Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 3, 2014

Go far, Go travel, Built your wagon, and hitch it to your dreams — Give me Liberty to travel to Space or at least give me less government.

I consider myself to be a visionary Social Entrepreneur primarily and then a Philosopher, Economist and Political thinker.

And in that sequence, I espouse the Thoughts of Espinosa, above all his treatises of God to Man Ethics. And as Hegelian my Economic and political thinking might be — am a true blue Social Activist of the Espinosa vein of Thought & Action. This leads me to conflict often times with the Powerful and the Corrupt. Yet am a Popular leader with Clear Optimistic Vision, formed in the cauldron of fire — and it never shakes me to tell TRUTH TO POWER. And much like Espinosa am banned and maligned by many corrupt and all those who Ad-Hominem attack me because they cannot attack my ideas and cannot win against my Reason and Intelligence.  Greed, stupidity, and avarice of power can never win against Good powered by Love. Justice will prevail always regardless of the time it takes the old lady to find her way because she is blind. We just give her a hand and help her along…

So if you hear me screaming in the desert of Human Indifference and protesting Human Apathy — is because I care for You. Maybe not for you individually but for our collective lot.

I deeply care for my fellow humans. I care even when I see them in the midst of their follies and foibles. I know that is when they need to most help…

But I also lead them. And I lead as an old fashioned leader, built in the Washington, Madison and Adam Smith mould. Less government is Good government. Especially where the Future and our Dreams are concerned. When our Destination to the Stars is concerned we need no “Thought Police” to limit our Dreams and our Progress.

We need no bureaucracy to apply to every time we want to create something NEW and to travel to the far reaches of our Imagination.We human beings are wanderers. We like to wander aimlessly in search of “Who knows what'”

We wander to find ourselves. We wander, to find reason. We wander to find happiness, to find meaning, to find God … or to just find ourselves.

Parochial, religious, and tribal certainty, ignorance, and any form of absolute state of mind, have something in common. They all forbid wandering. They forbid aimless travelling through the issuance of prohibitions, through the demarkation of limits, through the drawing up of borders and through placing of minefields in order to separate people and difficult realities, from each other. But in my book, wandering is the human journey. Wandering is what brought us out of the verdant valleys of Congo to our Human geography of today. Wandering out of the deserts of our illusions is what brought us to the One God. Wandering in the labyrinth of our minds is what allows us to fly.  I am still wandering all over the globe. Travelling for me is wandering to distant places — often times at my peril — because I know the price of admission to the unknown.  Verily this is the only path to figure out what is we want from this Life.

When I was Lost and wandering, it was the only time that I got found. Thus I found myself. When I lose myself in the nooks and crannies of our world and in the depths of the oceans of our Mindscape — I rejoice. When am lost in seascapes of my choosing, or in climbing distant Mountaintops, rock formations and lonely landscapes — this the only time that I could really commune with God, the Universe, and myself.

Man is found in nature same as God.

Our collective God can be found in Nature and there is no need for temples save the great cathedrals of the natural vistas, the great forests, the deserts, the oceans, the savannahs, the tundra and the permafrost full of quiet life, the boreal lights, the arctic nights, the hill country, the badlands, the places where the sea meets the land, and the desolate canyons carved out of long forgotten rivers.

So Go ahead and Travel to find God in Nature for that is where He dwells. There is no travel agency to take you there. No company can sell you a ticket and no airline will book your passage. Your only fare to find God is to be free. Then you have a fair chance to meet him. His only prerequisite is a free mind. He asks of you to be Free of prejudice. Free of fear. Free of uncertainty and free of a fixed itinerary. Must stop trying to put him in tiny little name boxes you have created in your mind. He asks of you to be free of other people’s religious or secular influence. He wants you to be Free of any obstacle to becoming one with him and all others. He asks of you to have the freedom that society sometimes robs of us because of her need for conformity. In short God wants you to be You. Born Free and dying free. An individual soul, and therefore always Free, as long as you can see, share, and understand this.

We need to Be Free to dream. Free to see. Free to think. and Free to Act. It is in this pure Descartian world view that guides us to think “De Novo” ideas and put them to action as the steps to reach the skies. In our quest for God we INNOVATE. Innovare is in latin the way to reach the Divine. And what is that divine but us?

What is God but our better Self? Our Excellent Incarnation. Our reach for the skies is what God/Nature/Our better self, always will guide us to reach. So let’s indulge in this Freedom to BE, and go wildly to “INNOVARE” to restore, to reissue, to recharge, to reincarnate, to revive, to renew, to recreate, to create, to uplift, to innovate, to restart… to recycle and to redo all that is good with our world.

That is what God is. All that is Good in our World.

Innovation is deeply Philosophical. Innovation is our attempt to reach God. Innovation is the “Stairway to Heaven” as the song goes

It is in that sense that I view the need for limited government, and for the creation of a Darwinian level field of competition for all human endeavours to be a better mousetrap for catching and solving the problems that ail us.

Competition leads to Innovation. And it is this thinking of the excellent minds that is clearly the wellspring of innovation, excellence, and all human progress.

As Society and as Government — we must invest in that and disarm the heavy hand of Government interference in all of our Progressive Ideas dealing with the Future. We simply must get out of the way of the Innovators in all fields. Because we need this mindset to achieve the creative solutions that advance societies and ensure we don’t collectively fail.

The best remedy, the strongest penicillin, and the most serious medicine against Human Extinction, is INNOVATION. We must innovate or perish. Just look at what happened to the poor Dinosaurs. Seems, they didn’t have Innovators schooled in the University of Life’s hard Knocks by space hurling rocks, so … there came the asteroid and wiped them all out. It was damn fast and they all keeled over and croaked, before they had the chance to go crying to their government for a Bailout.

Hence I always favour efforts that bring competition, innovation, and a much needed wake up call — to all monopolies, oligopolies and moribund government services. We need the grit of competition especially in the large government, in the outward looking future businesses, and in all fields. And Space is the Holy Grail of this thinking in particular.

NASA has been dominating like a Dinosaur this frontier of Space for far too long. Time now for young elephants to come in and play. Let us launch a thousand ship building companies.  Space ships is what I mean. A new Age of Exploration and Commerce is upon us. Let us do it by simply getting government out of the way. …

I say that is always easier to help stand-up a new born young elephant that it is to prop up a dying behemoth.

In America, our friend President Obama did this simply open sourcing all the knowledge code and all the software necessary for people to start their own Spaceship launching services. And He allowed for many early participants to bid on the government contracts for satellite launches and military space hardware as well as for space exploration and development. But he also allowed for Space Travel. The first country ever to built a private Spacedrome. The first country to ever allow private companies to take people out of our comforting womb of an atmosphere. That first country ever to allow us to built the companies that will take us to space long term and to built colonies… And so many other “firsts”

But it all starts with Adventure. So I salute President Obama for helping us take this Giant Step Forward for Mankind.

Remember — The first step is always the key…

Eager for progress and competition, the field of previously exclusive NASA domain is now open to all kinds of new rocket companies.All kinds of Rocketeers are lining up to march forth full of dreams of a new Gold Rush.

Men, Women, and Children are all now dreaming Big Dreams unfettered by the ‘dead Hand” of government. People dream of riches beyond compare. Riches and Glory to those who Dare to Dream. Wealth that the likes of which have never been seen on Earth is within reach. From asteroid mining, to Mars colonies, to Moon landings, and reaching other Earth like planets, to Live Long and Prosper — we are now doing it. We are FREE to pursue our XL dreams. And that is great.

Yet crucially and quietly we are also entering a new ERA OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. The era of the Search for God, Gold, and Glory, as it always has been. The Ear of Human Innovation, the Anthropocene Era, has already began in earnest.


Let the Games Begin.

In earnest, this is is Good Government. A Government devoted to Progress & Privatization. This is the best of what Government can do for her people and by extension, for all the Peoples of this Earth — and beyond. And this humble writer, might have something to do with the mindset of Mr Obama who decided to Open Source the Space Program. It’s genius of crowdsourcing that created Democracy and it is this same genius that will work well long term in order to help us get off this beautiful green-blue marble, suffering under our “weight” — and allow us to travel elsewhere in our Universe, to help and be helped, to see and be seen, to imagine larger dreams and to create beautiful futures.

I know some people are afraid of leaving this rock hurling through space and allowing us to travel far — but by creating colonies elsewhere in our Galaxy and beyond — we are only ensuring our survival and creating better prospects for all the members of our species, and for Mother Earth too. Therefore am all in favour of that kind of Opensourcing science and knowledge, and thus spurring Space Travel, Adventure, Economic growth and Innovation.

We need the SPACE and it seems, space needs us…




I have this to say on the occasion of my friend and neighbour Richard Branson being given licence to offer travel services to space:

Go far, Go travel, Built your wagon, and hitch it to your dreams

I believe we all can benefit from this kind of travel same in opening up our perspective. Same as we get fresh ideas, fresh air, and fresh dreams, when we travel internationally… Out of borders, out of bounds, out of our comfortable womb.

I believe that Madison and Adam Smith would wholeheartedly agree with me on this Space Tourism and Space Exploration business — without the government interference.

In Europe of course we are so backwards on this that we are still now dealing with a Juncker. A fearful non “flying” human that is vintage World War II metal vomit bucket. Sad — but there you have it. Old Europe is convulsing again under the old jockeying for power of the tribes…

When the finger points to the Moon — the idiot looks at the finger.

So for those of us European Innovators and Rocketteers — we need to Look for leadership in the West.

America is where our dreams can take flight… so we must follow our hearts.

Go West young man.

Go West.

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