Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 18, 2014

Eurosceptics vs Europeans United

With all the movement of hurt Nationalists and Tribalists running for the EXIT this post is More relevant than ever…
Let’s not be parochial but evolved.
United we stand … Divided we fall.

Bleeding Edge

Eurosceptics United vs European Federalists …

Now that’s a World Cup match I’d like to see played out on the Darwinian playing field and count the score…
Or in pugilistic terms: A fragmented and Eurosceptic Britain would never again punch above its weight on the world stage and will follow the exit of Scotland if Scotland leaves, the Union.

Britain’s influence follows it’s ebb and flow of success on the world stage and the strength of the Empire – real or imagined.

An English academic asked a Scottish Academic what is an Englishman and the answer might surprise you:

“An Englishman is a man who lives on an island in the North Sea governed by Scotsmen”.

He then asked why the Scots want to give up this power over their historic foe?

To which He answered: I guess they will be voting “No” because of the D-Day anniversary. Now we…

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