
It is a necessary discussion to be had across the board of this Society — as we are moving towards a rapid European Integration. This new wave of European Integration can lead to a dystopian 1984 type of Future of a Monochromatic flat-earth European debt colony state for Greece and the periphery of Europe — or it could lead towards a Free and Democratic Federal Europe.

The way forward it is our choice and our responsibility. So let us come together and discuss.

Dr Kroko, is the Chairman of the European Democratic Party, [First PanEuropean Political Party] which has currently twelve [12] European Parliamentarians and looking forward to increasing this  number to nineteen or twenty [19-20] MEPs after these 2014 elections.

Dr Pano Kroko, will address the Panteion University Community, [the Students, the Professors, the Graduate Students] and the whole community of the capital city of Greece. Dr Kroko is happy to engage the most innovative University community of Social Sciences and Economics full of thoughtful people and the best brains Athens has to offer.

Dr Kroko will speak about the need for a different & fully Democratic Greece and a different and fully Democratic Europe. He’ll speak about the need to take the difficult road for a truly Federal Europe. A Europe of Free Peoples, free people, full of Hope & Opportunity to be shared equitably amongst competitively cooperating proud European citizens. Our nationalities divide us — yet our Europe unites us. United we stand  – Divided we Fall. Dr Kroko offers the Vision of the Young Europeans to bring forth a different Europe we can live with, and the importance of young people participating in order to fashion a Europe they can work and live in. He shall speak of the best hopes we have to embrace the Federalism plan that is focused on the importance of the vibrant network of cities, states, and regions of Europe, within the European Identity. We all identify with a city more than anything else, and with the places of our ROOTS. The current “putsch” for Banking Union, Integration, Convergence, and Jobless Financialized Development, does not bode well for the prospects of young people to find hope, opportunity, or even basic work.

I am one of those who do not believe that a national debt is a national blessing. Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nations laws … The modern implement of imposing slavery is debt.

As an alternative, Dr Kroko will share with You the secret to a successful European Federal Republic, HERE & NOW, as the bulwark against the creeping fashism of everyday life and against the domination of the European Union by Germany through the Blietzkrieg of the Financialization Brigades.

Resistance to the Debt Colony illusion starts here. Panteion is the University of Political Sciences, Sociology, and Macro-Economics, and it’s incumbent that we speak here because it represents the leading lights of Greece. In this discussion you can hear the voice of reason unedited. You can hear the revelations why the Master Classes of politics and Community are so interested in participating in this civilized discourse.

So come hear the world famous speaker and pose your questions. Engage in a discussion with this extraordinarily gifted Author of the book and the community of “Evropa” and of the many books of Political Capital, and the Economics of Collaborative Capital. His latest book, “HUMAN CAPITAL” speaks about Human Ingenuity, Passion, Creativity and Liquid Work Opportunity being the cooperative Capital of the new millennium.

Thomas Jefferson had this to say: “I, however, place economy among the first and most important republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared.”
This evening of participation with this erudite Master Speaker of Political Science and Economics is not to be missed. According to Forbes magazine Dr Kroko is considered one of the TOP 100 ECONOMIC & BUSINESS POLITICAL THINKERS AND INFLUENCERS in the world today.

Dr Kroko is a famous author with more than 27 books in print today and thousands of articles and white papers.

Dr Kroko is also the leader of the EUROPEAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY — the only Pan-European Democratic party today that has a dozen parliamentarians MEPs in the European Union Parliament and will achieve a greater number after the elections this year.

Dr Kroko has real answers and poses genuine questions for the young people today who face no future in Greece. He believes that Democracy is not just about having the right to vote once every few years. But Democracy is to have the RIGHT to a job. The RIGHT to HOPE and the right to OPPORTUNITY. He believes that You have the RIGHT to LIFE and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Come and let’s talk because it is a Democratic Town Hall meeting, and a seriously important and critical debate as we are going pell-mell towards a fast harmonization of Europe without a Democratic Constitution. We are being steamrolled in a Europe that is against the will of the people and increasingly under the pedagogic German model of brick like ideology, efficiency, and sameness.

The increased significance of the European Parliamentary Elections in restoring the largest Democratic Deficit in Europe is now becoming evident to all, because this is the first occurrence since the time of the Second World War and the European Occupation by the Nazi Third Reich that we are again occupied by a strong ideology of fear, division, and domination — albeit an economic one.

The illogical fear of the markets, fear of the loss of Euro, and fear of our country failing the “German Model Test” — is the only thing holding you hostage and permanently unemployed. This FEAR is what allows today the German led North to dominate all of the European Union and to drive whole Countries and whole Peoples, down the painful path of Nazi like Applied Austerity and Subservience, for all of the people of Europe and especially the “Untermensch” of the Southern European States full of “blackheads and other undesirables …. as the Germans refer to the Greeks [privately]”

But in my book “Brain Software” fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real [F.E.A.R] and one does not need to accept false evidence ever… No matter how sweetly the blackbirds sing the deadly lullaby. So go ahead and try this experiment. Remove Fear, remove doubt, remove uncertainty and see how quickly You can reclaim control of your Life. Be Brave. Do this even if it’s the only thing You do before thoughts of suicide overpower you. Remember there are three or four Greeks jumping to their deaths each and every day during the crisis and this awful austerity… Don’t be one of them.

This complete subjugation of formerly independent states is done through local governments subservient to Today’s crop of Economic Nazis and not done by tanks and armoured brigades and millions of jack booted thugs dressed in olive green uniforms and shouting slogans of the Fuhrer… Today’s occupation is done through Financialization and with a LEGION OF ACCOUNTANTS. It is done by means of Debt Colonization of the “little” weak countries in the periphery, and then of the whole total of European continent. First it’s countries like Greece and the P.I.G.S. and then all others. Dominoes keep falling and Holland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, are not far behind with their unsustainable Real Estate Markets and their rising unemployment, lack of growth, and chronic stagflation.

It is in Greece where this “Modern Occupation Technique” was tried first, and the importance of fighting back cannot be overstated. Because when the average Greek person remembers to wake up and reacts to the great suffering — felt today since World War II — it’s going to be too late.

Vast disparate levels of growth, wealth, and power cause a critical breach of Inequality between European States and destroy the European Project. In my book RETHINK EUROPE, we write that “We should not underestimate this invisible and unseen threat of a New German occupation that robs us of our Hope, of our Opportunity and of our very own Life.

And this Deficit of Democracy by the way — it also robs the German people of their humanity even though it appears that it now helps them amass wealth, power, and glory.

This disparity of living energy between nations is what causes wars… Because when our Vis-Vitalis is gone there is nothing left but a hopeless divided and easily conquered people. And yet people rebel against conquerors when they wake up and come to their senses.

So it is up to us to arrest this sick development in Europe. Let’s Stop this here in it’s tracks before it becomes the norm of Europe. This fight is just as important as the Second World War Greek heroic defence and Victory against the Axis powers of the Third Reich that saw the Italian Fascists driven to the sea…

One hundred years from the First Great War and we have to fight for our very survival all over again. In a Europe built on the great principles of Democracy, Human Civil Rights, and Liberty, we have no place for these vast inequalities. Fraternite, Egalite, Liberte, — these are the very foundations that are today trashed daily in modern Europe — simply because we refuse to see where we are and where we are going….




You could RSVP at the FACEBOOK event page here:

Our Democracy experiences further dishonour daily as the once proud countries of Europe are reduced to penury and as the poorest country of Europe is now a pariah with a puppet government unable and unwilling to object to the foreign invader… And instead of supporting this nation as a brotherly People within a United Europe, we subject it to the Ministrations of the Economic Gestapo and we turn the country into a debt Colony of Berlin. Then the vast Soviet style bureaucracy of Brussels takes over the administration of the country and institutes a Soviet style “Five year Plan” that brings austerity & famine to all the Greek people. And of course this austerity five year plan that extended to a ten year plan and beyond is the harshest kind of treatment for the Greek people and many live now without food on the table. More than Ten Thousand people commit suicide in Greece each and every year. This represents a one thousand times increase from the number of suicides before the Austerity Program was foisted upon the Greek People by the German Economic Nazi Ideology.

And be certain that if what happens to Greece today, goes unopposed — it will soon be happening to new members like Estonia, Cyprus, and Croatia, but also to all the other weak nations in the periphery of Europe. The people of Estonia and the Baltic countries same like the lower Balkan people under Soviet control vividly remember even today that whenever the Germans went to conquer the steppes driven by their unwieldy ideology and their fierce armies, the Estonian, Latvian, Yugoslav, Bulgarian, Romanian, Checkoslovakian, Greek, and many other Peoples, served as simple road-kill to quench their blood thirst… And after the Germans finished their adventures — it came the time for the Soviets to enforce their Stalin inspired ministrations through the infamous “Five Year Plans” that saw amongst others, the Estonian people starved, dead, and relocated…

So we need to wake up because we are at WAR today. And even though we are prosecuting an unseen war — we need to wake up. This war is one where you cannot see “Boots On The Ground” but be certain that this is an actual war. A Pavlovian War fought for our very survival. We have been conditioned already to be obedient puppies, yet now we need to wake up. We need to wake up and understand that in this country of ours we can do well if we work together.

We can do great as we’ve shown every time we worked together and even fought for victory, We need to understand this because there are great challenges ahead. And only when we understand as Greeks what we are fighting for — we will be encouraged to win. And WIN we shall do.

But on this fight, and on this war front, we need everybody’s help. We need everyone to wake up, to help, and stand with us. It is your Right and your Duty. Because on this front there is no possibility for anything else but VICTORY.

Our VICTORY is assured as the European Community will see and understand the reason to come and fight United. A united Europe fighting for the Rights of Independent Peoples. It will be a beautiful sight.

And that is Real Leadership for Europe. Because not only do we have to fight but we also have to lead others to fight for their rights. And now is the time to show them the way. As Greeks we have the heavy burden of Democracy and today we have to nurture the idea of FREEDOM within the European Union. We have to teach people how to fight for their rights, and thus rekindle and innovate on the Government of the people once again after a couple if thousand years. Democracy needs seasonal improvements and updates, but like all Great Innovations it will stand the test of time and the enmity of the Oligarchs and the Economic Tyrants.

William Lyon Mackenzie King, says this about a Debt Colony:
“Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nations laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.”

And still we need to nurture Freedom inside our hearts and inside our countries before we can spill our Love of Freedom and Self Determination — all over outside of our borders.

And today we have to stand with Estonia, with Croatia, with Holland, with Spain, and even with Ukraine, and declare the need for a Unified Defence mechanism in Europe in light of both the German and the Russian advances in Ukraine and elsewhere.

It is no accident that the same two countries that divided Europe during and after the Second World War are at it again. We do not want to be part of a ridiculous Division Plan that leaves us hostage to the crisis as a whole.

I for one, am not a number but a Human Being. A Free Man and as such I do not feel shackled by the illusion of this debt foisted upon me by weak and foolish men pretending to speak on my behalf.

Do You want to be similarly Free? If Yes? Do come and Let’s Talk.

The entrance to the Town Hall Meeting is free & open. We welcome every citizen wishing to attend and participate in the Democratic Process of Dialogue and Discourse.

As Socrates said: “Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius; will you remember to pay the debt?”

That is your own debt to Society… So see you Tuesday June 3rd, at 7pm at the main Amphitheatre of Panteion University in Athens, Greece.

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) Statesman, Scientist, Economist, Politician, Genleman-Farmer, Inventor, Printer and Philosopher had this to say about the national debt: ….. “The modern implement of imposing slavery is debt.”


A couple of Questions for You:

How do you feel about your German bought security, safety, automobile, children’s education, breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

How do you feel about your German bought government?

And please pray tell — how do you feel about assigning your children to slavery and servitude?

As for those of You who have taken up this choice of safe servitude — please Remember this:

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

–Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin with headphones listening

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