Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 1, 2014

Jobs Hope and Opportunity — This All We Need In Europe Today — European Town Hall Meeting

Jobs, Hope, and Opportunity — This is All We Need In Europe Today

Dear Friends,

This is the message for the first European Town Hall Meeting to be held in Athens Greece, this Tuesday evening at Panteion University:

Jobs, Hope, and Opportunity — This is All We Need In Europe Today — And of course we want Democracy and Social Justice to complete the circle of Liberty.

Join us this Tuesday to discuss in the First EUROPEAN Town Hall Meeting to be held in Athens, Greece, the capital of the most blighted and the poorest country of the Union. Come and be part of the creation of the NEW VISION for EUROPE.

Let’s discuss all the weighty matters of the Massive Public Corruption, the terrible Deficit of Democracy, the terrible lack of Social Justice, and the distinct lack of human rights, that Greece is going through now under the boot of Runaway Austerity …

We’ll talk of all that but above all else we need to talk about the NEW VISION for EUROPE.

WE NEED A NEW VISION FOR EUROPE RIGHT NOW. A vision that includes Social Justice. A vision that includes Democracy. A vision that includes Human Rights. A vision that includes sharing the DIVIDEND of peace and prosperity. This valuable dividend that came to us through the common efforts of our people to end the jockeying for pole position, the vicious intra-European conflicts, and the bloodiest internecine warfare — mankind has ever seen.

Now that we have won the cup of integration, and achieved the melting of our nations into a Common market and a Common Country — it’s time to rest a bit and enjoy the fruit of our labours.

Because of this it is now incumbent that we shift towards SOCIAL JUSTICE. It is high time now that we change course and start travelling towards More Democracy with Full Respect for Human Rights – in order to enjoy the gifts of European Union Integration and the economic benefits of the Number One Economy in the world. Europe occupies the pole position worldwide by size of it’s economy. With approximately $17 Trillion Gross Domestic Product — we are number One. And it is this first place in wealth, that the total GDP of $17 Trillion USD, of the EUROPEAN UNION represents — but above all else it ought to represent the beacon of Democracy and Social Justice with full respect for all Human Rights.

That is what we call CIVILIZATION. And that is what Europe has in spades. We have enough culture and civilization to share with the rest of the world without diminishing the light of our candle one bit.

Think of it. With an economy of 17 Trillion USD as the combined aggregate GDP of Europe we are surely able to do greater GOOD for all of our citizens — and by extension for all the people — regardless of country of origin. We do more GOOD by example than by any amount of foreign or direct aid. That is how we share the hard earned fruit of our Labours. By spreading our Civilization based on Social Justice, Democracy and Human Rights, we endow the whole world with a Vision of an Open City upon a hill. A vision of a City of Light, that Europe represents in my heart and in my mind.

This is what is expected of us. We need to understand this and to create a New Vision that reflects that in order to bring a new ERA of GROWTH for the whole of EUROPE and thus also for GREECE and for all the blighted countries of the European Family. It is lack of vision and lack of leadership that has brought us to our knees — but we must rise again.

We must rise in equitable fashion in order to address the limits of our Fear and the strength of our Union. And for that we need solid Leadership that has no fear of economic failure or doubts about sharing the dividends and the gifts of our Common Culture.

Remember “United We Stand — Divided We Fall” and is this simple principle that needs to be applied to the European family today.

And remember that the incoming tide lifts everybody’s boat and it doesn’t matter if your neighbours dinghy looks puny next to your ocean liner, because in a growing economy all of us expand and all of our collective dinghies are lifted off the mud.

Here is the short link to the announcement for the upcoming EUROPEAN Town Hall Meeting and our COLLECTIVE “Call To Arms” speech at Panteion University this June 3rd at 7pm conversing with my friends Thanos Tzimeros, and Antigone Liberaki:

Please network it and invite your intelligent friends.

Here is the Facebook event page that you should RSVP for this Tuesday at 7pm:

Please network this message via the Facebook and your other Social media:
Athens Town Hall Meeting this June 3rd Tuesday evening @ Panteion =

See You there





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