Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 18, 2014

Is there Democracy where it started?

The Democracy project is  a ten year long study of the Democracy Institute that asks the difficult questions nobody dares ask: Namely where is our democracy heading?

The Democracy project is apolitical, yet philosophical, because we are trying to show our world, as the moving equilibrium where the arc of change propels us all forward on the Spectrum of Freedom and Democracy.

Liberty is our birthright and Democracy our Maturity. And yet instead of enjoying this birthright, and maturing towards Democracy — our movement forward, is hampered by idiots micromanaging our reality through Media that presents us as living in a regressive world which through official corruption, oppression, secrecy, surveillance, and injustice is all we can get.

End result is not just the steady slippage of our Liberty, but is the loss of basic Human Rights, Democracy, and people’s hope and dignity.

This oppressive state of mind, results in control mechanisms that have been so well entrenched, and are so well funded that even in these times of official austerity — the mechanisms for the enlargement of the secret surveillance, oppression, and militarization, of Citizen’s lives, have the Midas touch of all public procurement projects. In short this “Orwellian State” permeates society and stifles all dissent when comes time to spend money. But what is really insidious about this is that it stifles dissent and limits discourse to within allowable limits. Maybe that’s not important to you getting your news off the telly, but as it turns out, without dissent we have No Democracy.
You can forget about Liberty altogether cause you gave that up when you started watching the telly and accepting as gospel it’s mind-rot.

But as with all problems there are cures. Methinks, we need to start moving in the opposite direction slowly. And the way to see results is to cut the gold off the Monster and starve it to death. This Big Data reliant monster is Big money reliant and unable to feed itself without unlimited wealth. Like a cancer the best technique is to go on a fast. And maybe then we can see some results of the fast — rather fast.

One could rightfully ask that given the existence of bitter, base, and determined enemies, what’s wrong with having this much secret monitoring, surveillance, command & control systems with extensive prison facilities, to keep a close eye on them and control their excesses?

The thing is that all this “Orwellian State” apparatus is being used habitually against our own Liberties and against our Democracy first and then against Society in general, and lastly if there are any resources left it tracks some terrorists. Simply because society at large is unprepared for this assault on Liberty whereas terrorists are always on a stealth mode knowing that they are waging battle. So the general society unwittingly unleashed a Monster against itself and against our Democracy — thus depriving us of our basic Liberties through our own hand.

Well Done duffus.

And is not that this Orwellian State capacity is regularly being used against the enemy either. Judging by the constant failures of intelligence as is the case in Iraq and Afghanistan or in the 9/11 World Trade Centre in New York, and the 7/7 London Subway Bombings — it clearly doesn’t work against a determined enemy.

I think mass surveillance systems are a bad idea because a surveillance and control society is one in which people understand that they are constantly monitored, and are given a very small space of acceptable discourse. Of course when people understand that they are constantly monitored they are more conformist, they are less willing to take up controversial positions, and that kind of mass conformity is incompatible with Democracy or Liberty.

The second reason is that mass surveillance creates a dramatic power imbalance between citizens and government. In a democracy the citizens are supposed to have all the power and the government is supposed to be the means by which the citizens exercise that power. But when you have a surveillance state, the state has all the power and citizens have very little. In a democratic society you should have a state with maximum transparency and maximum civil liberties for citizens. But in a surveillance state the exact opposite is true.

We are trying to push perception as far as we can, so we can create a vantage point to look back at ourselves with very different kinds of eyes – fresh eyes, if you will.

And we are trying to show, the historical moment that we are living in.

The secret world, the shadow of the world as we know it, has of course been with us for as long as human beings have organised themselves in societies. But the attacks on America and Europe, cruelly exposing the failings and limitations of the intelligence agencies, produced a bonanza of funding never before seen: the “black budget” of the US defence department, for example, has more than tripled since George W Bush became president and, according to information released by Edward Snowden, was $52bn in 2012. The secret world’s shadow is today far bigger and blacker than ever before – and by definition, we the public, whether in the US or the rest of the world, know next to nothing about it.

Surveillance, secrecy, and official oppression, go a long way at doing things undemocratically because without transparency and with the full on surveillance and control — we have a huge deficit of Democracy.

This undemocratic way of trying to organise human activities, has political, economic, legal, and governing aspects in a way of trying to do things whose goal is invisibility, silence, obscurity, and oppression.

In short totalitarianism.




The Democracy project as we said earlier, is apolitical.

But it is also philosophical.

And in that it is highly political.

We adore our Freedom. We espouse the ideals of Democracy. And above all else we cherish our Liberty.
So if you can live as that — come along.

And above all else we are a Human Rights project, in that we are trying to show the People, that an Orwellian State is not as the media present it — a world of Kayne and Kim — but it is a horrible and evil study in wholesale Oppression.

And that world in which official oppression, secrecy, and surveillance, have been so well entrenched, are ubiquitous, and are so extravagantly well funded that it is impossible to escape their reach and their cold death grip — is killing our Democracy.

So wake up and lend a hand to throw a spanner in the works and regain the Sun and start breathing FREE again.

Same as when we were born…

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