Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 6, 2014

State of Fear

Bleeding Edge

Greece has been going through a tough time the last few years…

Yet as the real poverty bites — the harshness is never shared towards those who merit this austerity due to their own complicity in the opaque affairs of the Failed State of Greece, but is directed towards those lesser human beings, the weak ones, the ones without strong passport, and those clearly innocent of any wrongdoing.

The injustice of it all make me want to cringe in sorrow and pain, because I remember from Civics class that “How we treat the vulnerable is how we define ourselves as a People.”  And how we affect the well being of others who “don’t matter” or who are weak enough to not be counted — is ultimately how we define ourselves as a species and what kind of divine retribution we should expect.

This last month saw at least 17 people…

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